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A medical marijuana dispensary in Western Washington state is in hot water over selling one of their products to a minor. The Hashford Compassion Club in Tacoma was caught up in a sting operation, but not your typical sting involving a cannabis club. The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department received a complaint that the establishment had sold alcohol to a minor. They organized a covert buy with a minor informant who was able to purchase three bottles of a drink that was advertised as “Cannabis Enriched Honey Beer”.

The store had been carrying the liquid drink that was labeled “Cannabis Enriched” that they sold to the minor informant, but the store does not have a license to sell beer. The case was handed over the the Washington state liquor control board. Board officials say they will be pursuing the liquor sales violation. They seized several cases of the beer from their store in a Tacoma strip mall on Friday. No one has been charged as of yet in the case, but the cannabis enriched alcohol was sent as evidence to the state prosecutor.

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  • Staley

    Wth was this collective thinking. I hope that the alcohol has been evaporated from the drink like an alcohol based tincture would be. If not these folks should be ashamed, they got caught and it will be another huge distraction to the general public that will continue to degrade the public support for medical cannabis. I wonder if they will be doing testing on the beverage to determine what actually is in it. Pierce Co. is fairly conservative and something like this can really cause problems. I wholeheartedly support the collectives in Pierce Co. for the most part although there will always be a few less than ideal businesses when the image needs to be absolutely impeccable. I highly recommend Cannatonics Society Collective Garden (esp for CBD rich meds), Rainier Wellness, and Nature’s Resource Center in Tacoma, WA for great quality medicine as well as good service.