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Posts for : April 2018

Headlines: Washington’s Governor Brags About State’s Weed

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee talks up legal weed on Bill Maher’s show; Utah activists have gathered enough petition signatures for medical marijuana; Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Rep. Earl Blumenauer, & Sen. Ron Paul on 4/20; Arrests increasing in 21 states; Patrick Kennedy compares legal weed to opioid crisis.

Headlines: Schumer Introduces Federal Marijuana Descheduling

Senate Minority Leader introduces legalization bill; Michigan Republicans may undercut legalization initiative with legislation; HIGH TIMES SoCal Cannabis Cup’s cannabis nixed; New Jersey cops brag about 5 pound 4/20 bust; Ohio AG rejects legalization petition summary; Bleacher Report talks to athletes about weed during their careers.

SPECIAL 4/20 Panel Discusses Republican Shift on Legalization

We hear from Justin Strekal, political director at NORML; Morgan Fox, communications director at MPP; Jodie Emery, spokesperson for Canada’s Cannabis Culture; midwestern forfeiture activist Eapen Thampy; and marijuana contributor Chris Goldstein.

Headlines: House Rules Committee Kills 280E Fix

Pete Sessions’ committee kills IRS 280E fix; POLITICO reports Project SAM co-founder’s ties to pharma and rehab; New Texas and New Jersey marijuana legalization polls; Lyft and Super Troopers 2 partnering for 4/20 promotion; Sen. Sanders joins Sen. Booker’s marijuana legalization bill.