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Westbound Mill Plain at Andresen.  Can you see the red stick figure pedestrians?  (Click for larger image)

Westbound Mill Plain at Andresen. Can you see the red stick figure pedestrians? (Click for larger image)

Following up on the story of the Marijuana blamed for death of careless pedestrian in Vancouver, WA:

From the Columbian:

Rowles told police that he had recently smoked “a bowl of marijuana” about one hour to one and half hours before the collision, according to a probable cause affidavit.

How many times do I have to tell you people?  S.T.F.U.!!!  God forbid anyone ever reading this hits and kills someone with their car, but if it should happen, shut up and ask for an attorney.

Hmm. I wonder where he smoked that bowl. He’s from Milwaukie, Oregon. That’s a 27-minute drive from where the accident occurred.  That’s without bumper-to-bumper I-205 traffic during the 5 o’clock “rush” hour. At best, he “smoked a bowl” (like the drunk driver only drank a coupla beers, officer, honest) a half-hour to an hour before getting behind the wheel and killing a careless pedestrian.

Police said they could smell the pot on the Rowles’ breath. He also failed a sobriety test, police said.

Just as it was before I-502, if you hit and kill a pedestrian and fail a sobriety test, you get charged with DUI and vehicular manslaughter. If he’s failing a sobriety test, maybe he smoked more than “a” bowl and it was sooner than waiting 30-60 minutes before he chose to drive.

Let’s see what that blood test reading comes back at before proclaiming the guy (a convicted thief and perv, by the way) “not at fault”. If you get behind the wheel after just smoking “a” bowl, you are driving irresponsibly, period. I think the pedestrian was reckless as hell (click the picture for a view of the accident location), but that’s why we are supposed to drive as sober as possible, because other drivers and pedestrians and animals and weather do unpredictable and foolish things around us.

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