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The New Hampshire Senate failed to override Governor John Lynch’s veto of a medical marijuana bill.  Passing both houses, the bill to allow medical marijuana landed on Governor Lynch’s desk last week where he did as he promised and vetoed the bill. Both the House and the Senate met today to vote on legislation the Governor vetoed this session.

Governor Lynch has been busy this week, he vetoed nearly a dozen bills that had a second chance today to gain some votes to try and push them over the authority of the Governor’s pen. The medical marijuana bill sailed past the house, but only narrowly passed in the New Hampshire Senate. The Senate would have needed a two-thirds majority to override a veto, a threshold they just couldn’t reach.

The medical marijuana bill before the Senate would have allowed patients with debilitating medical conditions to possess up to six ounces of marijuana and up to four mature plants and as many as twelve seedlings, as long as the site they were growing it was registered with the state.

It was that “home grow” aspect that the Democratic Governor has a problem with. Governor Lynch said that allowing so many potential growing sites for marijuana would make it impossible for the state to monitor distribution, and with that illegal use. The Governor also said that he opposed authorizing teenagers to use marijuana for treatment.

Governor Lynch said that the measure did not put in enough restrictions on the cultivation of marijuana, adding ,”I cannot support establishing a system for the use of medical marijuana that poses risks to the patient, lacks adequate oversight and funding, and risks the proliferation of a serious drug.”

Lynch vetoed that bill last week, the second time that he has vetoed medical marijuana legislation that passed both houses and landed on his desk for a signature. The bill failed in the Senate on a 13-11 vote the first time around, and they voted the same this time. The bill fell just three votes shy of being veto-proof.

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