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Posts for : May 2018

That Time When I Was Racist AF

Racism is a spectrum. On one end is that cross-burning Klansman, sure. But along that imaginary line, there’s subtle degrees of racism almost all white people exhibit. Being a white guy raised in Idaho, racism was all around me, aided by the demographic fact that there were almost no visible examples of actual black people in my life to counter any stereotypes.

Budtender vs. Bartender: Who Checks Teens’ ID Better?

The states that have legalized marijuana have for years monitored how well alcohol retailers comply with identification requirements by carrying out underaged stings. Five years into recreational marijuana legalization, how have the pot shops fared when it comes to checking teenagers identification?

Headlines: Marijuana Affecting Gubernatorial Races

Gubernatorial candidates in South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Florida discuss medical marijuana and legalization; Bloomberg reports record short sales of cannabis stocks; Tommy Chong turns 80.

Headlines: New York Democrats Endorse Legalization AND Cuomo?

New York Democratic Party endorses marijuana legalization, snubs Democrat fighting for legalization; DEA cannabis eradication plummeted in 2017; Arizona Supreme Court rules medical marijuana on college campuses is OK; Hemp-CBD beer brewer ordered by feds to cease; Sen. Jeff Merkley signs on to Marijuana Justice Act.

Headlines: Will Trump Sign the Right to Try Act?

Right to Try Act may legalize terminally-ill usage of marijuana, ecstasy, and mushrooms; Arizona Supreme Court to decide medmj legality on campus; Wisconsin Dem Gov candidate will pardon marijuana offenders; “Weed Country” couple indicted in Tennessee; Utah medmj challenges headed to court.