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Hello and welcome back to all my longtime fans and supporters! Pardon the cyberdust as I remodel the virtual studio here. The blog, the show, and so much more are coming soon, check back on this page for the latest information.I plan to return to the live internet stream on Monday, June 4. I am currently weighing several options for the future of my broadcasting, writing, analysis, public speaking. When I know better where my future leads, I will post it here first.

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  • “Radical” Russ Belville

    Oh, boy, I can’t wait!

    • LivelyLibra

      ummmmm. Normally Russ’s Brain speaks in all caps…BEWARE THE CAPS…

  • TriXteR Phillips

    Looking forward to your new start, best wishes and continued success in your endevours Russ, even if I cannot spell it all right, lol.

    Break Some Legs!

  • Safer_Guy

    Keep it up Russ! We may have our disagreements, but we both support ending prohibition! :)

  • medigrowvt

    Go for it Russ Good luck see you soon!

  • RoLLaJaY

    Can’t wait Russ! Keep up the good work!

  • John Toker

    AWWW, YEAHHH!!!!

    Bring the noise, Russ! You are a titan of the movement.

  • Nik

    Russ, I’ll always be a fan and I look forward to your show. You’re very underrated.

  • FreeTexas

    Texas is with ya Russ, keep up the good fight to……. Free The Cannabis !

  • Dad3

    Supporting the voice of the Marijuana Nation from Illinois, the work you and crew have done has helped in so many ways. I just ended 1yr of probation and would never had made it through if it wasnt for you Russ, really appriciate you and what you do.

  • Robert Specht

    Russ as far as I am concerned you ARE the voice of the Marijuana Nation! I and thousands appreciate and rely on your energy and knowledge. You make this world (at least my world) a better place. Patiently anticipating your new program!

  • Gothic Prophet

    Looking forward to the new show, Russ!

  • graaywolf

    We are with you Russ… I’ll be here for whatever you need man… You are still a strong voice in the cannabis community! You Rock Russ! \m/ (*-*) \m/

  • CannaBob

    Go for it dude!! Can’t wait to see what you have for us. Let me know if I can help in any way! Onward and Upward!!

  • Brian Kerr

    Great Russ.

    I can hardly wait !

  • Randy Sherry

    Cant Wait for the new show! We love ya brotha!

  • Outlawcustombikes

    I’m so glad that you will be continuing on Russ….. I’ll be ready and waiting to start donating and downloading the podcasts once again. :)
    Any hopes of having Carrie, John, Wizz, etc. (the crew) follow along with you and be part of the new show?
    Thanks for all your hard work in keeping all of us informed!


  • CannaBob

    Same time?

  • RadicalRuss

    Have no fear, previous commenters.  Disqus is importing your comments and they should be here any minute.

  • Steve Sarich

    NORML finally got smart and fired your worthless ass!  They don’t do much right, but this was the best thing they’ve done in years!

    • RadicalRuss

      Your love is driving me crazy, Steve.

    • Trixter Phillips

      I wonder if you are old Ewwiot in disguise or just a wanna be Ewwiot trying to make yourself famous by talking (Censored by TriXteR Phillips) to people who actually get something done in this movement.

    • Robb Ishcomer

      so inapropriate, If you dont have anything nice to say… what a troll!!!

  • Doc Herbalist

    Let’s get this motherf***** started! You’ve got my support Russ! Hit me up if ya need any development/design assistance. The countdown has begun ;)

  • Raman