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R.I.P. Pakelika

Pakelika, one of the longtime members of West Coast stoner-rock pioneers Kottonmouth Kings, has passed away.

The “Visual Assassin” or “hype man” in rap parlance, was known for his white mask, theatrical stage antics, never speaking onstage but always boldly in support of marijuana legalization offstage.  The Kottonmouth Kings dropped him from the lineup in 2010 when they added Burns, Oregon-based rapper The Dirtball.

According to the Kings’ Facebook page, Pak was in the hospital yesterday afternoon “with serious health issues”.  Two hours later, the band had posted:

It is with saddened hearts we have heard that Pakelika has passed away-May his soul Rest in peace-Thanks for all the years&All the memories,respect Kmk

Pakelika had been working with a new group, Middle Class Casualties, and was repping for the band Royal Family just two weeks ago on Facebook.  A tribute page has also been started on Facebook.

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