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Posts for : July 2018

Headlines: Tennessee GOP Gov Candidate Touts MedMJ in Ad

Tennessee Republican touts Donald Trump’s support for medical marijuana; Oklahoma Health and Pharmacy officials caught in corruption; Latest Colorado surveys show no more kids using marijuana than before; Canada’s Tilray opens up on NASDAQ; Pennsylvania man killed by police billdozer over illegal 10 plant grow.

Headlines: Colorado Woman Financially Punished for Dead Husband’s Legal Pot Smoking

Colorado law will mean widow forfeits half of husband’s death benefits because he was a pot smoker; Two years later, still no medical marijuana in Ohio; Oklahoma activists may get enough sigs for legal marijuana, but be delayed to 2020 vote; New Alaska law bans indoor smoking of all kinds, but allows towns to vote for allowing it; Georgia man acquitted of admitted cultivation through jury nullification.

Headlines: Police Quarterly Study Shows Legalization Helps Cops Solve More Crimes

Study shows crime clearance rates increased following legalization; study shows pot smokers have “jay-dar;” Rep. Pete Sessions blocks two more cannabis amendments from House floor; Oklahoma Health counsel resigns over hoax email threats; High Sobriety rehab boots founder, bans pot smoking.