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Marijuana Wins Big in 2014 Election

It’s clear that the biggest momentum in the midterms isn’t the Republican takeover of the US Senate, but the embrace of marijuana law reform by the American people.

LIVE Marijuana Election Night 2014 Coverage on

Did you realize there were five states, one district, one territory, and fifty-seven municipal and county votes this year in the so-called “Marijuana Midterms”?

Comparing Marijuana Legalization in 2014 to 2012

I thought it would be useful to compare and contrast the proposed legalization in these three states with the existing legalization passed in 2012 in Colorado and Washington. I’ve created the info-graphic below to summarize the major features.

One Seattle Cop Wrote 80% of Public Toking Tickets

One officer wrote almost four out of five of the 83 citations for public pot use since January. 36 percent of public toking tickets were written to African-Americans, who make up on 8 percent of Seattle’s population.

Why High Washington Marijuana Prices Are a Good Thing

“It’s pretty simple, really,” I offered. “It’s just the law of supply and demand, and the supply is a weed that grows anywhere. Without absolute prohibition, it can’t help but become much cheaper.”

Seattle City Attorney Buys Legal Weed

Today the first legal sales of marijuana for recreational purposes occurred in Washington State. In Seattle, City Attorney Pete Holmes made history as the first US elected official to buy legal marijuana.

Washington Faces Higher Legalization Hurdles than Colorado

Washington State looms next week as Act II in the story of retail marijuana legalization. Like the second act in any screenplay, this is where the tension begins.

How to Frame the Stoned Driving Debate

If we’re going to win this debate, we’d better stop making the same framing mistakes that got us 5 nanogram THC limits in Washington’s and Colorado’s legalization.

Legalizing Marijuana Didn’t Increase Teen Pot Smoking

The latest Youth Risk Behavior Survey shows that the “message” sent to teens as Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana in 2012 did not lead to an increase current teen marijuana use in the United States.

Change NFL’s “Washington Redskins” to “Washington Americans”

Keep the logo of the Native American, keep the team colors, but change the name to the Washington Americans. THEN you can say your logo is honoring the First Americans.

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