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  • Dani says:

    excellent broadcast!

  • I have admired these parents since I first heard their story, (my heart also aches for them and their struggle). Now, knowing their original position on marijuana, I admire them even more! Alex was sent to them because they are the parents he needed, and they are doing an amazing job! There is a video of Alex being fed by his baby sister after a dose, and he was so sweet and patient with her it moved me to tears!

  • anonymous says:

    I worked with Alex for about a year. I was one of the first staff members to be assigned to work with Alex. At first it was a bit difficult because I didn’t know him in person. After a while I was able to understand him more and more he became less and less agitated.
    When i first met Alex ‘s parent I asked if I could watch just to see how they interacted with him so I could possibly improve. When I did so Alex was clinging on to me following me everywhere I went. I could tell his family was becoming irritated because of that and I understood as to why they would be irritated so I left the room.

    Any time I worked I was specifically assigned to work with Alex simply because I knew him a little better than the other staff.
    One day his parents were to pick Alex up to take him out. At the time him and I were getting some grub from the kitchen. When his parents came to pick him up I asked him for a hug and a kiss. I am a mother of 2 boys and that was just a natural mother instinct. But his mother wouldn’t know because she spends too much time trying to prove a point letting Alex beat himself up when all he needed was to be held.

    I later was called into the office because his mother made a complaint because I asked Alex for a hug.
    Alex was more comfortable with his father for his father was not afraid to hold his son and play with him.
    There are so many other ways of comforting Alex when it comes to his rage. Letting him beat himself up as he makes himself bleed while his parents record him all because they think Marijuana is the way to go. For all of you people watching his videos take this into consideration. Alex is a child that needs loved. Getting him “HIGH” is not the proper care for him.

    • ali says:

      A year that really qualifies you then. They have been dealing with this for years, and guess what else “anonymous” you get to go home at the end of the day. Put your self in their shoes then judge. You are the problem! I have a son almost identical to Alex and you have no idea how it is to be a parent of a child like this!

      • M-j Raichyk says:

        Anonymous is not the problem, nor is her self-praising idea that all he needed was to be hugged. Clearly he likely needs it badly, but the reason Anonymous was making headway was because of the cannaibis, likely making his own mother regret her faulty decision to put him in that ‘home’. The moment that they discovered the marijuana was working, they should have taken Alex HOME, his real home and rebuilt their relationship that their troubled life had damaged. Alex deserves better than this split life and split affection. Drop the pretense, Anonymous supporters that it ‘takes a village’.. IT’S THE VILLAGE THAT IS THE PROBLEM. Now if only someone could free this family to go home with the meds Alex needs. record what he responds to, and hold him when he needs more, til they can adjust the dose to his need patterns. Don’t sit there like a loonie, believing that ‘experts in research coats’ are going to give you the answers. They don’t care about Alex or you, just your busy promoting of grant research opportunities while letting Alex pay the price for their lack of action. It’s time these ‘experts’ are held accountable for their non-action. Don’t follow their lack of caring lead. Take your own carefilled action, imo… ttyl

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