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Susan Cooper and Michael Foster (Picture Lincolnshire Police Website)

A British couple in their sixties have received a three year prison sentence each for growing marijuana in their backyard. Michael Foster and Susan Cooper from Lincolnshire have grown marijuana in their backyard for the last six years. They have sold about $650,000 worth of marijuana in that time and have given most of that money to support a Kenyan village. Foster and Cooper in the last six years have paid for life-saving surgery for an amputee, they have purchased computers for the village hospital and have sent large amounts of money to fund the local school.

The Lincoln crown court said that this is the most unusual cannabis case they have ever had. The police were chasing a burglar that happened to run through the couple’s backyard, when they spotted the 159 cannabis plants growing next to a building the couple used to dry and process the cannabis. Although the defense was asking the court to consider the couples good character, and otherwise clean criminal record of the two stating that they never lived a lavish lifestyle. The prosecution called the operation significant, and accused the couple of jetting off to Kenya with the drug money on a whim, then adding that the good will to the Kenyan Village they supported may have only been to appease their consciences. Both were ultimately charged with four counts of producing marijuana and one count of possessing criminal money

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