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Posts for : July 2018

Headlines: Congressional Black Caucus Wants Marijuana Legalization in First 100 Days of Dem Congress

CBC lists 10 must-do policies for Dem Congress, including ending the War on Drugs; Oklahoma rescinds pregnancy test requirement and ban on smokable marijuana; Oklahoma activists think they they have enough signatures for legalization vote; Mississippi CBD mom files medical marijuana amendment initiative; Nation of Georgia decriminalizes possession.

Podcast: Joe Schrank on Opiate Addiction, Relapse, and Cannabis’ Role in Rehab

Remedy Recovery’s Joe Schrank on Demi Lovato relapse and the nature of opiate addiction; How the “O” states are slow-walking, poison-pilling, and over-regulating medical marijuana into dysfunction; The truth about Colorado teens’ pot smoking post-legalization.

Headlines: Oklahoma Requiring Pregnancy Tests for Medical Marijuana

Oklahoma requiring pregnancy tests for medmj recommendations; California regulators insist marijuana and alcohol shall never mix; Vermont governor says he will veto any tax and regulate bill for legal marijuana sales; Federal bill would protect gov’t jobs for state-legal marijuana users; Senators attempting to shoehorn marijuana protection amendment in spending bill.

Headlines: Bipartisan Bill Announced to Collect Marijuana Data

Reps. Gabbard (D-HI) and Curbelo (R-FL) announce Marijuana Data Collection Act; Attorney General Sessions says states can set marijuana policy; New Jersey puts a hold on marijuana prosecutions pending legalization; WV Democrat, legalization proponent, looking like potential upset; Study: Consumers prefer legal dispensaries to unregulated market.

Headlines: New poll shows 63% support for legalization again

Morning Consult polls shows Americans support legalization; Vermonters overwhelmingly want marijuana sales, says poll; Harvard researcher believes legalization nationwide means $106.7 billion in revenue and savings; Wayne County (Michigan) cops use medmj money to seize patients’ cars; Lawmakers peppering Facebook with pro-marijuana ads.