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NORML Vice-Chair Norm Kent

Following up on the reports of a “shake-up” at NORML, the nation’s oldest marijuana law reform organization, the Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors, Norm Kent, has released the following statement:

Dear friends,

Having seen the posts this morning concerning Allen St. Pierre, the Executive Director of NORML, I am writing in my capacity as the Vice Chair of NORML.

Please post this for the sake of accuracy. Sometimes a lie can get half way around the world before the truth catches up with it.

The purpose of this communication is to verify and affirm responses posted to each of you by Paul Armentano, our Deputy Director, and Keith Saunders, one of our Board members.

NORML Executive Director Allen St. Pierre

Very simply, as of this date, Allen St. Pierre has not been terminated as the Executive Director of NORML. At this time, there is no guarantee that this will ever happen and the publication is premature and inaccurate.

Since this matter has gone public, I believe the public is owed an explanation as to what is transpiring.

First, in-between its board meetings, the Executive Committee of NORML has the full authority to act for the Board.

Second, at the conclusion of this year’s successful NORML conference in LA, members of the Executive Committee met with Mr. St. Pierre and advised him that at our next Board meeting in Key West on November 28, 2012 the following motion will be presented to the Board:

“Shall the Board of Directors approve appointing a search committee for a new executive director?”

NORML Chair Paul Kuhn

Third, the Chair, Paul Kuhn, asked Mr. St. Pierre if he was in accord with this motion, and Mr. St. Pierre summarily and demonstratively rejected the proposal, saying he had no intention of resigning from NORML, and that he had never published comments to Mr. Kuhn or others offering to do so.

Fourth, in fact, Mr. St. Pierre, who himself is a member of the Board of Directors, suggested that Paul Kuhn should resign from his position as Chair, and he would ask the Board for such a vote.

Therefore, as it stands now, to be as fair and honest as possible to everyone, there will be at least two countervailing motions on the table for the Board of Directors at its next meeting, one asking for a search committee to seek out a new ED, and one asking to remove the Chair, and maybe even members of the Executive Committee.

It is not my goal to wash our dirty linens in public, but it is also not my desire to see false information disseminated with the damaging residual consequences that brings forth. So I publish these comments to bring people up to date on actually what has happened and what may happen.

So there we have it.

Thank you.

Norm Kent,
Vice Chair,

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  • 1dbeall

    It looks like Paul Kuhn is the terrorist in the NORML organization and he was most probably the reason the Norml Network was shut. I believe this outsider is from a Prohibitionist State, was it the back wards place called Kentucky. Isn’t that the state of brother and sister marriages, I think it is.

    • John Thomas

      We just need information – and LOTS of it!

      • notSpicoli

        We need to focus on 3 things: passing initiatives in Colorado, Washington, and Oregon in a few weeks.

        • John Thomas

          Right. And this mess definitely screws up the focus. Whoever released this garbage at this point needs to be amputated from reform.

          • Lucas Gomez

            Well, it obviously has a purpose, this shit doesn’t happen for no reason. Obviously someone is trying to do something for their own interest, like always. You just gotta hope people ignore it, or just try to counter-attack it with something else and make sure it does not disrupt our goals.

  • John Thomas

    Where did my post go? I said: “The timing – right before the November elections – seems extremely suspicious. Could this be a government black op?

    • chad

      it was on the other story linked in the first sentence of this post

      • John Thomas

        Thanks, but I put it both places.

  • Dr. Mitch

    Thanks for clearing everything up, Norm.

  • moldy

    As a member of Norml my vote (even though I don’t get one) is 101% behind Allen. I’ve never met him but I have watched his performance for years and I have admired his intellect and his ability to convey “the” message. I’m sure there are some issues I don’t have access to but personally I want him to be the one that tells us, “The war is over my

  • Brad Forrester