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The Future of Medical Marijuana in 2016? (Part 3 – How Washington Screwed Itself)

We’re supposed to believe in that had recreational legalization failed in Washington, Olympia would have just left this medical marijuana program alone?

The Future of Medical Marijuana in 2016? (Part 2 – How Oregon Screwed Itself)

It is completely true that legalization under I-502 and M-91 did not affect medical marijuana. Neither initiative changed one iota of medical marijuana law.

It’s Not About the High, It’s About the Civil Liberty

Now that majority support for legalization is five-for-five in 2015 national polls (and 8 for 10 in 2014) and legislatures are warming up to legalization, it is time for medical advocates to realize fighting for all of us is the only way to achieve lasting and true civil liberty.

Legalization Is Not to Blame for PacNW MedMJ Reductions

When dispensaries began to appear in Washington and Oregon, nobody ever recognized that the reason medical advocates gave for needing increased limits had now vanished. Now medical advocates had their cake and got to eat it, too.

Fundamentalist Legalizers Against Future Marijuana Legalization

In 2010 California, it was that a 5×5 garden was too small and would enable an Oakland marijuana monopoly. Better to wait for 2012’s True Legalization. They’re still waiting six years later.

What’s Your Legalization Deal-Breaker?

Some folks are vowing to defeat this legalization proposal, because there is a better true legalization proposal coming along for the next election. Just like the No on Prop 19 people told me at Oaksterdam in 2010.

Travel Author Rick Steves: Marijuana in America is “Two Different Countries”

“We legalized in Washington and we legalized in Oregon and we needed every bit of common sense pragmatism and respect for people that oppose us that we could.”

Which State Saw The Greatest Rise in Pot Use? Not Colorado or Washington!

“Marijuana Use Jumps in Colorado, Making it Second Highest Across US” declared the International Business Times. “Colorado stoners storm up U.S. marijuana-user rankings; Washington state use surges 20%” intones the Associated Press.

The Top 5 F’d-Up Things Cops Did To Tokers In 2014

As we continue to tear down the Berlin Wall of Marijuana Prohibition, we keep finding more information about how cops have been abusing the rights of marijuana consumers in their prosecution of the Drug War.

Radical Changes Proposed For Washington Medical Marijuana

Many Washington legislators and policy experts believe the success of the newly-legalized recreational marijuana market is threatened by the existing unfettered medical marijuana market.

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