The Marijuana Agenda Archives (2017-2018)

In an attempt to make the show less about me and more about the organizations fighting to end adult marijuana prohibition, I relaunched my show as The Marijuana Agenda from 2017-2018.

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Title # Date Show Notes
2017 Preview 0 2017-04-20 Uses “Playing to Win”
The Premiere of The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville 1 2017-05-01 The Premiere of The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
The$e Guy$ Can’t Under$tand That Cannabi$ Beat$ Opiate Abu$e 2 2017-05-02 Recorded 2017-04-12
The Latest Reefer Madness About Alcohol vs. Marijuana 3 2017-05-03 Cannabis Headline News: Congress Cracks Down on DC’s Ability to Tax MJ; Cannabis Minority Report: Deborah Small on Addiction for Profit; Drug War Data Mining: NDAA Slams Marijuana with Falsehoods; Cannabis Minority Report: Marc Lamont Hill on Prison; Radical Rant: The Latest Reefer Madness About Alcohol vs. MJ
Heading to Fort Worth, Texas, for the Global Cannabis March 4 2017-05-04 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Fighting for Adult Marijuana Rights in Texas with DFW NORML 5 2017-05-05 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Highlights of the DFWNORML North Texas Marijuana March 6 2017-05-10 Cannabis Headline News: Vermont Legislature Becomes First to Pass Marijuana Legalization; Hempday Humpday Update: Joy Beckerman on Washington State’s first industrial hemp crop; Activist’s Agenda: Highlights from DFW NORML North Texas Marijuana March from Shaun McAlister, Russ Belville, and Lori Duckworth; Veterans of Compassion: Michael Krawitz discusses medical marijuana and gun laws on the April Veterans Cannabis Group Conference Call; Radical Rant: Tattoo Artist Thomas Barrington – Erasing Hate in Texas.
Marijuana is Safer Than Child Protective Services 7 2017-05-11 New Hampshire Senate OK’s Marijuana Decriminalization; Jacob Policzer on Ecological Sustainability; Akila Parker and active-duty police officer Nick Novello; Rant: Marijuana is Safer than Foster Care.
Patrice Cullors at Not One Step Back; UK Cannabis Chronicle 8 2017-05-12 Attorney General calls for harsher drug punishments; Patrice Cullors at Not One Step Back panel; Calming Vermont Gov Phil Scott’s fear of stoned driver; Greg de Hoedt in UK Cannabis Chronicle; Meet Trump’s Opioid Commission
Missouri Primed for Medical Marijuana in 2018 9 2017-05-15 Guests: Dr. Mitch Earleywine on marijuana use and pre-mature birth; Dan Viets on prospects for Missouri medical marijuana in 2018.
If You Can’t Buy and Home-Grow, It Ain’t Legalization 10 2017-05-16 Outreach Coordinator Tyler Williams on SSDP global presence and campaigns like 911 Good Samaritan laws; New study on risks from propylene glycol thinning agents used in cannabis vaporizer cartridges; Oregon medical marijuana experts panel.
Why Can Cartoons Sell Sugar But Not Weed? 11 2017-05-17 Kassandra Frederique from Drug Policy Alliance moderates a drug war survivor panel at “Not One Step Back” at Atlanta’s Morehouse School of Medicine; Patients Without Time’s Brian Murphy, medical marijuana activist evicted from his home in Hawaii, which protects patients’ housing rights.
North to Alaska… the Rush is On! 12 2017-05-18 Michael Cindrich on Implementation of California Prop 64; Serra Frank on Misuse of Child Protective Services Against Marijuana Parents
What Will the Feds Do About Legalization? 13 2017-05-19 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Dedicated to Theresa Collins, Alaska Freedom Fighter 14 2017-05-22 Pesticides and Cannabis Crops with Karin Hendrickson from Alaska Division of Environmental Health; Jonah Tacoma from Dabstars – Anchorage 420 Celebration at Cannabis Classic; Eli Harrington on Vermont Bill to Legalize Marijuana Sitting on Governor’s Desk.
How the Nation’s DAs Want More Drug War Power 15 2017-05-23 Expanded Mind: Amanda Feilding On Future Psychedelic Medicines; Shark Sessions: Highlights of The Marijuana Show Season One.
How Project SAM Distorts Statistics to Oppose Legalization 16 2017-05-24 Hempday Humpday Update: Doug Fine on Arizona Hemp Veto; Southeast Cannabis Chrocnicle: Russ Belville on Prohibition as White Supremacy Tool
Vermont Legalization is Not Dead Yet (I’m Feeling Happy!) 17 2017-05-25 Voice of the Industry (NCIA): Tim Hade on Micro-Grid Energy solutions for cannabis cultivation; Drug War Data Mining: Thinning Agents in Vape Pens with Steve White & Matthew DiDonato from Harvest Inc.; Cannabis Sports Medicine: Marvin Washington (Jets), Ricky Williams (Saints), Jim McMahon (Bears) speaking about NFL athletes using cannabis
Whaddaya Know? Medical Marijuana Did Nothing To Harm the States That Passed It! 18 2017-06-12 Cannabis Q&A with Dr. Mitch; Activist’s Agenda with Anthony Taylor
Why Do Feds Want More Kids Getting Into Pot Candy? 19 2017-06-13 Featuring A Sensible Future (UConn SSDP’s Jennifer Purdon), Cannabis Community Chat (Stashlogix CEO Skip Stone), and Freedom Leaf Preview (Editor-in-Chief Steve Bloom).
Massachusetts Weed Dealers Celebrate Latest Marijuana Bill 20 2017-06-14 asha bandele on modern day abolition; Jay-Z on the War on Drugs; Nick Novello, active duty cop and Christian minister for marijuana legalization.
How to Become a Five-Time Felon by Breastfeeding 21 2017-06-15 Police for Reform with Matthew Fogg discussing Racist Cops; What About the Chidlren with Erica Marie Tucker discussing her five felonies for breastfeeding in Texas.
Will Russia Scandal Keep Sessions Off the Pot Prosecutions? 22 2017-06-16 Nishan Karrasik on Marijuana Science and Naming; John Hudak on Jeff Sessions Russia Scandal and Marijuana Letter; Urb Thrasher on the Maryland Doom Festival
Officer Yanez Had To Shoot & Kill Him; He Was Stoned And Armed! 23 2017-06-19 Gov’t at Work with NY State Sen. Diane Savino speech at CWCBE; Northeast Cannabis Chronicle with Jared Moffat from Regulate RI on study commission boycott.
AAA Just Lost a Two-Decade Customer (and Plenty More) 24 2017-06-20 Rick Doblin on MDMA for PTSD Treatment; Wayne Reiss with Amy Ruth Tobol and Kassandra Frederique at CWCBE
“The Audacity to Smoke Marijuana” Isn’t Justification for Execution 25 2017-06-21 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Republicans Split on Marijuana Users’ Second Amendment Rights 26 2017-06-22 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
What Good is a Right if It’s Illegal to Exercise? 27 2017-06-23 NY Assem. Crystal Peoples-Stokes; DPA NY’s Chris Alexander; NV Sen. Tick Segerblom
Oh, So NOW Bill Clinton is Concerned About Opioids and Mexican Drug Trafficking? 28 2017-06-26 Dr. Mitch on competing studies about marijuana and car crash risk; new survey shows American support for psychedelic research; Wendy Robbins and Karen Paull from The Marijuana Show seeking diverse entrepreneurs for investor funding; Bill Clinton’s 1990s drug policies led to the opioid epidemic he’s crying about now.
33 Days Until South African Trial May Legalize Cannabis 29 2017-06-27 Kat Murti from SSDP on post-graduation activism; Myrtle Clarke and Jules Stobbs from Johannesburg on their case that may legalize marijuana in South Africa; Extended rant on Bill Clinton’s culpability in the opioid overdose epidemic.
Rev. Al Sharpton: We Don’t Need to Be Locked Up or Locked Out 30 2017-06-28 Rev. Al Sharpton speaking at CWCBE New York about marijuana carpetbaggers; Dr. Amanda Reiman on the substituion of cannabis for opioids; Expert regulatory panel at the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference
Kevin Sabet Flunks Schoolhouse Rock, Slanders Congressmen, Goes Full Tinfoil Hat 31 2017-06-29 Former Deputy Sheriff Jay Fleming on Opioids and Pain Management; Study shows Alcohol, not Cannabis, Affecting Brains; Jorge Cervantes on Cultivation in South Africa, Colombia, and Mexico; Kevin Sabet Doesn’t Understand What Amendment Means
In 241 Years We’ve Only Prohibited Cannabis For 1/3rd of our Country’s Existence 32 2017-06-30 Mason Tvert on MPP’s cancelled bank accounts, Opioid overdose statistics; Cheryl Shuman speaks at Boise Hempfest; Urb Thrasher on new stoner rock from Five Horse Johnson
Happy Birthday, America – Now Grow Up and Legalize Marijuana! 33 2017-07-03 Jahan Marcu on the first edition of ASA’s Patient-Focused Update; Pew Study shows imprisonment doesn’t deter drug use; Renee Gagnon on difference between Canada and US dispensaries; Rant: Growing cannabis and smoking marijuana are constitutional rights.
Salute Our Nation’s Heroes – Give Them Access to Medical Marijuana! 34 2017-07-05 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Once Again, DEA Clarifies That CBD Oil is a Schedule I Drug 35 2017-07-06 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
How Come They’re Not Hawking “Hemp-Derived THC Oil,” Too? 36 2017-07-07 DPA Panel on White Drug Exceptionalism; Urb Thrasher on the NW String Summit; Greg de Hoedt on adventures in US medical cannabis states; debunking CBD oil sellers by asking why hemp-derived THC isn’t also sold?
Dope, the Insidious Decay that Infects & Rots Our Nation from Within! 37 2017-07-10 Dr. Mitch Earleywine on what science really knows about dabs; Analyzing DEA Special Agent Jeff Stamm’s reasons for fighting the drug war; Sen. Schumer wants to ban snortable chocolate only because it’s snorted.
On Cockroaches, Dopers, and Other Vermin that Infect Society 38 2017-07-11 Katie Stone from SSDP on Environmental Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility; DPA’s new report shows continued racial disparity in marijuana arrests; Steve Bloom discusses the “Summer of Love at 50” issue of Freedom Leaf; Rant: How DEA sounds like Nazis and Hutus
Audio of Jeff Sessions at 30th D.A.R.E. Conference 39 2017-07-12 Extended rant on AG Jeff Sessions speech at the 30th D.A.R.E. Conference; Nevada marijuana CEO on product shortage and 50-state-friendly CBD oil
Choose: Medical Marijuana & Health or Your Kids By Your Deathbed? 40 2017-07-13 Law Enforcement Action Partnership’s Lenny Frieling on Colorado’s biggest post-legalization bust; Montana attorney attacks 5ng per se DUID as unconstitutional; the heartbreaking and infuriating story of Tennessee dad Michael Brooks
Will the Russia Scandal Keep Administration Too Busy to Fight Marijuana? 41 2017-07-14- Morgan Fox from MPP on the bill to allow VA docs to recommend medmj; TEDS data analysis shows too many non-dependent tokers are sentenced to rehab; John Hudak on the ongoing Russia scandal’s impact on federal reform progress; What Tennessee is doing to Michael Brooks’ family is cruel and unusual punishment.
Jeff Sessions is the 1980s “Just Say No” Drug War in Human Form 42 2017-07-17 Dr. Jahan Marcu and David Mangone on lab certification and federal bill progress; Drug Policy Alliance drug issue framing guide for lawmakers; Jared Moffat on Regulate RI’s boycott of study commission; Jeff Sessions wants to expand asset forfeiture
Highlights From My Time on Midnight in the Desert with Heather Wade 43 2017-07-18 Bob Jesse on the psychedelic research renaissance; Jim Borghesani on Massachusetts compromise legislation; highlights of my appearance on Midnight in the Desert with Heather Wade.
Those Good Cops Can Step Up Any Time Now. We’re Waiting. 44 2017-07-19 DJ Jason “Big Kush” Berry talks about his new book, “Married to Marijuana: My Love Affair with Weed and Hip-Hop”; State Senators Thompson and Fort speak on decriminalization at Atlanta’s Liberty Plaza; Baltimore Police caught on video planting drug evidence.
Senator McCain, Medical Marijuana Could Save Your Life! 45 2017-07-20 Colin Bell from Growcentia with NCIA; facts on cannabis and glioma; former NFL player Boo Williams; how Massachusetts copied Oregon’s worst idea.
Smoked Sessions (Is Attorney General Sessions About to Quit?) 46 2017-07-25 Jeff Sessions, under fire as Attorney General, met with prohibitionist Kevin Sabet; Vilmarie Narloch from SSDP on Sessions’ Call for D.A.R.E.’s return; How to use existing drug policy to reframe debates about marijuana.
How the Profit Motive is Perverting Marijuana Legalization 47 2017-07-26 Maine’s Gov. LePage wants marijuana legalization repealed by states and enforced by feds; Debunking the latest lies from the CBD oil hucksters and how they’re hurting legit CBD; How the selling of marijuana legalization for profit is endangering our right to cultivate cannabis.
Kevin Sabet’s The Joker. I’m the Midnight Toker. 48 2017-07-27 Senate committee approves amendment protecting state medical marijuana from federal interference; Ret. Sgt. Steve Miller on the federal abuses of civil asset forfeiture; Extended rant eviscerating Project SAM’s Kevin Sabet’s latest anti-legalization op-ed.
Five Years Later, Wash. Still Has No $600 Ounces or DUID Increases 49 2017-07-28 Massachusetts Gov. signs marijuana legalization compromise bill that raises taxes, cedes local control to pot-hating cities; MPP New England Policy Director Matt Simon on New Hampshire Decrim; Urb Thrasher on latest stoner rock releases and album birthdays; Blistering rant on Washington legalization critics complaining about $150 legal ounces.
‘Please Don’t Be So Nice?’ Have You Seen Cops on Video Lately? 50 2017-07-31 Spicer out, Scaramucci in, Priebus out, Kelly in, Scaramucci out at WH; David Mangone from Americans for Safe Access on federal medical marijuana reform progress; Trump calls on cops to “please don’t be so nice” in a country where cops taser-torture a teen for three hours on camera.
Federal Legalization Bill Goes After Racial Disparities in Prohibition 51 2017-08-01 en Booker’s Federal Legalization Bill Goes After Racial Disparities in Prohibition; Extended Drug War Data Mining from the Washington Office of Financial Management on the Impacts of I-502; How a rookie drafting mistake may cost South Dakota a shot at legalization.
Police Body Cameras Should Always Be On And Have No Off Switch 52 2017-08-02 South Africa’s “Dagga Couple Trial” sputters as state fights medical marijuana evidence; 2012 DEA Midwest warning highlights their fear that people think marijuana is safer than heroin; A second police body cam video appears to show Baltimore cops planting drug evidence.
If You Don’t Want to Get in Trouble For Marijuana, Shut Up About It 53 2017-08-03 New poll shows only 14 percent still support marijuana prohibition; Washington Post investigates how many bad cops are fired and re-hired; If you speak publicly about your marijuana use, there can be consequences.
I’m Betting That I Won’t Be Betting In Las Vegas Anytime Soon 54 2017-08-04 Attorney General Sessions questions the ability of Washington and Colorado to abide by the Cole Memo; Are cannabis churches helping or hurting the legalization movement?; Legalization is the only cure for the Pharma Bro paradigm of health care.
Ann Coulter, Chris Christie, & Bill de Blasio are T-H-Clueless! 55 2017-08-07 AG Sessions gets recommendation from Task Force to let the Obama marijuana policies continue; Dr. Mitch tackles Ann Coulter’s claim that black people lie more on marijuana surveys; NJ Gov. Chris Christie and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio fail logic when they talk about marijuana.
Feds Ignore Marijuana’s Potential in opioid Crisis At OUR Peril 56 2017-08-08 Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson comes out in favor of marijuana legalization; Interview with Larry Smith, the first licensed African-American medical cannabis cultivator in Clark County, Nevada; Debunking the reefer madness filibuster of Trump Opioid Commissioner & SAM Co-Founder Patrick J. Kennedy; Two Bakersfield stories show dual justice system for cops who sell marijuana vs. citizens who sell marijuana.
Even Dildos & Guns Have Places Where The Public Can Go Use Them 57 2017-08-09 Trump echoes the anti-drug rhetoric of Attorney General Sessions; Michael Krawitz on the progress of the Veterans Equal Access Amendment; How marijuana is the only product you can legally buy but not use anywhere.
Is The ‘Opioid Emergency’ Just an Excuse for ‘Drug War 2.0’? 58 2017-08-10 Utah has the green light to gather signatures for medical cannabinoid initiative in 2018; Ret. Baltimore Police Department trainer and LEAP Executive Director Major Neill Franklin on cops caught planting evidence on camera, eliminating the “bad apples;” Trump’s sudden declaration of an opioid overdose national emergency may be the spark of Drug War 2.0.
The People Want Honest and Accurate Information About Cannabis 59 2017-08-11 Trump declares a national emergency for the opioid crisis; Heather Wade from Midnight in the Desert on the discussing the marijuana issue with the unenlightened; Urb Thrasher previews Seattle Hempfest and this weekend’s Primus / Clutch show in Portland.
Kevin Sabet Thinks a There Are Few Enough Of Us to Criminalize Us 60 2017-08-14 FDA both recognizes CBD’s potential for treating seizures and reiterates that it is a Schedule I drug; Dr. Jahan Marcu on the need for cannabinoid education for doctors; Kevin Sabet’s Achilles heel is asking where does the non-addict marijuana smoker buy weed?
Fascism Feels More Real When They’re Not Just Going After Druggies 61 2017-08-15 Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands may pass bill to call for a vote on marijuana legalization; Morgan Fox from Marijuana Policy Project on the recommendations from the DOJ Task Force on Marijuana Policy; Oregon Liquor Control Commissions’ Two-Faced Concern About the Children.
Kevin Sabet attacks Seattle Hempfest on Eve of 26th Annual Event 62 2017-08-16 Washington’s Governor and Attorney General rebuke Jeff Sessions for “outdated” info; Former NHL Riley Cote on the founding of Athletes for Care; Sabet says Seattle Hempfest is taken over by “corporate pot.”
Marijuana Prohibition is a Tool of White Supremacy (Seattle Hempfest 2017) 63 2017-08-22 Cannabis community activists calling for boycott of CWCBE for their embrace of racist/misogynist Trump adviser Roger Stone; Radical Russ speech on marijuana prohibition and race at Seattle Hempfest 2017; Debunking one Rutgers professor’s claims about marijuana legalization and children.
Twenty-Two Too Many – A Veterans’ Panel at Seattle Hempfest 64 2017-08-23 Florida’s John Morgan takes CWCBE’s side in the Roger Stone controversy; Patrick Seifert, Ellen Brown, Micheal Krawitz, and Aaron Augustis from Twenty-Two Too Many on veteran suicides and access to medical cannabis; There is no safe harbor for hate in the cannabis community – #DisownStone
The #DisownStone Movement is Growing… Women Growing, That Is! 65 2017-08-24 Congressional letter addresses Sessions’ DOJ roadblock to cannabis research; Cassandra Dittus and Joseph Dice of Tribal Cannabis Consulting with Laurie Thom, chair of the Yerington/Paiute Tribes; #DisownStone – A Review of the Racist Misogynist Rants of Roger Stone
More Join #DisownStone As He ‘Predicts’ Violence From Impeachment 66 2017-08-25 American Legion endorses Veterans Administration access to medical marijuana; Morgan Fox on competing marijuana legalization initiatives in Michigan; “Radical” Russ speech from Seattle Hempfest Main Stage on legalization results; Urb Thrasher on latest Reefer Rock.
Back from Jolly Old England 67 2017-09-11 Congress protects medical marijuana amendments for the time being; Dr. Jahan Marcu, David Mangone, and Debbie Churgai on current events, Maryland update, and veterans’ access; The message the kids got from legalization – pot’s lame!
Vendor Interviews from the Product Earth UK Expo 68 2017-09-12 Senators want to see federal testing of state-legal marijuana products; Vendor interviews at Product Earth UK Expo – George from Rolls, Mika from Snail Custom Rolling Papers, and Gary from Chilling Room; Oregon Medical Marijuana Program is treating growers like criminals.
Activist Interviews from the Product Earth UK Expo 69 2017-09-13 Hawaii aims to be the first cashless marijuana dispensary state; Antonin Cohen from Harmony CBD and Paul Nelson from Canaxen at Product Earth UK Expo; Nevada’s governor strongly opposes fed interference with nuke waste, but rolls over on pot lounges.
The Five-Year Impact of Marijuana Legalization in the United States 70 2017-09-14 “Radical” Russ Belville’s presentation at the Product Earth UK Expo in Birmingham, England.
Sessions’ DOJ Really Wants to Bust Potheads, But Can They? 71 2017-09-15 Rise in marijuana use is not attributable to marijuana reform, study; Urb Thrasher’s Reefer Rock Review; Comments from Deputy AG Rosenstein and actions by ONDCP foreshadow a marijuana crackdown.
Local Opt-Outs Are Making a Mockery of Statewide Legalization 72 2017-09-18 California Governor signs law banning marijuana use in vehicles, vetoes bill banning marijuana marketing that appeals to children; Dr. Mitch Earleywine debunks Ann Coulter’s claim that African-Americans are more apt to lie on drug use surveys; Ninety percent of local pot bans are passing in Massachusetts.
Live with Kerri Accardi from 420MEDIA 73 2017-09-19 California formally demands the federal government reschedules marijuana for research purposes; Kerri Accardi from 420MEDIA talks about growing awareness of medical marijuana in the media; Poll Taxes and Pot Bans: How Hateful Legislators Thwart Free Exercise of Civil Rights.
The Tragically Senseless Murder of Cameron Smith 74 2017-09-20 Supreme Court case may decide how far cops can go in enforcing marijuana laws; Compassionate Oregon’s Anthony Taylor on changes to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program; The killer of Cameron Smith issues a shocking jailhouse confession to TV reporter.
Philippine President Won’t Win Father of the Year 75 2017-09-21 Senator Al Franken adds his name to multiple marijuana reform bills; Police for Reform with Jason Thomas on marijuana business security in the wake of the Cameron Smith murder; Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte vows to kill his own son if allegations of his drug trafficking are true.
In This LOTR Analogy, Jeff Sessions Isn’t a Hobbit, He’s Gollum 76 2017-09-22 California regulators announce temp marijuana license program until January 1, 2018 commercial launch; Replay of last year’s interview with Gov. Jesse Ventura on his book, Marijuana Manifesto; Jeff Sessions Really Thinks “Just Say No” Can Fix Opioid Crisis
Legalization Has to Include The Things Marijuana Users Are Doing 77 2017-09-25 California bill to limit and track butane sales at Gov. Brown’s desk; Stuart Harper and Greg de Hoedt from UK Cannabis Social Clubs at Product Earth UK Expo; States are failing to legalize what people actually do with marijuana.
How Do You Legalize Weed and Get More Marijuana Arrests? 78 2017-09-26 Acting DEA Administrator Chuck Rosenberg plans to resign over Trump’s lack of respect for the law; Dr. Jahan Marcu, Beth Collins, and Debbie Churgai from Americans for Safe Access on the progress on federal protections for medical marijuana states; How do you legalize weed and end up with more marijuana arrests?
NORML’s Keith Stroup Remembers Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner 79 2017-09-28 President’s Opioid Commission completely ignores public comments on medical marijuana; NORML Founder Keith Stroup on how Playboy’s Hugh Hefner made NORML possible; How long can they keep using “Not Your Father’s Woodstock Weed” when they’re now grandfathers?
Federal data show more arrests for marijuana, despite legalization 80 2017-09-29 Target stores briefly sell CBD products from CW Hemp online before pulling them; MPP’s Morgan Fox on the latest Marijuana Use and Arrest Numbers; (system crash prevented recording of the Radical Rant)
Woodstock Weed, the Stupidest Prohibition Talking Point 81 2017-10-02 Today is the 80th anniversary of marijuana prohibition; Dr. Mitch debunks the fentanyl-laced marijuana rumor and covers other recent marijuana studies; Why “Not Your Father’s Woodstock Weed” is the stupidest prohibition talking point.
The Boise Cannabis Town Hall (partial) 82 2017-10-03 SCOTUS Declines Pot Smell Allows Passenger Search Case; remaining recording lost to system crash
How Whiteness is Shaping Coverage of the Opioid Overdose Crisis 83 2017-10-17 Drug Czar Pick out after media exposes his role in the opioid crisis; Professor Michelle Alexander at DPA’s Reform Conference 2017; Are we becoming the Fix-it-All Movement?
The Hypocrisy Shared by Legalizers and Prohibitionists Alike 84 2017-10-18 Congressman Blumenauer targets anti-pot congressional chairman’s job; Former MPP staffers Steve Fox and Dan Riffle on the setting of marijuana policy relative to alcohol at DPA’s #Reform17; If alcohol is a dangerous drug, why aren’t drug policy reformers trying to change alcohol policy?
Ending Imperialism, Capitalism, Racism, and Oh, Yeah, Prohibition 85 2017-10-19 AG Sessions seems to support more suppiers of cannabis for medical research; Questioning voices from DPA #Reform17 calling for an end to capitalism and “not screwing Pookie”; My suggestions for alcohol policy reforms if we treated it like pharmaceuticals, tobacco, or marijuana.
Washington DC Councilman Proposes That “All Use is Medical” 86 2017-10-20 New Zealand gets to vote on legalization nationwide by 2020; MPP’s Kate Bell on Washington DC measure for self-certified medical marijuana; Urb Thrasher from 420RADIO with the Reefer Rock Review
Surprise! Cannabis Is Just Another Agricultural Commodity 87 2017-10-23 Belize’s Parliament approves marijuana decriminalization; Dr. Jahan Marcu with Americans for Safe Access’ Patient-Focused Update; Should marijuana reform organization broaden their missions beyond simply ending prohibition?
Project SAMUEL’s Ben Cort Gets My Undivided Fucking Attention 88 2017-10-24 Maine legislature approves new marijuana regs, rejects governor’s 2019 moratorium; Stacia Cosner on the history of SSDP; The biggest lie from prohibitionist Ben Cort’s new book, Weed, Inc.
Even Republicans Now Support Legalization of Marijuana 89 2017-10-25 Gallup poll shows 64% nationwide support for marijuana legalization; Harrison Baum from Daily High Club, a monthly gift box delivery he founded; Digging deeper on the history of polls on marijuana legalization.
Get Out Your Checkered Vans & Skinny Ties, The 1980s Are Back! 90 2017-10-26 Trump declares a national emergency over drug overdose deaths; Kevin Caldwell from Commonsense NOLA on decriminalization in New Orleans; Clips from Jeff Sessions and Donald Trump harken back to Nancy Reagan and Richard Nixon
When it Comes to Just Say No, There Can Be Only One 91 2017-10-27 Sessions coy about possibility of a federal marijuana crackdown; Marijuana Moment looks at the next states to vote of marijuana reform in 2018; Urb Thrasher’s Reefer Rock Review; Study shows marijuana users have more sex more often.
Marijuana Legalization Sucks! But Pot Prohibition Sucks Worse! 92 2017-10-30 Montel Williams sues alleged CBD oil scammers; Cory Booker stands up against the lazy stoner stereotype; Dr. Mitch on the Trump Administration’s response to the opioid crisis; We didn’t legalize what people are doing with marijuana.
The Drug War is a Tool of Latin American Colonialist Oppression 93 2017-10-31 Germany’s new coalition government in talks to legalize marijuana; What’s up with Chris Christie’s reefer madness and Obama’s reefers?; Aaron Cobian from UC Berkeley SSDP on mass incarceration; Arizona prohibitionists really hate billboards that tell the truth about marijuana
Opioid Commission Seeks Non-Addictive Painkiller… BUT NOT POT! 94 2017-11-01 Trump’s Opioid Commission releases its recommendations for combatting the overdose crisis, but pointedly rejects medical marijuana as a solution; Panelists from Drug Policy Alliance’s Reform Conference on Police Abuses in the Drug War; Oregon’ Prohibitionist’s Own-Goal on Marijuana and Crime Statistics.
Imperfect Legalization Beats Perfect Prohibition Every Time 95 2017-11-02 Michigan won’t require dispensaries wanting licenses to close after all; Using marijuana tax money to eradicate marijuana?; David Rheins from MJBA on the mainstreaming of marijuana in Las Vegas; Sexual harassment in the marijuana industryu
Doug Benson on 420 Comedy Changing in a Post-Legalization World 96 2017-11-03 Maine’s governor vetoes legislative regulations on commercial marijuana; David Boyer from MPP on the next step in Maine; Doug Benson on the change in 420 comedy after legalization; Urb Thrasher on the Oregon DOPE Cup.
What If We Treated Guns & Ammo Like Med Marijuana Cards & Weed? 97 2017-11-06 Oklahoma governor may move medical marijuana vote to the Summer 2018 Primary Ballot; Indiana Attorney General’s Reefer Madness Debunked; Dr. Jahan Marcu on FDA warning letters about CBD claims; The irreconcilable disparity between how we treat marijuana and guns in America.
The Cannabis Industry Heads West to Kauai, Hawai’i at ICBC 98 2017-11-07 Gubernatorial elections in Virginia and New Jersey herald new legal marijuana states; Of course adult use of marijuana goes up when you legalize; Alex Rogers on the International Cannabis Business Conference coming to Kauai, Hawai’i; Treat Guns Like Marijuana (or Vice-Versa).
Marijuana Wins Big in the 2017 Election 99 2017-11-08 Virginia and New Jersey elect pro-reform Democratic governors; If DEA would break law for CBD oil, why keep CBD illegal?; Doug Fine on the first hemp harvest of Washington’s Colville Tribe; Hemp is not illegal because marijuana’s a drug, marijuana’s illegal because hemp is an oil.
EXCLUSIVE Interview with Investigative Journalist Angela Bacca 100 2017-11-09 Forty percent of Border Patrol checkpoint seizures are for under one ounce of marijuana from US citizens; Rep. Blumenauer’s speech announcing anti-prohibitionist PAC; Angela Bacca on the connection between opioid companies and anti-marijuana lobbying; It’s not a war ON drugs, it is a war BETWEEN drugs.
If Prohibition Couldn’t Stop Smuggling, How Could Barcoded Zip-Ties? 101 2017-11-10 Wisconsin set to become 32nd hemp state if Gov. Walker signs bill; Tracking the progress of the CARERS Act for our veterans’ access to medical marijuana; Urb Thrasher’s Reefer Rock Review; Joshua Laterman from NACB on the need for self-regulation; Seed-to-Sale Tracking is Bullshit.
We Have a Constitutional Right to Sow Crops & Use the Harvest 102 2017-11-13 New Jersey could legalize by 4/20; Trump won’t condemn Duterte; Dr. Mitch on the endocannabinoid system’s role in sexual function; We don’t need to legalize, we need to recoginze the right we alreaady have to cannabis.
Where are the Pot-Like Proposals for New Alcohol Regulations? (Partial) 103 2017-11-14
The Las Vegas Marijuana Business Conference Begins Today 104 2017-11-15 Rep. Pete Sessions blocks congressional fix for 280E tax problem; Rep. Steve Cohen grills Attorney General Jeff Sessions over marijuana comments; James Gould from CU Boulder SSDP on campus life under legalization; RANT: Green Rush needs to plow profits back into activism.
Las Vegas or Ashland? The Crossroads of the Marijuana Industry 105 2017-11-21 MPP Executive Director Rob Kampia steps down; MPP creating non-public role for Kampia to avoid sexual harassment iceberg; ASA’s Dr. Jahan Marcu on the FDA warnings about mislabeled CBD products; How do we keep the diverse and compassionate soul of the marijuana movement in the face of cannabis capitalism?
Today We Are Thankful For the Volunteer Cannabis Activists 106 2017-11-22 Canada releases proposed cannabis regulations and invites public comment; Insys Therapeutics gets DEA approval for Schedule II oral THC drug; Former Special Victims Unit Detective Justin Boardman on drugs and sex crimes; My Thanksgiving gratitude to all the volunteers fighting to end the war on drugs.
Gun Rights Shall Not Be Infringed! Unless You Smoke Marijuana. 107 2017-11-27 Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales says medical marijuana prosecutions are a “pretty low priority”; Researcher questions validity of double-blind studies using marijuana; Dr. Mitch on Ann Coulter’s claim that black people lie on drug surveys; Rant: Hey, NRA, how about protecting patients’ gun rights?
You can grow 6 medical plants. Or 12. Or 24. Or 48. Or 96. WTF? 108 2017-11-28 Canadian Parliament passes adult-use cannabis regulations; PCI wants to frame lack of stoned driving fear as a bad thing; Kat Murti on continuing SSDP activism after graduation; Oregon medical marijuana grow site limits are ridiculously complicated.
What if Prohibition Was Keeping Marijuana’s Dangers Hidden? 109 2017-11-29 Indiana Gov. calls for CBD oil crackdown after AG’s opinion it’s illegal; Wondering why police are worried about people with CBD?; Nishan Karrasik on cannabis plant strain naming; Kellyanne Conway was just named White House Opioid Czar… really!
5 Years Later, Washington Considers What 7 Other States Allow 110 2017-11-30 Kellyanne Conway is named White House Opioid Czar; NPR talks about cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome; Steve Miller from LEAP on civil asset forfeiture; RANT: Washington State’s home grow options stricter than its gun laws.
The Kauai Int’l Cannabis Business Conference Starts Today! 111 2017-12-01 NEWS: Honolulu PD to review policy of seizing medmj patients’ guns; Oregon unveils new “Go Legal!” ad campaign; GUEST: Doug Benson interview promoting his VIP event in Kauai; RANT: Pacific Northwest Pot Growing Policies Are Becoming Absurd.
Colorado Posts Greatest Past-Year Drop in Teen Marijuana Rates 112 2017-12-19 NEWS: Sabet, prohibitionists, meet with Attorney General Sessions; Denver Police focus on budtenders in raids and shutdown of Sweet Leaf; PANEL: Policing in the War on Drugs Era; RANT: Colorado posts greatest part-year drop in teen marijuana use rates.
A Salute to Lawrenceville (GA) Officer Thomas’s 1/4 Oz Weed Bust 113 2017-12-20 NEWS: VA issues new directive on medical marijuana discussions between doctors and veterans; DATA: More from the NSDUH on Colorado and Washington Teens; GUEST: Doug Fine with a 2017 wrap-up on industrial hemp; RANT: How much did a 1/4 oz bust cost Georgia taxpayers?
Washington, Having FUBARed Marijuana, FUBARs Industrial Hemp 114 2017-12-21 NEWS: Oregon 100% compliant in minor sting operation; Washington won’t fund fledgling industrial hemp program; GUEST: Riley Cote, former NHL player and cannabis medicine proponent; RANT: Sweet Leaf budtenders technically followed the letter of the law.
Rob Kampia Finally Out at Marijuana Policy Project 115 2017-12-26 NEWS: Study shows amotivational syndrome is a myth; Rob Kampia ousted from Marijuana Policy Project; GUESTS: Creed Leffler, Del. Davis, Del. Heretick, and John Hudak at Virginia NORML Conference; RANT: The days of the $2,000 lb are over.
Dedicated to the memory and activism of Wisconsin’s Jacki Rickert 116 2017-12-27 NEWS: Vermont Gov. warns of “Tobacco 2.0” is commercial sales are legalized; A look at states that should pass reforms in 2018; GUESTS: Jackie Rickert, Gary Storck, and Jim Miller from 2009 Great Midwest Harvest Fest; RANT: Legalizing without commercial sales is a weed dealer’s dream scenario.
The Entire Pacific & Alaska Time Zones Sell Legal Marijuana Now 117 2018-01-02 NEWS: California’s legal marijuana market has begun; Rob Kampia out as head of MPP and as MPP boardmember; STORY: Medical marijuana mom beats state in court to win back one-year-old daughter from CPS kidnapping; RANT: Angela Bacca’s latest piece nails it on cannabis as an agricultural commodity.
I Hate to Tell You I Told You So… But I TOLD YOU SO! 118 2018-01-04 NEWS: Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinds Cole Memo; Republican reactions to Jeff Sessions rescinding Cole Memo; GUEST: MPP’s Morgan Fox on the states most likely to pass marijuana law reforms in the 2018 election; RANT: How naivete, political immaturity, and wishful thinking got the Cole Memo rescinded.
It’s Not About Controlling Substances. It’s About Controlling People 119 2018-01-05 NEWS: First 2018 Poll shows 61% support for legalization nationwide; Reactions from legal state officials on Cole Memo’s death; GUEST: Amy Hildebrand from DePaul University SSDP; RANT: Randy Philbrick, the refreshing prohibitionist who wants to ban alcohol.
Donald Trump Wants America to Get “Harsh On Drugs” 120 2018-01-08 NEWS: Sen. Gardner vows to block DOJ nominees over AG Sessions’ pot policy; California rejects “pro-pot” public service announcement on driving while high; GUEST: John Hudak from Brookings Institute on the impact of rescinding the Cole Memo on the marijuana industry; RANT: Kansas State Senator’s marijuana racism is straight out of Anslinger’s playbook.
Cracking Down on Marijuana Now is a Weed Dealer’s Wet Dream 121 2018-01-09 NEWS: New Hampshire House approves marijuana legalization bill; Follow-up on Kansas State Rep. Steve Alford’s racist marijuana comments; GUEST: David Mangone on the effect on medical states of DOJ rescinding the Cole & Ogden Memos; RANT: The unintended consequences have already doomed a federal weed crackdown.
Thanks, Oregon Marijuana Shops, for Making a Liar Out of Me 122 2018-01-10 NEWS: Paraguay legalizes medical use of cannabis; 1-in-4 Oregon pot shops failed minor decoy stings; GUEST: Nicole Wicker, CFO & Co-Founder of Altopa Inc., on the Oblend machine; RANT: MJBizDaily lamenting $40 ounces in Washington, urges lawmakers to artificially restrict supply.
On 2nd Thought, Oregon Marijuana Shops More Compliant than Booze 123 2018-01-11 NEWS: Vermont legislation to legalize marijuana possession and cultivation awaits governor’s signature; DATA: A review of OLCC records shows pot shops beat booze shops in carding minors; RANT: Trump says he has the answer for drug abuse, but the country’s not ready for it.
Awaiting Sabet’s Reaction to Vermont, New Hampshire, & New Jersey 124 2018-01-12 NEWS: Vermont legalization bill on governor’s desk; A look at the states about to legalize marijuana in 2018; RANT: How legalization based on profit motives is artificially restricting cannabis production.
When Trump Tells You He Wants to Be Like Duterte, Believe Him! 125 2018-01-16 NEWS: Oregon’s US Attorney has “significant concerns” about marijuana legalization; Netflix debuts fantastic semi-satirical PSA featuring Gridiron Cannabis Coalition; RANT: Another remark from Trump about getting tough on drugs like other countries do (Philippines).
I Told You That GOP Would Get Smart And Support Legalization 126 2018-01-17 NEWS: NJ Gov pledges marijuana legalization in inaugural address, but NY Gov thinks it still needs more study; Marijuana as an issue in upcoming gubernatorial elections; RANT: Al Harrington and his grandma smoke marijuana, why would you lock them up for it?
Yes, Pete Sessions, Your Problem Is That You Haven’t Smoked Pot 127 2018-01-18 NEWS: NJ Gov pledges marijuana legalization in inaugural address, but NY Gov thinks it still needs more study; Marijuana as an issue in upcoming gubernatorial elections; RANT: Al Harrington and his grandma smoke marijuana, why would you lock them up for it?
A Look at the Modern-Day Puritans of the Anti-Legalization Army 128 2018-01-19 NEWS: Government shutdown threatens medical marijuana states; DATA: Eaze customer data reveals cannabis use patterns; RANT: Project SAMUEL’s Will Jones, a Modern-Day Puritan.
Number 9, Number 9 – Welcome to the Legalization Club, Vermonters! 128 2018-01-22 NEWS: Vermont becomes the 9th state to legalize marijuana, first by legislature; DATA: NBC/WSJ Poll shows more Americans find sugar harmful than marijuana; RANT: The Future of the Radical Rants and The Marijuana Agenda.
Oregon Frets About Minors & Pot While Ignoring Minors & Booze 129 2018-01-26 NEWS: Bipartisan group of senators and reps call on Trump to remain states’ rights on marijuana; REEFER MADNESS: Responding to Idaho Senator Jim Risch’s opposition to legalization; RANT: Responding to OLCC Dir. Steve Marks lackadaisical attitude about kids getting alcohol easier than marijuana.
Seriously, Sessions & Trump Think That the Drug War Was Successful 130 2018-01-29 NEWS: The Democrats choose anti-pot Rep. Joe Kennedy III to deliver State of the Union Response; WHAT: New audio from Jeff Sessions has him pining for the Drug War 1980s; DATA: Debunking the idea that the Drug War 1980s reduced drug use, so it was a success.
Maybe We Shouldn’t Be So Honest On Some Of These Surveys, People 131 2018-01-30 NEWS: AutoNation Inc no longer discriminates against marijuana smokers in hiring; WHAT: Questioning the survey about pot smokers who go to work “high”; RANT: It’s the drug testing itself that’s a problem, not the pot-positive results.
Radical Russ Belville Turns 50: A Look at a Dozen Years in Podcasting 132 2018-01-31 NEWS: Donald Trump promises to “get much tougher on drug dealers and pushers” in his State of the Union address; WHAT: Audio of previous pronouncements from Trump about getting tougher on drugs; RANT: The beginnings of my career in radio and podcasting.
The Solution to Legalization Problems is Never More Prohibition 133 2018-02-07 NEWS: Treasury Secretary implies support for allowing marijuana businesses to use banking; Attorney General Sessions again ties opioid overdoses to cultural shift on marijuana; MIDWEST: POLITICO piece of Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia pro-medical marijuana Democrats; RANT: KGW News suggestions of limiting butane sales won’t stop BHO blasting, but allowing processors to serve public might.
The Origins of the Fentanyl-Laced Marijuana Reefer Madness Myth 134 2018-02-14 NEWS: General Kelly’s aide, Jim Carroll, named acting Drug Czar; DATA: FOX News Poll puts national legalization support at 59%; GUEST: Travel Guru Rick Steves on his East Coast Legalization swing; RANT: Busting Ohio Sen. Rob Portman’s Fentanyl-Laced Marijuana Myth.
The Founder of NORML, Keith Stroup, on the Future of Legal Weed 135 2018-02-21 NEWS: VA admits they can talk to veterans about medical cannabis; DEBUNK: Rep. Pete Sessions’ insane claim that marijuana today is “300 times more potent” than 1973; GUEST: Keith Stroup, founder of NORML, on the future of marijuana legalization as we move on to non-initiative, non-coastal states.
The Fed Gov’t “is No Longer One of Limited and Enumerated Powers.” 136 2018-02-28 NEWS: Federal judge dismisses lawsuit challenging Schedule I marijuana status; DATA: Americans for Safe Access releases 2018 medical marijuana state report cards; GUEST: Dr. Mitch Earleywine counts down the top ten cannabis science studies of February; RANT: Justice Thomas was right – it’s time for a 9th Amendment fight!
How One Man Can Block the Reform a Public Supermajority Supports? 137 2018-03-07 NEWS: UN warns member nations to not legalize marijuana; WHAT: Idaho Senate tries dodging law to shield Governor from embarrassing veto; GUESTS: Americans for Safe Access’ Chief Science Officer Dr. Jahan Marcu, with ASA’s 2018 Report on the State of Medical Marijuana in the United States, and Marijuana Policy Project Communications Director Morgan Fox on the roadblock to federal marijuana reform, Congressman Pete Sessions from Texas; RANT: Federal law has a death penalty for drug traffickers.
The Joker is Spreading Reefer Madness at the UNODC in Vienna 138 2018-03-14 NEWS: UN Head touts success of his country’s decriminalization of all drugs; DEBUNK: Kevin Sabet’s claims about legalization at UNODC in Vienna; GUEST: Steve Bloom, editor-in-chief of Freedom Leaf magazine; RANT: Idaho Senator breaks the law to protect Gov. Butch Otter from issuing a 2nd CBD oil veto.
The Exquisite Reefer Madness of Anti-Pot Millionaire Julie Schauer 139 2018-03-21 John J. Hudak from Brookings Institute discusses the new report he’s co-authored on the successes and failures of Uruguay’s national marijuana legalization; Serra Frank from Boise Hempfest on the upcoming event and the fight to legalize in America’s only CBD-veto state; Rant: Anti-pot millionaire Julie Schauer has three radically insane ideas about marijuana and guns.
Dedicated to the Loving Memory of Lynne Platshorn 140 2018-03-28 Talking about the “Greed & Evil” of the anti-marijuana lobby with author Robert “Bobby Tuna” Platshorn; Latest Monitoring the Future data shows the lowest teen drug use rates have all occurred since marijuana legalization; Rebuking policy pundit Jonathan Caulkins assertion that fighting for marijuana freedom is “juvenile.”
Martin Luther King Jr. Would Have Fought For Legalization 141 2018-04-04 Study shows legalization beats medical marijuana when it comes to reducing opioid prescribing; More data from Monitoring the Future shows teens are using drugs less than ever before; Maj. Neill Franklin on the plating of drugs by Baltimore Police; A look at the racist nature of the drug war and how racial reconciliation cannot happen without ending it.
Attack of the Cannabis Carpetbaggers! 142 2018-04-11 John Boehner, former House Speaker, now favors legalization of marijuana as he joins cannabiz board; Cynthia Nixon exhibits rare Democratic spine on marijuana legalization; We’ve got Donald Trump’s “non-addictive pain killer” already!; Aaron Cobian from UC Berkeley SSDP on fighting mass incarceration.
SPECIAL 4/20 Panel Discusses Republican Shift on Legalization 143 2018-04-18 As Donald Trump signals support for states’ rights to marijuana legalization and John Boehner joins a cannabusiness board, I spoke with five marijuana activists for their reactions. We hear from Justin Strekal, political director at NORML; Morgan Fox, communications director at MPP; Jodie Emery, spokesperson for Canada’s Cannabis Culture; midwestern forfeiture activist Eapen Thampy; and marijuana contributor Chris Goldstein.

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