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Washington State Marijuana Traffic Fatality Data Tell Us Nothing

The most important data point is this: since marijuana has been legally for sale in Washington State, traffic fatality rates have not budged.

Washington I-502 vs. Ohio Issue 3 Tests NORML’s Priorities

How can NORML bad-mouth and soft-sell a legalization in Ohio that’s better than the no-home-grow and per-se-DUID they eagerly promoted in Washington State?

How Oregon Is Beating Washington, Colorado, & Alaska Legalization

Oregon is crushing Washington right out of the gate, and competing with Colorado, which has the advantage of a year-and-a-half head start and a far more regulated medical marijuana system upon which to build a recreational marijuana system.

Has Washington Felonized “That ‘70s Show” Teenaged Pot Smoking?

What Washington had was an over-zealous eastern Washington prosecutor who couldn’t read through all the confusing laws.

How Do We Not Have a Cannabis Cup in the Pacific Northwest?

HIGH TIMES would love to have a Cannabis Cup in Seattle and in Portland*. So how in the hell is that not happening?

Yet Another Anti-Pot Group Furiously Spinning Youth Use Data

Over the past dozen years, if there is any message the kids have received about marijuana, it is that they should wait until they are adults to use it.

Tacoma Attorney Jay Berneburg on Medical Marijuana Integrity

“A lot of people are, when they say it’s the end of medical marijuana, what they are talking about is the culture and economy that’s grown up around it.”

Kevin Sabet’s Legalized Marijuana Cost Predictions Never Came True

So where’s the $2 billion alcohol-and-tobacco-like costs from our $200 million in marijuana tax revenue, fellas? I’ll even accept someone showing a push – $200 million in social costs – and I won’t even factor in all the law enforcement, court, jail, probation, parole, and administrative savings from not ticketing or arresting tens of thousands now-legal cannabis consumers.

Per Se Marijuana DUIDs in Washington Increased by 7% in 2014

It’s still a bad standard, no matter how you slice it, but the doom prophesies against the per se standard that claimed “10,000 possession arrests per year can easily be converted into 10,000 (or more) DUI arrests” were way off the mark.

My Tenth Seattle Hempfest

The multiple dire predictions that the “No on I-502” crowd bamboozled some pot smoking voters with never came true.

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