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Cracking Down on Marijuana Now is a Weed Dealer’s Wet Dream

NEWS: New Hampshire House approves marijuana legalization bill; Follow-up on Kansas State Rep. Steve Alford’s racist marijuana comments; GUEST: David Mangone on the effect on medical states of DOJ rescinding the Cole & Ogden Memos; RANT: The unintended consequences have already doomed a federal weed crackdown.

Donald Trump Wants America to Get “Harsh On Drugs”

NEWS: Sen. Gardner vows to block DOJ nominees over AG Sessions’ pot policy; California rejects “pro-pot” public service announcement on driving while high; GUEST: John Hudak from Brookings Institute on the impact of rescinding the Cole Memo on the marijuana industry; RANT: Kansas State Senator’s marijuana racism is straight out of Anslinger’s playbook.

I Hate to Tell You I Told You So… But I TOLD YOU SO!

NEWS: Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinds Cole Memo; Republican reactions to Jeff Sessions rescinding Cole Memo; GUEST: MPP’s Morgan Fox on the states most likely to pass marijuana law reforms in the 2018 election; RANT: How naivete, political immaturity, and wishful thinking got the Cole Memo rescinded.

The Entire Pacific & Alaska Time Zones Sell Legal Marijuana Now

NEWS: California’s legal marijuana market has begun; Rob Kampia out as head of MPP and as MPP boardmember; STORY: Medical marijuana mom beats state in court to win back one-year-old daughter from CPS kidnapping; RANT: Angela Bacca’s latest piece nails it on cannabis as an agricultural commodity.