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A new poll commissioned by the Marijuana Policy Project has found that a majority of everybody in America wants President Obama to leave the states alone if they have legalized medical marijuana.

Almost fifteen out of twenty (74%) Americans surveyed agreed that President Obama should “respect the medical marijuana laws in these states” and only three in twenty (15%) believed the president should “use federal resources to arrest and prosecute individuals who are acting in compliance with state medical marijuana laws”.

It does not matter what demographic group they asked.  The lowest support for leaving the medical marijuana states alone comes from ages 65+, and even that figure is at 64% – nearly two out of three seniors opposes DEA raiding medical marijuana dispensaries.  Support among men and women for federal non-interference is about even at 73% and 74%, respectively, while Republicans also support non-interference at a 2-to-1 margin (67%).  Support for non-interference is highest among the young adults aged 18-34 and among African-Americans, both at over four-out-of-five (81%).

This news follows a report from Rasmussen last week showing 56% of all Americans supporting legalization of marijuana for any adult who wants to use it.

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  • Cary Fardal says:

    The problem with this is, the government and President, don’t care what the people think.  Let’s see the same graph only use corporations thoughts on Medical Marijuana.  Bet we’d see a lot more red, and ultimately they have the money and the power.  We used to be a democracy, we act more as an oligarchy anymore, where those with money and power don’t give a shit about what the masses want, certainly not when it hurts their bottom line!

  • Cannabob says:

    It seems to me, and I know that you’ll correct me if I’m wrong 🙂 that Obama isn’t against medical marijuana, he’s against dispensaries.  We can blame that on California.  Like the drug czar (i think) said, “Hey, if you live in a cabin in the middle of Oregon and you want to grow a 10 foot marijuana plant, then knock yourself out”. 

    • RadicalRuss says:

      You’re absolutely right.  The government has never been against pot per se, it’s people making money on pot that aren’t their campaign contributors.  Like any good drug pusher, Big Pharma sends its enforcers out to make sure nobody takes their turf.  Didn’t Obama say his favorite show was “The Wire”?

    • Jeff says:

       The bitch about it is that not everyone does/can/wants to live in the middle of Oregon…  =(

  • When you get right down to it, the War on Drugs is a massive pork-barrel scheme, and the last thing Obama wants to do is derail the gravy train.  Besides the tax money wasted on ruining people’s lives and destroying minority communities, the illegal drug trade provides bribe money for cops, bureaucrats, and elected  officials ranging from TSA granny-gropers to congress crooks.  I will never be disappointed by Barack Obama, and I truly pity anyone who ever bought what that lying shyster was selling.

  • Sciencefreak says:

    Obama is such a bought and paid for coward he is incapable of acting with decency or compassion. He has his tongue so far up banker butt that he could tell you what they ate for dinner.

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