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We just need our barrage of TV, radio, print, and billboard ads to convince 3 out of 5 of the undecideds to vote Yes on Measure 80 and we win!

SurveyUSA has released a new poll on Oregon’s Measure 80, the so-called “Oregon Cannabis Tax Act”. Support for the measure is registering at 37%, with 41% opposed and a whopping 22% undecided.

Some support for the measure demographically breaks down along typical lines, with support greater among the young and Democrats, for instance.  Yet only among self-described liberals does Measure 80 enjoy majority (61%) support.  The young and Democrats only support Measure 80 at 47% with 1/3rd to 1/4th opposed, respectively.  Also, there are a surprising demographic that bucks previous legalization poll trends;  support for legalization is lower in the Portland area than the rest of the more-conservative areas of the state.

This bodes poorly for the legalization campaign in Oregon, as undecided voters tend to vote No as the election approaches.  Measure 80 will have to move 60% of the undecideds (3 out of 5) into the Yes column to eek out a majority win come November.

Such a massive move in public opinion less than fifty days before the election will take a herculean advertising effort.  Unfortunately, at last report the Official Measure 80 Campaign had just about $6,000.  Its largest donation from outside of the chief petitioner’s own company, THCF, is $5,000 from Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap Company.  You can donate to help out the Official Measure 80 Campaign that has shepherded legalization to the ballot and gotten 37% support for it in Oregon by clicking here.

There is also a new political action committee formed to raise money and support Measure 80 outside of the official Measure 80 campaign.  They are called Oregonians for Law Reform and you can donate to their pro-legalization campaign by clicking here.

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  • RayChristlTHC

    Russ; Your getting a load of swings in the brawl against Paul Stanford’s efforts. This is not the only reason we’re down in the polls. It’s blow-back over many things here,and outside Potland the state is very RED on the shoulders.

    • RadicalRuss

      Outside Portland Measure 80 is polling better than Portland.

      • RayChristlTHC

        That is super encouraging,and shows with even a mediocre campaign, we can still win. Please focus on that positive attribute,and leave Paul to do his thing. You guys should know i support and love you all. Thanks for a fabulous show each weekday,;however,say things advancing M-80 ,& the Oregon Law Reform clan.

  • RayChristlTHC

    Asked the No on 502guys to just find a positive venture to stay away from negativity. They formed the 514 Children protection act…protect kids by legalize cannabis for adults ???? Duh ,does this make any political logic in a 2012 body politic.?

    Russ; Just stay positive about your new Oregon Law Reform group which is only just starting. Paul has dedicated his life & fortune to our movement;consequently, helping thousands of pot people.. Just send kudos his way as you young bucks get the job DONE..

  • chad

    I can’t see why anyone would donate to this campaign instead of Colorado and/or Washington. Maybe if those two measures were both polling at 65-70% and had no chance of losing, but it just doesn’t seem worth risking 0 states in order to try for 3. I’d love to see “true legalization” pass this election, but either of the less than absolutely perfect initiatives would equal blows to the war on drugs.

    • AmKon Dot Net

      You should donate time and energy if you want legalization in Oregon. I’d love to have a chance but my state doesn’t have ballot initiatives so we have to rely on our elected officials.