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Steven E. Elliott, marijuana activist and blogger at the popular site Toke of the Town, has been charged with Assault in the 4th Degree, according to records from the Kitsap County Jail.  Mr. Elliott is being held on a $5,000 cash bond and as of press time, jail records indicate he is still incarcerated.  According to police records, Mr. Elliott was booked on Monday, January 14, at 8pm.

We will update this breaking news story as more reliable information becomes available.

Correction: The headline has been changed to the singular “charge”. I regret implying there were multiple “charges”.

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39 Comments for this entry

  • Lock that piece of trash up and throw away the key your honor…

    • Deb Bowman says:

      I fully agree, again. That was one of the very first things I thought, as well, when I first heard the awesome news. As I said before, he already has a police record of this crap, including TWO FELONIES. Had this been a felony, as well (as it should be!), he’d be in WALLA WALLA right now – where this subhuman belongs.

  • Upon further reflection…

    Though marijuana is an excellent way to treat anger issues one must remember that it is only part of the solution not the only solution. It also requires working on the parts of you that are broken so that you may be a whole person, which requires humility and self reflection.

    Steve Elliott is a perfect example of someone with mental illness who chooses to get high on cannabis while feeding their self-destructive and overblown ego as a means to compensate for what he lacks as a person.

  • Kind of a pot shot with zero information on what happened and the fact that it is a Fourth Degree assault shows it was not a serious incident regardless: Fourth Degree Assault typically includes committing an assault against another person such as a punch, a slap or even a push; generally speaking, no injury or even pain has to be proven by the prosecuting authority. Maybe he bitchslapped a prohibitionist. Not sure what happened with Steve but this rush to report is certainly fueled by the disagreement between Steve and Russ. If this were any other activist this story would likely not be released until more info was received on what actually happened.

    • Ender Wiggin says:

      maybe he took your advice and kicked a drug warrior in the nuts 🙂

    • chainmail says:

      So you know he beat his girlfriend right? His wife took off from the prick in November. He calls women ‘cunts’ on his blog. You can go right now to his blog and see him calling some lady a stupid cunt, because of reasons he doesn’t make clear. He has two previous felonies for same violent behavior. He constantly spews hate about multiple groups and individuals. Calls people faggots and di*%suckers on his fb page. So why do you support that Mickey?

      • He is a joke and a loser. I have personally been attacked by this man and called everything but white. He was sleeping with a homeless troll we wouldn’t hire. I feel sorry for his wife and hopes he doesn’t attack anymore women after this. Usually they order anger management as well as other services and counseling to these women beaters and attackers.

        Karma is a mother fucker and it usually bites hard. Bottom line do not hit women or treat them like shit.

      • novenator says:

        He fights the fight needs to be fought against some vile people. He may talk like a drunken sailor, but he’s in the trenches fighting, and that has a way of unleashing some potty mouth. So what. It’s a free country, and at least he’s doing something to push full legalization forward. What are you doing?

    • RadicalRuss says:

      Mickey, thanks for your critique. I’ve had two people close to me warn me off this reporting. However, I published only that which was public records knowledge. I know much more about the incident, but will leave that for courts to sort out.

      I had to ask myself, if I were Anderson Cooper, would I be mentioning an assault charge pending against Brian Williams? Or if a leading voice in any other political movement were facing assault charges, would it merit mention?

      Maybe, maybe not, but I have a zero-tolerance for non-consensual violence. As ridiculously strict as we are with drug law punishments, I think we are as ridiculously lenient with punishing violent offenders.

      You know the saying, “no blood, no foul”? Well, if there’s blood, there’s a foul. Our movement deserves better representation.

  • GraayWolf says:

    Funny CelebStoner is calling it “domestic violence”. I am one of the victims of Steve Elliot’s viscous attacks on Facebook! I know he is unprofessional, & certainly no journalist!

  • freetheleaf says:

    disappointed at the sniping i see in the comments – partisanship is showing

  • The Dwarf says:

    What no mugshots? Would sooo love a mugshot.

  • WTF is this judgmental crap .. Don’t say it if it is not helpful, kind, and necessary. Most of these comments don’t meet any of these three criteria and should be kept to yourselves. Shame on y’all..

    • The Dwarf says:

      “….Don’t say it if it is not helpful….” You might want to tell ol Stevie that when he calls people names and says horrible things about women namely Jodi Emery.

  • Deb Bowman says:

    PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KARMA, BABY!!!!! PURE KARMA!!!!!!!!!!! ROFLMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Unfortunately, I know the troll, and I know what a piece of crap he truly is.)

  • chainmail says:

    I hate one person in the world. It’s Steve Elliott.

  • novenator says:

    There are a lot of extremely hateful comments on this discussion board. Extremely hateful.

    People are innocent until proven guilty in America. It’s really too bad some people are taking their personal vendettas out here. It’s pretty petty and shallow.

    • notSpicoli says:

      Yes, there are some hateful remarks. So how effective has Steve Elliott been? He opposed I-502 (and it passed overwhelmingly) and in the process he alienated huge numbers of people in Washington and around the country who are advocates, his Seattle Weekly dispensary reviews trivialize medical cannabis and have been used against us by prohibitionists, he was instrumental in fulminating dissension, and he acts like a journalist without subscribing to the ethics of professional journalism. So, there are many people who are saying that Steve got his just deserts. (And deserts is spelled correctly.)

      My own opinion is that I eventually became thankful that Elliott, and some others, opposed I-502 because, had they employed the same tactics as supporters as they did as opponents, they would have been toxic. As it was, the behavior of our opponents was incredibly unattractive to the mainstream voters who passed I-502. So, they actually assisted us.

      • novenator says:

        you’re trolling is pretty well documented on this board and celebstoner Spicoli. You’re irrational hatred of Steve Elliot likely stems from some episode where he schooled your ignorance, but that doesn’t mean your vendetta is justified. While you just pick trivial factoids, misinformation, and lies to try to assassinate his character, he is out there fighting for your freedom.

        All you do is whine.

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