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Category: Headlines

Headlines: Texas Republicans Endorse Decrim, MedMJ, Hemp, & Rescheduling

Texas Republican Party adopts comprehensive marijuana reform planks in party platform; Oklahoma opponents of SQ 788 spending $453,000; UK epileptic boy gets his cannabis oil medicine back; Canada’s House rejects Senates home grow and swag bans; Alaska grow competition hit with $20,000 fine.

Headlines: Surgeon General skeptical about medical marijuana for opioid harm reduction

Surgeon General Jerome Adams is skeptical about medical marijuana; Maine Supreme Court rules employers don’t have to cover medical marijuana; 2 years after Denver’s I-300, still only one pot lounge; Senate committee misstates cannabis’ traffic harm; Harvard med finds 2/3rds of oncologists lack medical marijuana education.

Headlines: DEA Will “Absolutely” Reschedule CBD for Epidiolex

DEA spokeswoman says agency will “absolutely” reschedule CBD if FDA approves Epidiolex; North Carolina CBD oil manufacturer busted by DEA; House resolution calls out racism in the Drug War; State medical marijuana protections survive amendment attempt by anti-pot senator; Uruguay struggling to meet marijuana market demand; Dave Chappelle says nationwide legalization is “inevitable.”

Headlines: Hemp Legalization in Farm Bill Survives Grassley’s Challenge

Senator Grassley attempts to amend Farm Bill over its inclusion of CBD as legal hemp product; South Carolina Democrats overwhelmingly favor medical marijuana in non-binding primary vote; Delaware legislature moving forward on expungement, legalization; Florida Gov. Rick Scott reveals he voted against medical marijuana; St. Louis prosecutor will no longer file possession cases under 100 grams.

Headlines: Medical Marijuana Protections Included in Base Spending Bill

Prohibition on federal spending to prosecute medical marijuana states included in base spending bill; US Mayors endorse federal marijuana law reforms; John Boehner sounds off on marijuana’s benefits in Ohio; DEA raids Oregon pot shop, alleging out-of-state sales; UK woman fighting to treat epileptic son with CBD oil stopped at Heathrow.

Headlines: President Trump Supports Senator Gardner’s Marijuana Federalism Bill

President Trump supports Senator Gardner’s Marijuana States’ Rights bill; Attorney General Sessions out of the loop on Trump / Gardner talks; Congressional Black Caucus endorses end to federal marijuana prohibition; Hemp legalization slipped into Farm Bill by Senate Majority Leader McConnell; Canadian Senate passes C-45 cannabis legalization bill.