The Russ Belville Show Archives (2012-2017)

The Russ Belville Show Archives (2012-2017)
From 2012 to 2017, I produced and starred in The Russ Belville Show, a live daily podcast dedicated to the fight to end adult marijuana prohibition.

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Title # Date Show Notes
Debut Episode with Paul Stanford from OCTA, THCF 1 2012-06-04 AIS_1800000_60000
Dammit, Jim, I’m a Talk Show Host, Not a Doctor! 2 2012-06-05 AIS_1800000_60000
Never Underestimate the Power of the Green Side 3 2012-06-06 AIS_1800000_60000
Marijuana Legalization The Civil Rights Battle It’s OK to Mock 4 2012-06-07 AIS_1800000_60000
Danny Danko Live from HIGH TIMES Bonghitters Softball Game 5 2012-06-08 AIS_1800000_60000
Pragmatic Voting for Legalizers 6 2012-06-11 AIS_1800000_60000
Opening the Doors of Perception with the Healing of the Nations 7 2012-06-12 AIS_1800000_60000
Ed Rosenthal talks Marijuana Pest and Disease Control 8 2012-06-13 AIS_1800000_60000
It’s All Good, I’m Doing Much Better Now, Thanks 9 2012-06-14 AIS_1800000_60000
National Cannabis Coalition Week Begins Today 11 2012-06-18 AIS_1800000_60000
Show Me Cannabis Regulation in Missouri 12 2012-06-19 AIS_1800000_60000
Marijuana Activism for the 21st Century with National Cannabis Coalition 13 2012-06-20 AIS_1800000_60000
Getting ready for the Medical Cannabis Cup with The Weed Blog 14 2012-06-21 AIS_1800000_60000
Return from HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup 2012 San Francisco 15 2012-06-26 AIS_1800000_60000
Lifetime Achievement Award for Richard Lee 16 2012-06-27 AIS_1800000_60000
Cruel Chris Christie 19 2012-07-09 AIS_1800000_60000
Kevin Sabet’s Kinder Gentler Drug War 20 2012-07-10 AIS_1800000_60000
The Precognitive Abilities of US Attorney Melinda Haag 21 2012-07-16 AIS_1800000_60000
Marijuana in the American Colonies 22 2012-07-17 AIS_1800000_60000
You can’t blame lack of studies then not let us study medical marijuana! 23 2012-07-18 AIS_1800000_60000
Legalization Just Means Removing Schedule I 24 2012-07-19 AIS_1800000_60000
Steven DeAngelo from Harborside Health Center 25 2012-07-20 AIS_1800000_60000
In Alabama, Another Dog-Murdering Cop 28 2012-07-25 AIS_1800000_60000
Could a dime bag of pot someday actually cost a dime 29 2012-07-26 AIS_1800000_60000
Mason Tvert from Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Colorado 31 2012-07-30 AIS_1800000_60000
Legalization in Washington, Decriminalization in Springfield, Missouri 32 2012-07-31 AIS_1800000_60000
A Review of the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 33 2012-08-01 AIS_1800000_60000
Another Olympian ousted for marijuana 36 2012-08-06 AIS_1800000_60000
When Legalization Makes the Ballot, Get on the Bandwagon 38 2012-08-08 AIS_1800000_60000
Fighting for legalization in the Sunshine State 39 2012-08-09 AIS_1800000_60000
The First HIGH TIMES Dabs Cover 40 2012-08-10 AIS_1800000_60000
Medical Marijuana on a Southern Ballot 41 2012-08-13 AIS_1800000_60000
Smoke Signals on the Caravan for Peace 42 2012-08-14 AIS_1800000_60000
‘Legalize It’, the Prop 19 documentary 43 2012-08-15 AIS_1800000_60000
Russ Belville Seattle Hempfest Speeches 44 2012-08-16 AIS_1800000_60000
Highlights of Hempfest Speeches 45 2012-08-21 AIS_1800000_60000
Hempfest with Keith Stroup, Danny Danko, and Lynnette Shaw 46 2012-08-22 AIS_1800000_60000
Keith Stroup and Rick Steves Backstage at Hempfest 47 2012-08-23 AIS_1800000_60000
Russ on Huffington Post Live on the War on Drugs 48 2012-08-24 AIS_1800000_60000
Kevin Sabet’s Groundhog Day 49 2012-08-27 AIS_1800000_60000
Don’t hate Washington legalization, support Oregon legalization 50 2012-08-28 AIS_1800000_60000
Calling on MedMJ Patients to help the Legalizers 51 2012-08-29 AIS_1800000_60000
When One Door Closes, Another One Opens 52 2012-08-30 AIS_1800000_60000
Are we going to legalize or have a smoke-in 53 2012-08-31 AIS_1800000_60000
What Message Will Your Third Party Vote Send to President Romney 54 2012-09-11 AIS_1800000_60000
Does Pot Smoking Really Increase Risk of Testicular Cancer 55 2012-09-12 AIS_1800000_60000
Mason Tvert on Amendment 64 Blue Book language, Hickenlooper opposition 56 2012-09-13 AIS_1800000_60000
Preview of HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup Seattle 57 2012-09-14 AIS_1800000_60000
Return from the Seattle Medical Cannabis Cup 58 2012-09-17 AIS_1800000_60000
Why Support for Oregon’s Legalization is 20 Points Lower than Washington’s 59 2012-09-18 AIS_1800000_60000
Medical Marijuana’s Worst Enemy is Medical Marijuana 60 2012-09-19 AIS_1800000_60000
The Oregonian Discovers America Loves Oregon Marijuana 61 2012-09-24 AIS_1800000_60000
The 2011 National Survey on Drug Use & Health 62 2012-09-25 AIS_1800000_60000
The Repeal of the Repeal of the Repeal 63 2012-09-26 AIS_1800000_60000
BREAKING News Coverage of Portland-Area Dispensary Raid 64 2012-09-27 AIS_1800000_60000
Danny Danko LIVE and Springfield (MO) Shenanigans 65 2012-09-28 AIS_1800000_60000
Return from the Idaho HOPEfest 66 2012-10-01 AIS_1800000_60000
Greg de Hoedt and Clark French from England 67 2012-10-02 AIS_1800000_60000
Libertarian VP Candidate Judge Jim Gray in Idaho 68 2012-10-03 AIS_1800000_60000
The Unbelievably Vacuous Insensitivity of The Oregonian 69 2012-10-10 AIS_1800000_60000
Three Marijuana Legalization Initiatives 70 2012-10-11 AIS_1800000_60000
Marijuana Activists Defeat ‘Meth Girl’ Billboards 71 2012-10-12 AIS_1800000_60000
Former Drug Czars and Current Rehabs Fight 3 State Legalizations 72 2012-10-15 AIS_1800000_60000
ASA Attacks the Schedule I Lie 73 2012-10-16 AIS_1800000_60000
Rebutting I-502 Nonsense from Sensible Washington 74 2012-10-17 AIS_1800000_60000
Dominic Holden Tells the Truth 75 2012-10-18 AIS_1800000_60000
Reefer Madras! 76 2012-10-19 AIS_1800000_60000
Preposterous Plagiarizing Prohibitionists 77 2012-10-22 AIS_1800000_60000
We Are the Marijuana Majority 78 2012-10-23 AIS_1800000_60000
Portland State Legalization Presentation 79 2012-10-25 AIS_1800000_60000
Mississippi’s School-to-Prison System 80 2012-10-26 AIS_1800000_60000
Veterans for Measure 80 81 2012-10-29 AIS_1800000_60000
One Week to Election Day with the Latest Polls 82 2012-10-30 AIS_1800000_60000
Roy Kaufmann from Oregon Measure 80 84 2012-11-01 AIS_1800000_60000
Will Steve Sarich take the No on I-502 Pledge 85 2012-11-02 AIS_1800000_60000
Tomorrow We Legalize Marijuana 86 2012-11-05 AIS_1800000_60000
Marijuana is Legal! 87 2012-11-07 AIS_1800000_60000
Day One of Nat’l Marijuana Business Conference 88 2012-11-08 AIS_1800000_60000
Day Two of Nat’l Marijuana Business Conference 89 2012-11-09 AIS_1800000_60000
Marijuana Legalization is a Serious Issue 90 2012-11-13 AIS_1800000_60000
Q&A with Dr. Mitch and a visit from Subcool 91 2012-11-14 AIS_1800000_60000
Or, Podcast #1,000 92 2012-11-15 AIS_1800000_60000
How Can Hostess Go Broke When Marijuana’s Legal 93 2012-11-16 AIS_1800000_60000
From Grower to Prisoner to Patient 94 2012-11-19 AIS_1800000_60000
LEAP Press Conference Urges Respect for State Laws 95 2012-11-20 AIS_1800000_60000
Dances With Trolls 96 2012-11-21 AIS_1800000_60000
Self-Contradicting Reefer Madness on Two Continents 97 2012-11-26 AIS_1800000_60000
Oregon Can’t Wait for 2016 98 2012-11-27 AIS_1800000_60000
Not Everybody Gets Fired For Stupid Remarks 99 2012-11-28 AIS_1800000_60000
Debunking Steven Crowder 100 2012-11-29 AIS_1800000_60000
Brandon Krenzler and Erin Purchase, Brave Mykayla’s Parents 101 2012-11-30 AIS_1800000_60000
I Would Vote to Keep My Job, Too 102 2012-12-03 AIS_1800000_60000
Beware the Border Patrol 103 2012-12-04 AIS_1800000_60000
Legalization Day in Seattle 104 2012-12-06 AIS_1800000_60000
Legalization Day in Colorado 105 2012-12-10 AIS_1800000_60000
How To Beat the Per Se DUID Law 106 2012-12-11 AIS_1800000_60000
Why State Welfare Drug Testing Laws Suck 107 2012-12-12 AIS_1800000_60000
Doobies, Driving, & Drug Testing 108 2012-12-13 AIS_1800000_60000
How Many Dead Kids Will It Take 109 2012-12-14 AIS_1800000_60000
Billionaires get bailouts. You need bailed out 110 2012-12-17 AIS_1800000_60000
Try Crossing at Crosswalks Instead 111 2012-12-18 AIS_1800000_60000
Fewer kids think pot smoking is risky. Fewer kids smoke pot 112 2012-12-19 AIS_1800000_60000
Sexual Assault by Cop over Marijuana Smell 113 2012-12-20 AIS_1800000_60000
The Top Five Marijuana Stories of 2012 114 2012-12-21 AIS_1800000_60000
BHO is NOT ‘Marijuana Cooking’ 115 2013-01-07 AIS_1800000_60000
I Do Not Like It, SAM I Am. 116 2013-01-08 AIS_1800000_60000
White House Responds to 2012 Legalization with Recycled 2008 Rhetoric 117 2013-01-09 AIS_1800000_60000
Brave Mykayla’s Parents and Cheryl Shuman on Ricki Lake Show 118 2013-01-10 AIS_1800000_60000
The Launch of @SmartApproaches 119 2013-01-11 AIS_1800000_60000
Mason Tvert on Project SAM 120 2013-01-14 AIS_1800000_60000
2020 Legalization Hindsight 121 2013-01-15 AIS_1800000_60000
A Look at Patrick J. Kennedy 122 2013-01-16 AIS_1800000_60000
Cheryl Shuman from RFMK 123 2013-01-17 AIS_1800000_60000
CelebStoner’s Steve Bloom on Toke of the Town shocker 124 2013-01-18 AIS_1800000_60000
Martin Luther King Jr Day Special 125 2013-01-21 AIS_1800000_60000
Michael Krawitz, Rejected by Fed Appeals Court 126 2013-01-22 AIS_1800000_60000
Kevin Sabet Wants Me to Engage. OK! 127 2013-01-23 AIS_1800000_60000
Medical marijuana miracle for autistic boy 128 2013-01-24 AIS_1800000_60000
Operation Engage Kevin Sabet 129 2013-01-25 AIS_1800000_60000
Rep. Earl Blumenauer supports marijuana law reform 130 2013-01-28 AIS_1800000_60000
The Brave Mykayla Benefit Auction 131 2013-01-29 AIS_1800000_60000
The Case for 2016 Legalization 132 2013-01-30 AIS_1800000_60000
Fifth Anniversary Show 45th Birthday 133 2013-01-31 AIS_1800000_60000
Sen. McConnell’s Stunning Support of Hemp 134 2013-02-01 AIS_1800000_60000
Adderall and Synthetic Pot, unintended consequences of Prohibition 135 2013-02-04 AIS_1800000_60000
Will Colorado 2013 be California 1997 All Over Again 136 2013-02-05 AIS_1800000_60000
Debunking the hideous drug war lies of Kevin Sabet 137 2013-02-06 AIS_1800000_60000
How the DEA turns a $37 weed buy into a $1.5M acquisition 138 2013-02-07 AIS_1800000_60000
The Case for Corporate Cannabis 139 2013-02-08 AIS_1800000_60000
Shake-n-Bake Meth Cooking Brings Meth Labs to You 140 2013-02-11 AIS_1800000_60000
Medical Refugees Flee Wisconsin for Michigan’s UP 141 2013-02-12 AIS_1800000_60000
Price, Purity, and Availability of Reefer Madness 142 2013-02-13 AIS_1800000_60000
The 420RADIO Drug Test at MedCanCup LA 143 2013-02-20 AIS_1800000_60000
Jacob Jones’ story begs the question What About the Children 144 2013-02-21 AIS_1800000_60000
With Ganja Jon on The PotCast at MedCanCup LA 145 2013-02-22 AIS_1800000_60000
Using Medical Marijuana for Childhood Autism Rage 146 2013-02-25 AIS_1800000_60000
Jury Nullification, Your Secret Civil Right 147 2013-02-26 AIS_1800000_60000
Medical Marijuana Threatens Pharmaceutical Paradigms 148 2013-02-27 AIS_1800000_60000
States Drug Testing for Welfare 149 2013-02-28 AIS_1800000_60000
Green Tongue, Athlete’s Foot, & Border Patrol 150 2013-03-01 AIS_1800000_60000
Previewing the Southern Cannabis Reform Conference 151 2013-03-04 AIS_1800000_60000
The Ex-DEA Heads Fight Legalized Marijuana 152 2013-03-05 AIS_1800000_60000
Honoring SteveVeteran 153 2013-03-06 AIS_1800000_60000
The International War on Drugs Draw-Down Has Begun 154 2013-03-07 AIS_1800000_60000
Drug Testing Stats Used Against Marijuana Legalization 155 2013-03-08 AIS_1800000_60000
Preview of ‘Debunking Goldilocks’ 156 2013-03-12 AIS_1800000_60000
Return from Southern Cannabis Reform Conference 157 2013-03-19 AIS_1800000_60000
A Look at Washington’s New Pot Czar 158 2013-03-20 AIS_1800000_60000
Jason Thomas Interview 159 2013-03-21 AIS_1800000_60000
Danny Danko Previews 420 Cannabis Cup 160 2013-03-22 AIS_1800000_60000
Western Democratic Senators Don’t Support Legalization 161 2013-03-25 AIS_1800000_60000
Supreme Court Rules Against Drug Dogs at Your Door 162 2013-03-26 AIS_1800000_60000
Further Into the Box Canyon 163 2013-03-27 AIS_1800000_60000
Beer Wine Safer Billboard Press Conference 164 2013-03-28 AIS_1800000_60000
Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Madness 165 2013-03-29 AIS_1800000_60000
Retired Nurse, Mom, fights for marijuana legalization in Texas 167 2013-04-03 AIS_1800000_60000
America Says Legalize It! 168 2013-04-04 AIS_1800000_60000
Project SAM’s Response to the Pew Research Poll 169 2013-04-05 AIS_1800000_60000
Marijuana is safer than alcohol, but not more popular 170 2013-04-08 AIS_1800000_60000
How Smoking Pot Gets Your Kids Taken Away 171 2013-04-09 AIS_1800000_60000
Loaded Gun. Pot Plant. Only One is a Danger to Children. 172 2013-04-10 AIS_1800000_60000
The Return of the Cannabis Quilt 173 2013-04-11 AIS_1800000_60000
Oh, so NOW the DEA will fly Coach 174 2013-04-12 AIS_1800000_60000
Charmie Gholson on Michigan Marijuana Reform 175 2013-04-15 AIS_1800000_60000
How Growing Marijuana is Worse than Raping the Handicapped 176 2013-04-16 AIS_1800000_60000
Will Missouri Be First Southern State to Legalize 177 2013-04-17 AIS_1800000_60000
420 in Post-Legalization America 178 2013-04-18 AIS_1800000_60000
Return from the HIGH TIMES US Cannabis Cup 179 2013-04-23 AIS_1800000_60000
Idaho Activists Lose Children to CPS 180 2013-04-24 AIS_1800000_60000
NORML UK’s Upcoming Cannabis Conference 181 2013-04-25 AIS_1800000_60000
New Drug Control Strategy, Same Results 182 2013-04-26 AIS_1800000_60000
Idaho Capitol Press Conference 184 2013-04-30 AIS_1800000_60000
Idaho News Poisons Medical Marijuana Debate 185 2013-05-01 AIS_1800000_60000
Be Careful What You Wish For 186 2013-05-02 AIS_1800000_60000
Previewing the Global Cannabis March 187 2013-05-03 AIS_1800000_60000
Portland’s Global Cannabis March 188 2013-05-06 AIS_1800000_60000
The 32-Year-Old White Male California Medical Marijuana Patient 189 2013-05-07 AIS_1800000_60000
We Asked to Treat it like Alcohol 190 2013-05-08 AIS_1800000_60000
Keith Stroup on Trends in Marijuana Reform 191 2013-05-10 AIS_1800000_60000
One Year Later, Welcome to the New 420RADIO 192 2013-05-13 AIS_1800000_60000
Exclusive Interview with Lindsey Rinehart on the Return of Her Kids 193 2013-05-14 AIS_1800000_60000
The Ongoing Reefer Madness of Dr. Christian Thurstone 194 2013-05-15 AIS_1800000_60000
You’re Not Sick, You’re Withdrawing from Marijuana! 195 2013-05-16 AIS_1800000_60000
Jimmy Carter Betrays Marijuana Consumers 196 2013-05-17 AIS_1800000_60000
PhillyNORML on the Adam Kokesh Pot Rally Arrest 197 2013-05-20 AIS_1800000_60000
Chris Christie Lets 2-Year-Old Suffer to Keep New Jersey “Drug Free” 198 2013-05-21 AIS_1800000_60000
MPP is Wrong About Oregon 2014 199 2013-05-22 AIS_1800000_60000
Raids at Southern Oregon NORML 200 2013-05-23 AIS_1800000_60000
The Last Show at RoLLaJaY Studios 201 2013-05-24 AIS_1800000_60000
Colorado NORML’s Leonard Frieling previews Aspen Legal Seminar 202 2013-05-29 AIS_1800000_60000
A Perfect Day at Owl Farm 203 2013-06-03 AIS_1800000_60000
Why Do We Ban the Best Growers from Legal Marijuana 204 2013-06-04 AIS_1800000_60000
Colorado Regulates Recreational Marijuana 205 2013-06-05 AIS_1800000_60000
Live from River Rock MMC 206 2013-06-06 AIS_1800000_60000
Live from Froggy’s in Fort Worth 207 2013-06-10 AIS_1800000_60000
Highlights of DFWNORML Conference 208 2013-06-11 AIS_1800000_60000
MPP’s Rob Kampia on Next States to Legalize 210 2013-06-12 AIS_1800000_60000
Next Weekend’s Bay Area Medical Cannabis Cup 212 2013-06-14 AIS_1800000_60000
The Crazy State of Florida 213 2013-06-17 AIS_1800000_60000
Live from Lax Lounge in Tempe, Arizona 214 2013-06-18 AIS_1800000_60000
Cheryl Shuman presents marijuana sophistication 215 2013-06-19 AIS_1800000_60000
Colorado Toxicology Lab Shenanigans 216 2013-06-20 AIS_1800000_60000
HIGHlights of the MedCanCup Bay Area 217 2013-06-25 AIS_1800000_60000
A Walkabout at the Medical Cannabis Cup 218 2013-06-26 AIS_1800000_60000
Neill Franklin and Anna Diaz 219 2013-06-27 AIS_1800000_60000
Oregon Charts Course Out of Box Canyon 220 2013-07-08 AIS_1800000_60000
Washington State’s Pot Logo Looks Too Much Like Pot 221 2013-07-09 AIS_1800000_60000
America’s First Nationwide 710 Holiday 222 2013-07-10 AIS_1800000_60000
US Approves Marc Emery Transfer 223 2013-07-11 AIS_1800000_60000
At the Home of Lindsey Rinehart 224 2013-07-15 AIS_1800000_60000
HIGHlights from The 710 Cup 225 2013-07-16 AIS_1800000_60000
Fighting for Legalization in North Dakota 226 2013-07-17 AIS_1800000_60000
Marijuana Moms from Beverly Hills to Boise 227 2013-07-18 AIS_1800000_60000
Marijuana Tests the Definition of Religion 228 2013-07-19 AIS_1800000_60000
Marijuana Is More Classist Than Racist 229 2013-07-22 AIS_1800000_60000
Seven Mainstream TV Appearances for “Marijuana Moms” 230 2013-07-23 AIS_1800000_60000
Happy Tenth Anniversary to LEAP 231 2013-07-24 AIS_1800000_60000
A Job Opening for the Drug Cartels 232 2013-07-25 AIS_1800000_60000
Let’s Not Make Enemies Of The Beer Industry 233 2013-07-26 AIS_1800000_60000
Sir Richard Branson Interview 234 2013-07-29 AIS_1800000_60000
The Great California Rehab Scam 235 2013-07-30 AIS_1800000_60000
While Illinois Passes Strictest Medical Law, Uruguay Legalizes 236 2013-08-01 AIS_1800000_60000
North vs. South America on Marijuana Legalization 237 2013-08-02 AIS_1800000_60000
Big Brother Is Secretly Helping The Cops 238 2013-08-05 AIS_1800000_60000
Texas Toddler Killed By Prohibition 239 2013-08-06 AIS_1800000_60000
Live from Miami 240 2013-08-07 AIS_1800000_60000
Dr. Sanjay Gupta Joins the Green Team 241 2013-08-08 AIS_1800000_60000
Live from Cathy Jordan’s Home 242 2013-08-09 AIS_1800000_60000
Live from Port St. Lucie, Florida 243 2013-08-12 AIS_1800000_60000
Psst, Oregon’s Pushing Legalization in 2014, Too 244 2013-08-13 AIS_1800000_60000
Oregon Finally Gets Legal Dispensaries 245 2013-08-14 AIS_1800000_60000
An Hour with Robert Platshorn 246 2013-08-15 AIS_1800000_60000
Back from Seattle Hempfest 2013 247 2013-08-19 AIS_1800000_60000
More Coverage of Seattle Hempfest 248 2013-08-20 AIS_1800000_60000
Top Activists from Unfriendly Weed States 249 2013-08-21 AIS_1800000_60000
Mostly Greater Than Show #249 250 2013-08-22 AIS_1800000_60000
Danny Danko on Seattle Hempfest & Cannabis Cup 251 2013-08-23 AIS_1800000_60000
The Latest in Domed Vapor Pens 252 2013-08-26 AIS_1800000_60000
Kevin Sabet’s Reddit AMA 253 2013-08-27 AIS_1800000_60000
World Hemp Congress in Slovenia 254 2013-08-28 AIS_1800000_60000
DoJ Won’t Sue to Stop Legalization 255 2013-08-29 AIS_1800000_60000
Reactions to Justice Dept. Marijuana Memo 256 2013-08-30 AIS_1800000_60000
Dedicated to Jenny Kush 257 2013-09-03 AIS_1800000_60000
More Adults Are Smoking Pot Good! 258 2013-09-04 AIS_1800000_60000
Kevin Sabet’s Seven Marijuana Myths 259 2013-09-05 AIS_1800000_60000
John McCain’s About Face 260 2013-09-06 AIS_1800000_60000
HIGHlights from HIGH TIMES Seattle Cannabis Cup 261 2013-09-09 AIS_1800000_60000
Seattle Cannabis Cup Legalization Panel 262 2013-09-10 AIS_1800000_60000
How High is Too High (For Pot Tax) 263 2013-09-11 AIS_1800000_60000
HIGHlights from Boston Freedom Rally 2013 264 2013-09-16 AIS_1800000_60000
Taking on Arizona’s 25-Mile Halo Rule 265 2013-09-18 AIS_1800000_60000
More Boston Freedom Rally HIGHlights 266 2013-09-19 AIS_1800000_60000
Free Speech in Action after Boston Freedom Rally 267 2013-09-20 AIS_1800000_60000
Fifteen Amendments Affected by Prohibition 268 2013-09-23 AIS_1800000_60000
HIGHlights from Portland Hempstalk 269 2013-09-24 AIS_1800000_60000
The Crack of Marijuana Talk Shows 270 2013-09-25 AIS_1800000_60000
Live from Brightside PDX 271 2013-09-26 AIS_1800000_60000
Aren’t You Glad I-502 Passed 272 2013-09-27 AIS_1800000_60000
From Pot Toddler to Ramarley Graham 273 2013-09-30 AIS_1800000_60000
Paul Stanford & Chris Conrad at Hempstalk 274 2013-10-01 AIS_1800000_60000
Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire 275 2013-10-02 AIS_1800000_60000
Fixing NYPD Stop-And-Frisk 276 2013-10-03 AIS_1800000_60000
Karey Lee Live from Prison 277 2013-10-04 AIS_1800000_60000
Dedicated to The King of Pot 278 2013-10-07 AIS_1800000_60000
Remembering the King of Pot with Mike Cann 279 2013-10-08 AIS_1800000_60000
The Difference Between Colorado and Alabama 280 2013-10-09 AIS_1800000_60000
Update on Vermont MedMJ 281 2013-10-10 AIS_1800000_60000
The Rise of E-Cigs and Vaporizers 282 2013-10-11 AIS_1800000_60000
Live with NORML Ireland 283 2013-10-15 AIS_1800000_60000
Media Goes Berzerk Over Dabs 284 2013-10-16 AIS_1800000_60000
It’s Just a Way of Life 285 2013-10-17 AIS_1800000_60000
Preparing for DPA’s Biennial Int’l Reform Conference 286 2013-10-18 AIS_1800000_60000
Off to Denver 287 2013-10-21 AIS_1800000_60000
Closing Plenary at Int’l Reform Conference 288 2013-10-29 AIS_1800000_60000
Stop Separating Sick From Healthy 290 2013-10-31 AIS_1800000_60000
Oregon Legalization Will Be Nation’s Best 291 2013-11-01 AIS_1800000_60000
AKA Show #1,200 292 2013-11-04 AIS_1800000_60000
Live from Boise, Idaho 293 2013-11-06 AIS_1800000_60000
Walter White isn’t the guy to fear in New Mexico 294 2013-11-07 AIS_1800000_60000
The Conclusion of Idaho Week 295 2013-11-08 AIS_1800000_60000
CPS Week_ Serra Frank from Moms for Marijuana 296 2013-11-12 AIS_1800000_60000
CPS Week_ Michigan Moms United 297 2013-11-13 AIS_1800000_60000
LEAP’s Diane Goldstein on Child Protective Services 298 2013-11-14 AIS_1800000_60000
Sahra Kant from Family Law & Cannabis Alliance 299 2013-11-15 AIS_1800000_60000
Alepsia and Epidiolex 300 2013-11-18 AIS_1800000_60000
Some Patients Can Make It Under I-502’s Legalization 301 2013-11-19 AIS_1800000_60000
Medical Marijuana Against Legalization, Part III 302 2013-11-20 AIS_1800000_60000
Feds Raid Colorado 303 2013-11-21 AIS_1800000_60000
The Circular Firing Squad 304 2013-11-22 AIS_1800000_60000
RIP Peter Lewis 305 2013-11-25 AIS_1800000_60000
WTF is up with New Mexico cops 306 2013-11-26 AIS_1800000_60000
Older Folks, Not Teens, Love Legal Weed 307 2013-11-27 AIS_1800000_60000
International Opposition to Prohibition 308 2013-12-02 AIS_1800000_60000
Chris Christie Can Go Straight to Hell 309 2013-12-03 AIS_1800000_60000
Live from Lax Lounge in Tempe 310 2013-12-04 AIS_1800000_60000
Legalization One Year Later 311 2013-12-09 AIS_1800000_60000
Colorado Teens Use Pot Less Than National Average 312 2013-12-10 AIS_1800000_60000
Uruguay Legalizes Marijuana Markets 313 2013-12-11 AIS_1800000_60000
Uruguay’s Legalization Angers UN 314 2013-12-12 AIS_1800000_60000
Better Late Than Never 315 2013-12-13 AIS_1800000_60000
The Best Stupid of 2013 316 2013-12-16 AIS_1800000_60000
Medical Marijuana is Getting Smaller 317 2013-12-17 AIS_1800000_60000
Monitoring the Media on Monitoring the Future 318 2013-12-18 AIS_1800000_60000
The St. Louis Debate 319 2013-12-19 AIS_1800000_60000
Thank You For A Great 2013 320 2013-12-20 AIS_1800000_60000
Your Brain Regulates Your High 321 2014-01-06 AIS_1800000_60000
Cornbread Mafia Author James Higdon 322 2014-01-07 AIS_1800000_60000
Dr. David Bearman MD of AACM 323 2014-01-08 AIS_1800000_60000
Retired Sheriff Lance Buchholz from LEAP 324 2014-01-09 AIS_1800000_60000
Emily Miller’s Reefer Madness 325 2014-01-10 AIS_1800000_60000
Astounding Florida Republican Health Care Hypocrisy 326 2014-01-13 AIS_1800000_60000
SPECIAL Presentation on Kevin Sabet 327 2014-01-14 AIS_1800000_60000
Vaping on The Ed Forman Show 328 2014-01-15 AIS_1800000_60000
Fantastic New LEAP Video 329 2014-01-16 AIS_1800000_60000
SPECIAL Kevin Sabet at Oregon Legislature 330 2014-01-17 AIS_1800000_60000
John Payne from Show-Me Cannabis 331 2014-01-22 AIS_1800000_60000
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Danny Danko Previews SoCal Cannabis Cup 333 2014-01-24 AIS_1800000_60000
Florida Will Be The Next Medical Marijuana State 334 2014-01-27 AIS_1800000_60000
Fifteen Pro Legalization Polls in Five Years 335 2014-01-28 AIS_1800000_60000
Did Gemma Moss Really Overdose on Marijuana 336 2014-02-03 AIS_1800000_60000
WebMD Distorts Danger of Marijuana Drivers 337 2014-02-04 AIS_1800000_60000
Reps. Blumenauer & Cohen Destroy Deputy Drug Czar 338 2014-02-05 AIS_1800000_60000
Dean Becker from Drug Truth Network 339 2014-02-06 AIS_1800000_60000
Live from San Bernardino 340 2014-02-07 AIS_1800000_60000
Back From SoCal MedCanCup 341 2014-02-10 AIS_1800000_60000
Patrick Kennedy Says “Invest in Rehabs” 342 2014-02-11 AIS_1800000_60000
Washington Drugged Driving Arrests Declined 343 2014-02-12 AIS_1800000_60000
Diane Goldstein and Degé Coutee at Cannabis Cup 344 2014-02-13 AIS_1800000_60000
Interviews with @OilSlickPad and @420Ribbon 345 2014-02-14 AIS_1800000_60000
Barry Lyons on “Letter to a Prohibitionist” 346 2014-02-18 AIS_1800000_60000
Michael Elliott from Marijuana Industry Group 347 2014-02-19 AIS_1800000_60000
Nate Bradley on California Initiative Failure for 2014 348 2014-02-20 AIS_1800000_60000
Anthony Johnson from OCIA & NAO 349 2014-02-21 AIS_1800000_60000
Rep. Earl Blumenauer at OCIA Seminar 350 2014-02-24 AIS_1800000_60000
Dean Becker “To End the War on Drugs” 351 2014-02-25 AIS_1800000_60000
Undergreen Railroad Special 352 2014-02-26 AIS_1800000_60000
The Show With No Name 353 2014-02-27 AIS_1800000_60000
Live from St. Paul, Minnesota 354 2014-02-28 AIS_1800000_60000
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Jon Walker’s “After Legalization” 356 2014-03-04 AIS_1800000_60000
Sharon Ravert on Georgia Medical Marijuana 357 2014-03-05 AIS_1800000_60000
Colorado’s Just Now Figuring Out Stoned Driving 358 2014-03-06 AIS_1800000_60000
Washington State DUIDs for 2013 359 2014-03-07 AIS_1800000_60000
Washington MedMJ Mess Is Not Fault of Legalization 360 2014-03-10 AIS_1800000_60000
Your True Legalization Means Nothing Off The Ballot 361 2014-03-11 AIS_1800000_60000
Man Sues Govt for 420 Billion Dollars over Patent 6630507 362 2014-03-12 AIS_1800000_60000
Colorado Universities Enrollment Boom Following Legalizaton 363 2014-03-13 AIS_1800000_60000
Who Is Blocking Oregon Legalization 364 2014-03-14 AIS_1800000_60000
Spannabis Week with Gordon Green Begins 365 2014-03-17 AIS_1800000_60000
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Sharon Ravert and Dr Uma Dhalabalan 367 2014-03-19 AIS_1800000_60000
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Live in Atlanta GA – All Good Except Internet Access 369 2014-03-21 AIS_1800000_60000
Drug Dogs Mostly Unreliable In Traffic Stops 370 2014-03-24 AIS_1800000_60000
Paul Armentano on CBD Only Bills – Russ Apologizes For Questionable Behavior 371 2014-03-25 AIS_1800000_60000
MS Patients Benefit From Cannabiniods – ECS Primer By Dr Uma Dhanabalan 372 2014-03-26 AIS_1800000_60000
Minnesota Gov Tells Mom To Get MedMJ From Street 373 2014-03-27 AIS_1800000_60000
Smoking a Joint at The Liberty Bell 374 2014-03-28 AIS_1800000_60000
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Don Duncan from ASA at OMMBC Eugene 376 2014-04-01 AIS_1800000_60000
10 Signs Marijuana Prohibition Is Game Over In Five Years 377 2014-04-02 AIS_1800000_60000
George Forsythe from LEAP 378 2014-04-03 AIS_1800000_60000
NA Poe for Philadelphia City Council 379 2014-04-04 AIS_1800000_60000
Oxycodone, Not Legalization, is to Blame for Heroin OD Surge 380 2014-04-07 AIS_1800000_60000
Confessions of a Dope Dealer with Sheldon Norberg 381 2014-04-08 AIS_1800000_60000
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Does Marijuana Make You a Better Musician 384 2014-04-11 AIS_1800000_60000
Could 2014 be 1978 All Over Again 385 2014-04-14 AIS_1800000_60000
So How Was Your 420 Weekend 386 2014-04-28 AIS_1800000_60000
Stop Blaming I-502 For Washington MedMJ FUBAR 387 2014-04-29 AIS_1800000_60000
Roger Christie Sentenced to Five Years 388 2014-04-30 AIS_1800000_60000
We Are at War and Police are the Enemy 389 2014-05-01 AIS_1800000_60000
OpenVAPE Drug Tests Their Employees 390 2014-05-02 AIS_1800000_60000
Christine Tatum Prefers Bad Service to Employed Potheads 391 2014-05-05 AIS_1800000_60000
Is Butane Hash Oil The Crack of Marijuana 392 2014-05-06 AIS_1800000_60000
Lindsey Rinehart on Oregon MedMJ Moratoriums 393 2014-05-07 AIS_1800000_60000
Why Do We Ban The Best Growers From The Legal MJ Biz 394 2014-05-08 AIS_1800000_60000
Sean Patrick Crowell on Grounded The Movie 395 2014-05-09 AIS_1800000_60000
NFL May Ban Its Best WR Over MJ 396 2014-05-12 AIS_1800000_60000
Hating Marijuana Legalizers Does Not Help Legalization 397 2014-05-14 AIS_1800000_60000
Diane Goldstein and Morgan Haas on MJBA Womens Power Luncheon 398 2014-05-15 AIS_1800000_60000
Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes on I-502 Implementation 399 2014-05-23 AIS_1800000_60000
New Music Live with Chief Greenbud 400 2014-05-27 AIS_1800000_60000
Rebecca Forbes and Jenna Broome on North Carolina Medical Marijuana 401 2014-05-28 AIS_1800000_60000
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Aaron Houston Explains the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment Vote 403 2014-05-30 AIS_1800000_60000
Joy Beckerman Maher on 5th Annual Hemp History Week 404 2014-06-02 AIS_1800000_60000
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Preview of Texas Regional NORML Conference 407 2014-06-05 AIS_1800000_60000
Kinky Friedman at Texas Regional NORML Conference 408 2014-06-10 AIS_1800000_60000
Jodie Emery at DFWNORML Texas Regional NORML Conference 409 2014-06-11 AIS_1800000_60000
The Hardest Working Man in Marijuana Activism 410 2014-06-12 AIS_1800000_60000
Chad West on Search and Seizure Law 411 2014-06-13 AIS_1800000_60000
New York Marches Deeper Into the MedMJ Box Canyon 412 2014-06-16 AIS_1800000_60000
Jason Miller from Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition 413 2014-06-17 AIS_1800000_60000
Legalization (Go Pro or Go Home) 414 2014-06-18 AIS_1800000_60000
EXCLUSIVE Interview with Striking Oregon Signature Gatherers 415 2014-06-19 AIS_1800000_60000
Riley Morton, Director of Evergreen (I-502 Documentary) 416 2014-06-20 AIS_1800000_60000
Policing Pot for Profit in West Virginia 417 2014-06-23 AIS_1800000_60000
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Herbalizer Review and MJBA Seattle Preview 419 2014-06-25 AIS_1800000_60000
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SPECIAL Judge Jim Gray vs. Kevin Sabet Debate 428 2014-07-17 AIS_1800000_60000
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Don’t Be Al, a Brat 440 2014-08-11 AIS_1800000_60000
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Rep. Dana Rohrbacher at Seattle Hempfest 442 2014-08-18 AIS_1800000_60000
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Rick Steves and the Women of Seattle Hempfest 444 2014-08-20 AIS_1800000_60000
LEAP Cop Shot Only One Person in Thirty-One Years on Force 445 2014-08-21 AIS_1800000_60000
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Josh Marquis Has My Undivided Attention 448 2014-09-03 AIS_1800000_60000
2012 Madras Marijuana Summit Was Definitely Political 449 2014-09-09 AIS_1800000_60000
Josh Marquis Loves FBI UCR Unless It Supports Legalization 450 2014-09-10 AIS_1800000_60000
Oregon Summit Only Occurs When Marijuana’s on the Ballot 451 2014-09-11 AIS_1800000_60000
Salem Legalization Debate with Rep. Blumenauer and Josh Marquis 452 2014-09-12 AIS_1800000_60000
Hello, Big Marijuana (Highlights from ICBC) 453 2014-09-15 AIS_1800000_60000
The Hypocrites author Mara K. Eaton 454 2014-09-16 AIS_1800000_60000
Urb Thrasher Covers Boston Freedom Rally 455 2014-09-17 AIS_1800000_60000
Major Neill Franklin of LEAP on Demilitarizing Police 456 2014-09-18 AIS_1800000_60000
Alaska TV Reporter Quits On Air For MJ Legalization 458 2014-09-22 AIS_1800000_60000
DA Josh Marquis Retaliates Against My Open Records Requests 459 2014-09-25 AIS_1800000_60000
DA Josh Marquis Implies Rep. Earl Blumenauer is a Liar 460 2014-09-26 AIS_1800000_60000
Legalization’s Coming, Let’s Risk It All On A Pot Party 461 2014-09-29 AIS_1800000_60000
Guru of Ganja Ed Rosenthal’s New Beyond Buds Book 462 2014-09-30 AIS_1800000_60000
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Baker County DA Says Kids Die From Marijuana in Colorado 465 2014-10-08 AIS_1800000_60000
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My Interview with Jefferson Smith on XRAY-FM 468 2014-10-15 AIS_1800000_60000
Debunking Stoners Against Legalization on Measure 91 469 2014-10-16 AIS_1800000_60000
Shaun McAlister on DFW NORML Marijuana March Tomorrow 470 2014-10-17 AIS_1800000_60000
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Reviewing the No on 91 Pre-Debate Talking Points 472 2014-10-21 AIS_1800000_60000
Highlights of the Great Oregon Pot Debate 473 2014-10-22 AIS_1800000_60000
The Selective DUI Justice of DA Josh Marquis 474 2014-10-23 AIS_1800000_60000
Jeff Miszansky, Serving Life Without Parole for Marijuana 475 2014-10-24 AIS_1800000_60000
District Attorney Josh Marquis’ Greatest Hits 476 2014-10-27 AIS_1800000_60000
Debunking Florida Medcial Marijuana Reefer Madness 477 2014-10-28 AIS_1800000_60000
LEAP’s Diane Goldstein on California Prop 47 479 2014-10-30 AIS_1800000_60000
New KATU SurveyUSA Poll Puts Oregon Measure 91 at 52 Percent 480 2014-10-31 AIS_1800000_60000
Filmmakers of Mile High, The Comeback of Cannabis 481 2014-11-03 AIS_1800000_60000
Marijuana Election Results with Diane Goldstein 483 2014-11-05 AIS_1800000_60000
Prohibition Is Reeling After 2014 Marijuana Election 484 2014-11-06 AIS_1800000_60000
Russ Debates Portland Mayor on City Marijuana Taxes 485 2014-11-07 AIS_1800000_60000
How Should Medical and Recreational Marijuana Co-Exist 486 2014-11-10 AIS_1800000_60000
Veterans Day Special with Michael Krawitz and Dr. Uma Dhanabalan 487 2014-11-11 AIS_1800000_60000
Michel Degens from Belgium’s Mambo Social Club 488 2014-11-12 AIS_1800000_60000
Patrick Heintz of LEAP on Mental Illness in Prison 489 2014-11-13 AIS_1800000_60000
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Damn You Skype Demons 491 2014-11-17 AIS_1800000_60000
Jorge Cervantes New Cannabis Encyclopedia 492 2014-11-18 AIS_1800000_60000
Leafly CEO Denigrates Stoney Culture, Appropriates Bob Marley 493 2014-11-19 AIS_1800000_60000
Colorado Cannabis Law Committee is World’s First 494 2014-11-20 AIS_1800000_60000
Marijuana is Safer than Child Protective Services 495 2014-11-21 AIS_1800000_60000
Washington Plans to Reconcile Medical and Recreational Marijuana 496 2014-11-24 AIS_1800000_60000
Reactions to the Ferguson Decision 498 2014-11-26 AIS_1800000_60000
Ferguson Prosecutors Obsessed With Michael Brown’s Marijuana Use 499 2014-12-01 AIS_1800000_60000
500th Episode Retro-Spectacular 500 2014-12-02 AIS_1800000_60000
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LEAP’s Leigh Maddox on Eric Garner, Mike Brown, and Dysfunctional Police 502 2014-12-04 AIS_1800000_60000
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Tips on Cannabis and Your Dog 506 2014-12-09 AIS_1800000_60000
The Next Generation of Drug Prevention 507 2014-12-11 AIS_1800000_60000
Rob Ryan with Ohio NORML 508 2014-12-12 AIS_1800000_60000
The Changing Perceptions of Marijuana 509 2014-12-15 AIS_1800000_60000
Monitoring the Future of Legalization 510 2014-12-16 AIS_1800000_60000
People Perturbed by Public Pot Are Blind to Booze 511 2014-12-17 AIS_1800000_60000
California Cop on Reforming Police Culture 512 2014-12-18 AIS_1800000_60000
Legalized Highway Robbery 513 2014-12-19 AIS_1800000_60000
My Favorite 2014 Memories 514 2014-12-22 AIS_1800000_60000
A Festivus for the Rest of Us 515 2014-12-23 AIS_1800000_60000
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Dr Mitch on Cannabis vs Obesity, Cancer Pain, and Toothache 520 2015-01-12 AIS_1800000_60000
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Nerfing the World for Drug Czar Botticelli 551 2015-03-04 AIS_1800000_60000
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Pot Isn’t Porn, Plutonium, or PCP 553 2015-03-06 AIS_1800000_60000
Historic First Federal Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced 555 2015-03-11 AIS_1800000_60000
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OLCC’s Final Marijuana Listening Tour Stop in Portland 557 2015-03-13 AIS_1800000_60000
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Don’t Make The WATC Nightmares Come True 559 2015-03-24 AIS_1800000_60000
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The Marijuana Consumer’s Bill of Rights 564 2015-04-03 AIS_1800000_60000
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How Walter Scott’s Murder Was Drug War Related 567 2015-04-08 AIS_1800000_60000
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Robert Platshorn’s New Book ‘Greed and Evil’ 570 2015-04-15 AIS_1800000_60000
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Good Grows and Bad Grows in Denver 572 2015-04-17 AIS_1800000_60000
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Medical Marijuana Inc is Full of Shit 576 2015-04-28 AIS_1800000_60000
Vancouver BC Battles Canadian Feds On Dispensary Regulation 577 2015-04-29 AIS_1800000_60000
Canada’s Nutritional High Will Piss Test Its Employees 578 2015-04-30 AIS_1800000_60000
Referendum 76 Would Restore Washington Medical Marijuana 579 2015-05-01 AIS_1800000_60000
MedMJ Brought On Its Restrictions in PacNW 580 2015-05-04 AIS_1800000_60000
Constitutional Questions Surround Cannabis Use 581 2015-05-05 AIS_1800000_60000
Oregon Rep. Lew Fredericks on Freeing Pot POWs 582 2015-05-06 AIS_1800000_60000
Highlights of the Portland Global Cannabis March 583 2015-05-07 AIS_1800000_60000
More Highlights from the Global Cannabis March in Portland 584 2015-05-08 AIS_1800000_60000
Hope for Marijuana Reform in the Midwest 585 2015-05-11 AIS_1800000_60000
Anthony Johnson on the Future of Oregon Medical Marijuana 586 2015-05-12 AIS_1800000_60000
Hemp Update on New Mexico, Oregon, and Kentucky 587 2015-05-13 AIS_1800000_60000
The Tale of Industrial Hemp Waste Paste Oil 588 2015-05-14 AIS_1800000_60000
Highlights of Alaska’s First NW Cannabis Classic 589 2015-05-18 AIS_1800000_60000
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Highlights from NORML DC Lobby Day 2015 592 2015-05-21 AIS_1800000_60000
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Paul Armentano on Cannabis and Psychomotor Performance 595 2015-06-02 AIS_1800000_60000
Huge Victories in US House vs. DEA 596 2015-06-03 AIS_1800000_60000
The Downstream Effect of Ending Cannabis Prohibition 597 2015-06-04 AIS_1800000_60000
Dateline NBC Covers CBD Families in Virginia 598 2015-06-05 AIS_1800000_60000
The Cruel and Unusual Story of Shona Banda 599 2015-06-08 AIS_1800000_60000
A Look Back At Three Years of Broadcasting 600 2015-06-10 AIS_1800000_60000
Irresponsible Not to Legalize Marijuana in Ohio 601 2015-06-11 AIS_1800000_60000
The Crazy Racial Tale of Rachel Dolezal 602 2015-06-12 AIS_1800000_60000
Oregon Legislators Hate Pot More Than They Respect Democracy 603 2015-06-15 AIS_1800000_60000
Why Eastern Oregon Gets to Ignore State INitiatives 604 2015-06-16 AIS_1800000_60000
If You Oppose ResponsibleOhio, You Support Prohibition 605 2015-06-18 AIS_1800000_60000
Eddy Lepp Calls In to HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup 606 2015-06-23 AIS_1800000_60000
Cannabis Cup Highlights Featuring Lynette Shaw 607 2015-06-24 AIS_1800000_60000
California Senate Candidate Palmer Kain 608 2015-06-26 AIS_1800000_60000
The #BurnsideBurn Gets Coverage in TIME 610 2015-06-29 AIS_1800000_60000
The FInal Day of Prohibition in Oregon 611 2015-06-30 AIS_1800000_60000
Media Reactions to Historic Burnside Burn in Portland 612 2015-07-01 AIS_1800000_60000
Idaho In Terror Over 479 Mile Legal Pot Border 613 2015-07-02 AIS_1800000_60000
You’d Think They Repealed MedMJ in the PacNW 614 2015-07-06 AIS_1800000_60000
Oregon Senator Jeff Kruse Hates Marijuana, Loves Monsanto 615 2015-07-07 AIS_1800000_60000
Hempday Humpday as Oregon Farmers are Planting Hemp 616 2015-07-08 AIS_1800000_60000
Oregon State Rep. Ann Lininger on Marijuana Legalization Amendments 617 2015-07-09 AIS_1800000_60000
Jeff Kruse Blames Drugs, Not Herbicides, For Constituents’ Ills 620 2015-07-14 AIS_1800000_60000
Alaska State Rep. Cathy Tilton on Legalization Implementation 621 2015-07-15 AIS_1800000_60000
Another Day, Another Mass Shooting 622 2015-07-16 AIS_1800000_60000
From Legalization to Equalization 623 2015-07-17 AIS_1800000_60000
Stoners Against Legalization IV 624 2015-07-20 AIS_1800000_60000
The Candidates Will Be Talking About Marijuana 625 2015-07-21 AIS_1800000_60000
Sandra Bland Dead Over Black Contempt of Cop Charge 626 2015-07-22 AIS_1800000_60000
NORML’s Paul Armentano on Sandra Bland Marijuana Claims 627 2015-07-23 AIS_1800000_60000
Greg de Hoedt from UK Cannabis Social Clubs 628 2015-07-24 AIS_1800000_60000
Alex Rogers and Anthony Johnson in studio for OMMBC Promotion 629 2015-07-27 AIS_1800000_60000
Anti-Legalization Doctor Takes on Radical Russ 630 2015-07-28 AIS_1800000_60000
Interviews from the Cannabis Creative Conference 631 2015-08-03 AIS_1800000_60000
Discussing Marijuana Finance and IRS Section 280E 632 2015-08-04 AIS_1800000_60000
Hempday Humpday Update and Why Hunting is Like Drugs 633 2015-08-05 AIS_1800000_60000
Beau Whitney and Sue Harank at Cannabis Creative Conference 634 2015-08-06 AIS_1800000_60000
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If You Want Unity, Stop Voting for My Criminality 641 2015-08-19 AIS_1800000_60000
Ngaio Bealum and Lydia Popovich at Seattle Hempfest 642 2015-08-20 AIS_1800000_60000
Charlo Greene and Cyd Maurer on Cannabigotry Panel 643 2015-08-21 AIS_1800000_60000
Treat Marijuana Like Alcohol Means We Deserve Pubs 644 2015-08-24 AIS_1800000_60000
Will Hemp and Marijuana Ever Get Along 645 2015-08-25 AIS_1800000_60000
What They Do To Tobacco Smokers, They’ll Do To Us 646 2015-08-26 AIS_1800000_60000
Washington Attorney Sets Record Straight on the ‘End of Medical Marijuana’ 647 2015-08-31
Legalizing Marijuana in Florida 648 2015-09-01
Jorge Cervantes Coming to World Famous Cannabis Café 650 2015-09-03
All Three Major Marijuana Groups Endorse Ohio Legalization 652 2015-09-08
Government Survey Data on Teen Marijuana Use, Post-Legalization 653 2015-09-09
The Cop Who Got DARE to Publish Pro-Legalization Op-Ed 654 2015-09-10
Preview of the Portland Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference 655 2015-09-11
Russ Belville at the Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference 656 2015-09-14
Rep Lininger and Sen Prozanski at OMMBC 657 2015-09-15
Why Do We Revere Prohibition Profiteer Marijuana Growers 658 2015-09-16
The GOP Clown Car… on Weed 659 2015-09-17
Responding to Carly Fiorina’s Marijuana Comments 660 2015-09-18
Legalizing in Ohio Will End 10,000 Arrests and Citations Annually 661 2015-09-21
The Evil of Martin Shkreli 662 2015-09-22
Portland Considers 1,000′ Buffer Between All Marijuana Shops 663 2015-09-23
Kevin Sabet Is Misleading About Marijuana Again 664 2015-09-24
Tomorrow We Buy Legal Weed in Oregon 665 2015-09-30
‘Radical’ Russ at First Legal Oregon Marijuana Sales at Cannacea 666 2015-10-01
Breakthrough for Marijuana Research Busts ‘Monopoly’ Critics of Ohio Legalization 667 2015-10-02
Issue 3 Will Create USA’s Best Cannabinoid Research Facility 668 2015-10-05
Pushing for Marijuana Freedom in Alaska 669 2015-10-06
More Evidence There Will Be Many Growers in Ohio 670 2015-10-07
Why Do Men Support And Women Oppose Marijuana Legalization 671 2015-10-08
The History of Cannabis in Modern America 672 2015-10-09
Speakers from the Oregon Hemp Convention 673 2015-10-12
Why I ALWAYS Support Legalization 674 2015-10-13
Finally, A Democrat Embraces Marijuana Legalization 675 2015-10-14
New Zealand Adopting US Drug War Strategies 676 2015-10-15
Women’s Activism at the Virginia NORML Conference 677 2015-10-21
Lindsey Rinehart and Theresa Collins in Studio 678 2015-10-22
Ending the Government’s War on Medical Marijuana Research 679 2015-10-23
Now That Marijuana Legalization Must Be Free-Market… 683 2015-11-09
Ohio Weed Murder Occurred Because Prohibition Exists 684 2015-11-10
How Would Drug War Reparations for Blacks and Latinos Work 690 2015-11-23
Have Irish-American Congressmen No Sense of History and No Shame 691 2015-11-24
Big Money Monkey Wrench in California Legalization 692 2015-11-25
Does Smoking Skunk Make You Psycho, Dr. Mitch 693 2015-11-30
NFL vs. THC with the Gridiron Cannabis Coalition 694 2015-12-01
The Folly of Drug Courts and Coerced Drug Treatment 695 2015-12-02
The Militarization of Police Panel at ReformConf15 696 2015-12-03
Maryland Dispensaries and Homegrown Marijuana 697 2015-12-04
Comparing Eight New Legalizations to Five Existing Legalizations 698 2015-12-07
ReformCA Drops Initiative, Board Majority Backs Sean Parker’s Initiative 699 2015-12-09
Explaining Amendments to the Sean Parker Legalization Initiative 700 2015-12-11
Marijuana vs. Obesity, Epilepsy, and Liver Cancer 701 2015-12-14
Legalization by Legislation in Vermont 702 2015-12-15
Legalization Leads To Fewer Kids Smoking, Drinking, Toking, and Drugging 703 2015-12-16
Active Duty Dallas Cop Says Legalize All Drugs 704 2015-12-17
MPP Discusses Four States’ 2016 Marijuana Legalization Initiatives 705 2015-12-18
The History of Drug Testing in America 707 2016-01-05 AIS_1800000_60000
No Way is Illinois a Better MedMJ State Than Oregon 734 2016-02-24 AIS_1800000_60000
Why Shouldn’t We Merge Medical and Recreational Programs 735 2016-02-25
Live from Arlington, Texas 736 2016-02-26
Alexis Bortell Comes Home to Texas 737 2016-02-29
Jim McMahon, Ricky Williams, and Marvin Washington on MedMJ for NFL 738 2016-03-01
An Extended Discussion with Montel Williams on Medical Marijuana 739 2016-03-02
Why I Will Never Vote For Hillary Clinton 740 2016-03-03 AIS_1800000_60000
Why Must There Always Be Two Competing Marijuana Initiatives 741 2016-03-04
Does Marijuana Cool Menopausal Hot Flashes 742 2016-03-07
All About the Washington State Hemp Law 743 2016-03-08 AIS_1800000_60000
Michigan is Feelin’ the Bern 744 2016-03-09 AIS_1800000_60000
We Need To Promote Citizen Democracy, Not Stifle It 745 2016-03-10
Updates on NORML Membership Drive 746 2016-03-15
Extended Hempday Humpday Update, Doug Fine and Morris Beegle 747 2016-03-16
Michigan Legislature Trying to Stop MedMJ Lawsuits 748 2016-03-17
Alexis Bortell, One Year Seizure Free With Cannabis 749 2016-03-18
Beware the Overselling of Legalization 750 2016-03-21
Pennsylvania Could Be the 24th Medical Marijuana State 751 2016-03-22
The War on Drugs is Racist_ No Shit! 752 2016-03-23
Legalizing Marijuana Ends Probable Cause 753 2016-03-24
Arizona Black Market Marijuana Blues 754 2016-03-25
Smoking Marijuana Does Not Ruin Your Life 755 2016-03-28 Exclusively on
Will Obama Deschedule Marijuana 756 2016-03-29 Exclusively on
Smoking Pot Legally 757 2016-03-30 Exclusively on
Low-Cost Marijuana Investing 758 2016-04-01 Exclusively on
Does The Proposed Legalization Make Anything Worse 759 2016-04-04 Exclusively on
The Sad Illogic of Prohibitionists 760 2016-04-05 Exclusively on
Like It Or Not, The Marijuana Breathalyzer Is Coming 761 2016-04-06 Exclusively on
We Have The Blueprint For Legalization 762 2016-04-07 Exclusively on
Police Body Cavity Searches 763 2016-04-08 Exclusively on
Why Are Non-Tokers Writing Marijuana Regs 764 2016-04-11 Exclusively on
A Prescription for the Medical Marijuana Mess 765 2016-04-12 Exclusively on
Highlights from Recent Cannabis Events 766 2016-04-18 Exclusively on
Indigenous People Protest For Plant Rights 767 2016-04-19 Exclusively on
United Nations Roundtable on Drug Crime 768 2016-04-20 Exclusively on
Religious Perspectives Panel and The Dagga Couple 769 2016-04-21 Exclusively on
Interviews from Oregon Marijuana Business Conference 770 2016-04-26 Exclusively on
Crack and coke, meth and Adderall, are the same 771 2016-04-27 Exclusively on
Unity Cypher in South Carolina 772 2016-04-28 Exclusively on
Athens Human Rights Festival 774 2016-05-02 Exclusively on
Vermont Punts on Legalization 775 2016-05-03 Exclusively on
California Will Vote on Legalization 776 2016-05-05 Exclusively on
HIGHlights of the Ft. Worth Global Cannabis March 777 2016-05-09 Exclusively on
Marijuana Business Conference in Orlando 778 2016-05-10 Exclusively on
Day Two of MJ Business Conference 779 2016-05-11 Exclusively on
Live from Pot Luck Events in Anchorage 780 2016-05-13 Exclusively on
HIGHlights from NW Cannabis Classic Anchorage 781 2016-05-16 AIS_1800000_60000
Chip Hailstone from NatGeo’s Life Below Zero 782 2016-05-17 AIS_1800000_60000
Sugar is a Drug 783 2016-05-18 AIS_1800000_60000
Don’t Help Cops Defeat AUMA 783 2016-05-19 Exclusively on
Washington DC White House Smoke In 785 2016-05-20 Exclusively on
Details of Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Law 787 2016-05-26 Exclusively on
Tribute to Michael J. Kennedy 788 2016-05-27 Exclusively on
Marijuana Straight Talk Blazes Free Speech TV 789 2016-05-31 Exclusively on
Talking Civil Asset Forfeiture in Aspen 790 2016-06-02 Exclusively on
Highlights of NORML Aspen Legal Seminar 791 2016-06-03 Exclusively on
The FDA Approved Gummi WHAT for Kids 792 2016-06-06 Exclusively on
A US Attorney Calls the Drug War Obscene 793 2016-06-07 Exclusively on
Marijuana and Child Custody 794 2016-06-08 Exclusively on
Why Not Mandatory Minimums For Rape 795 2016-06-09 Exclusively on
SAM Oregon Compares Orlando Shooting to Marijuana Legalization 796 2016-06-13 Exclusively on
The Hempsters Cannabis Car Tour 797 2016-06-14 Exclusively on
Just Free Roger Christie Already 798 2016-06-15 Exclusively on
Brookings on the Reframing of Marijuana 799 2016-06-16 Exclusively on
Oregon Project SAM Head Ousted 800 2016-06-17 Exclusively on
Will Legalization Kill the Pot Festival 801 2016-07-12 Exclusively on
All-Star Canadian Activism 802 2016-07-13 Exclusively on
Legalization Alone Won’t End K2 Overdoses 803 2016-07-14 Exclusively on
All About Canadian Hemp 804 2016-07-15 Exclusively on
Drug Testing for Welfare Still Isn’t Working 805 2016-07-18 Exclusively on
Preview of Anti-Pot Arguments for 2016 806 2016-07-19 Exclusively on
The NFL Has a Marijuana Problem 807 2016-07-20 Exclusively on
Religious Use Argument Fails Again 808 2016-07-21 Exclusively on
Legalization Isn’t Going to Get Better 809 2016-07-22 Exclusively on
The Democratic Convention Begins 810 2016-07-25 Exclusively on
Democratic Convention Day Two 811 2016-07-26 Exclusively on
Day Three at the Democratic Convention 812 2016-07-27 Exclusively on
Day Four of the Democratic Convention 813 2016-07-28 Exclusively on
Marijuana’s Best Hope is with Hillary 814 2016-07-29 Exclusively on
The Philippine Trump 815 2016-08-01 Exclusively on
More Kids Toke than Binge Drink 816 2016-08-02 Exclusively on
President Obama Commutes More Drug Sentences 817 2016-08-03 Exclusively on
Indo Expo and Stoned Girls 818 2016-08-04 Exclusively on
Comedy, Strain Reviews, and Science 819 2016-08-08 Exclusively on
Changes at Denver Relief and Willie’s Reserve 820 2016-08-09 Exclusively on
The Inaugural Boise Hempfest 821 2016-08-15
Sex and Weed with Hyapatia Lee 822 2016-08-16
The Future of Cannabusiness and Rescheduling 823 2016-08-17
Coachella Will Be Known For Weed, Too 824 2016-08-18
Radical Russ and Urb Thrasher at Seattle Hempfest 825 2016-08-22
Unraveling the Scheduling of Cannabis 826 2016-08-23
Hemp and Gov’t at Seattle Hempfest 827 2016-08-24
Drug War, Tool or Cause of Police Racism 828 2016-08-25
Menstrual Marijuana Products and State Fair Cannabis 829 2016-08-26
Exclusive Interview on WeedMaps Fake Reviews 830 2016-09-01
Stoners Against Legalization 2016 831 2016-09-02
Why Does Arkansas Have Two MedMJ Initiatives_ 832 2016-09-06
Marijuana Movement and Drug Prejudice 833 2016-09-07
Big Pharma Opens Up Legalization Battle 834 2016-09-08
Colorado’s Only Begun Legalizing Marijuana 835 2016-09-09
Queen of the Batshit Crazies 836 2016-09-12
Not All MedMJ Folks Are Stoners Against Legalization 837 2016-09-13
A New Low for Stoners Against Legalization 838 2016-09-14
The Cash Cow of Cash Bail 839 2016-09-15
Jesse Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto 840 2016-09-16
Former NFL Player Boo Williams on Marijuana and Football 841 2016-09-20
Doug Fine on Record Hemp Harvest Year for America 842 2016-09-21
Kevin Sabet’s Disastrous Gummy Bear Gambit 843 2016-09-22
#MJElectionNight Preview of Denver and Arkansas 844 2016-09-23
Pot and Guns in North Carolina 845 2016-09-26
The First NORML Congressman 846 2016-09-27
Maine’s Got the Best Legalization Law 847 2016-09-28
Oregon’s Marijuana Is Below $10 a gram 848 2016-09-29
Previewing Massachusetts Legalization 849 2016-09-30
Previewing the Argumento in Sacramento 850 2016-10-04
Fear and Loathing in Sacramento 851 2016-10-06
SPECIAL Debating Prop 64 with Stoners Against Legalization 852 2016-10-10
Elect Kari Boiter for Montana House 44 853 2016-10-11
Live from Int’l Cannabis Biz Conf in Vancouver Day 1 854 2016-10-13
Live from Int’l Cannabis Biz Conf in Vancouver Day 2 855 2016-10-14
If It Quacks Like A Duck, It’s Dr. Oz 856 2016-10-17
Swatting Dragonfly 857 2016-10-18
QB Jim McMahon Stands For Legalization 858 2016-10-19
Donald Trump Implodes at 3rd Debate 859 2016-10-20
An Extended Chat with Tommy Chong 860 2016-10-21
Letitia Pepper Joins Kevin Sabet to Oppose Prop 64 861 2016-10-24
What if Weed Were Illegal With No Penalty_ 862 2016-10-25
Don’t Believe the Polls in Arkansas 863 2016-10-26
Arkansas MedMJ Issue 7 Killed By NORML Lawyer 864 2016-10-27
Trump Picks Tom Price for HHS 871 2016-11-20
Back From MJElectionNight 866 2016-11-21
Where’s the NRA on Pot User’s Gun Rights 867 2016-11-22
The Digital Drug Test Divide 868 2016-11-23
The Inaugural Portland Weed Week 869 2016-11-28
Talking Kangen Water with the Kangen Queens 870 2016-11-29
Can You Be a Capitalist and an Activist 872 2016-12-19
Cannabidiol is and Always Has Been Illegal 873 2016-12-20
Medical Marijuana Means Fewer Traffic Deaths 874 2016-12-22
The Festivus Airing of Grievances 875 2016-12-23
The Stupidest Stoners of 2016 876 2016-12-27
Best of 2016 Interviews (Dagga Couple and Betty Aldworth) 877 2016-12-28
Best Interviews from 2016 878 2016-12-29
The Truth About Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome 879 2016-12-30
Michael Krawitz, International Reformer 880 2017-01-03
Pot Billboard Bans Suggest Alcohol’s Safer 881 2017-01-04
The NFL’s Continuing Marijuana Idiocy 882 2017-01-05
WTF Is Wrong With North Dakota 883 2017-02-06 North Dakota medmj being eviscerated by legislature; Dr. Mitch Earleywine on latest cannabis meta-analysis; NFL players support legalization; Highlights of Virginia Cannabis Conference
History Lesson on 1972 Shafer Commission 884 2017-02-07 A Look at the Congressional Cannabis Caucus; New Poll on Legalization in Rhode Island; Keith Stroup on the 1972 Shaffer Commission Report; Rant: Dubya’s Drug Czar Warns Marijuana Industry
The Gritty Drug War Reboot Nobody Asked For 885 2017-02-08 Sessions To Be Confirmed as Attorney General; Review of State Marijuana Bills; Michael Krawitz on Adding PTSD to Colorado MedMJ; Trump Sounds Like An Old School Drug Warrior
Diane Goldstein on the New LEAP 886 2017-02-09 John J. Hudak from Brookings on Possible Policy Moves By Attorney General Sessions; CDC Data on Opiate Epidemic; Lt. Cmdr. Diane Goldstein on the New Law Enforcement Action Partnership.
The Attorney General Sessions 887 2017-02-10 Marijuana Legalization and Workplace Rights; Creed Leffler on Medical Marijuana for Cerebral Palsy; Reefer Madness’ Greatest Hits: The Attorney General Sessions; Trump’s Taking Us Back to the Eighties
C.S.I. Is Only As Reliable As the Crime Lab Techs Working There 888 2017-02-13
You Have No Authority To Tell Me I Cannot Use Cannabis 889 2017-02-14
Highlights from the Cannabis Collaborative Conference 890 2017-02-15
LIVE from the Int’l Cannabis Business Conference SF 891 2017-02-17 Recorded live at the ICBC SF – Hilton Union Square
Judge Me By My Work, Not By My Urine 892 2017-02-21 My Testimony Supporting Oregon SB 301, a Bill to Stop Employment Discrimination based on Legal Substance Use, plus the California Cannabis Regulations Panel from the International Cannabis Business Conference featuring California Regulator Lori Ajax, Cannabis Growers Alliance head Hezekiah Allen, Cannabiz Attorney Luke Stanton and more.
How to Be an ACTivist 893 2017-02-22
Sean Spicer Signals War on Rec Weed 894 2017-02-23
Why Drug Testing for Unemployment is Wrong 895 2017-02-24 Reactions to Sean Spicer’s Comments Yesterday; I hate to say “I Told You So”, but I Told You So; Tennessee bill fights back against the rising costs of marijuana sentencing; Addiction Specialist Joe Schrank on cannabis-assisted sobriety; Why Drug Testing for Unemployment and Welfare Benefits is Wrong.
If It’s A Fight They Want 896 2017-02-27 Gov. Hickenlooper Says Legalization Reduced Teen Marijuana Use; How Attorney General Sessions Will Increase the Use of Private Prisons’ Marylanders Support for Marijuana Legalization Up to 58 Percent; Dr. Mitch Earleywine on Smart Stoners, Marijuana Murders, and Overdose Aid; If It’s A Fight They Want – The Oncoming Civil Cold War.
Sessions Doubles Down On Reefer Madness 897 2017-02-28 Sessions to State AG’s “We don’t need to be legalizing marijuana”; Jeff Sessions Full Comments to State Attorneys General this morning; The Science on Marijuana and Opioids that Jeff Session Doesn’t Seem to Know; Steve Bloom, Editor-in-Chief of Freedom Leaf Magazine; Today’s Marijuana is So Strong, It Makes Conservatives Abandon States’ Rights
Maybe A Cannabis Crackdown Is The Kick In The Ass Prohibition Needs 898 2017-03-01 Republican Congressman Introduces Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana Federally; Debunking Donald Trump Address on Drugs “Pouring Across Our Borders”; Massachusetts Weed Dealers Trying Every Loophole To Sell “Legally”; Cannabis CEO / Expert Todd Mitchem on New Project; RANT: Maybe A Cannabis Crack-Down Is The Kick In The Ass That Ends Marijuana Prohibition.
William Jefferson Beauregard Clinton Sessions 899 2017-03-02 Attorney General Jeff Sessions Will Recuse Himself From Trump/Russia Probes; Attorney General Jeff Sessions Committed Perjury on Sen. Franken’s Russia Question; Evolving Marijuana Policy Around the World; Private Prison Expert Patrick Nightingale from Law Enforcement Action Partnership; RANT: MPP’s Rob Kampia Latest to Stick Head In The Sand Over AG Sessions / Spicer Comments.
My Second Perfect Series 900 2017-03-03 Lessons for Marijuana Activism from LGBT Activism; A look at the Cannabis Caucus and federal bills; Clips from a decade of Radical Russ on the radio.
Psychedelics Fight Opiate Abuse, Too 901 2017-03-06 Israel Moves to Decriminalize Marijuana; Baby Steps and Bombshell Bills in Virginia; GOP Reps. Fight for Federal Decrim for Medical and Recreational; Texas Doctor repeats long-debunked marijuana myths; Dr. Mitch Earleywine on Cannabis vs. Opiate Abuse, Psychedelics vs. Opiate Abuse, Cannabis Harm Reduction, Survey of Pregnancy And Pot, CBD vs. Viral Hepatitis, and O/D Calls Up In Washington; RANT: The Oncoming Battles For Home Grow Rights.
This Is How They’ll Tie Marijuana to Heroin 902 2017-03-07 Smoked Medical Cannabis Saved by Arkansas Senate; Tell Congress to Let States Decide Their Own Marijuana Policies (; CDOT Says Most Colorado Tokers Drive Within 2 Hours of Toking; Canadian Lawyer Kirk Tousaw at last fall’s ICBC in Vancouver, British Columbia, on Legalization in Canada; RANT: Senator Rob Portman’s comments on gateway spiked marijuana show
The Origins Of The Fentanyl-Laced Marijuana Rumor 903 2017-03-08 NEWS: Los Angelenos Pass Breakthrough Measure M to Regulate Commercial Pot; FOCUS: The Return of the Guys From Responsible Ohio; WORLD: The Canadian Origins of the Fentanyl-Laced Marijuana Rumor Repeated by US Senator Rob Portman; RANT: The Inalienable Right to Pursue Happiness and what Founding Father Thomas Jefferson Thought of Prohibition.
AG Sessions Won’t Rule Out RICO vs Weed 904 2017-03-09 NEWS: Six Bipartisan Cosponsors for Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017; FOCUS: Scientists Say Government Marijuana Farm Has Moldy Samples And No Testing Standards; DATA: Oregon Report on Marijuana Legalizaiton and Driving; GUEST: George Zimmer replay on Shareholder Capitalism vs. Stakeholder Capitalism; RANT: Jeff Sessions Comments to Hugh Hewitt Fail to Reject RICO as a Strategy to Enforce CSA.
The Truth Behind Oregon’s Testing Controversy 905 2017-03-10 (Partial episode) NEWS: Marc & Jodie Emery Face Multiple Felony Charges in Toronto Cannabis Culture Raids; FOCUS: Amanda Chicago Lewis on the Case for Drug War Reparations; DATA: The Shortlink Collection for Drug War Data; GOVT: Oregon Cannabis Connection on the Cannabis Testing Scandal.
What’s Happened In Colorado Since Marijuana Legalization_ 906 2017-03-13 NEWS: New Mexico Governor vetoes industrial hemp again; FOCUS: Oklahoma legislature working to undo state ballot initiative on drug felonies; DATA: Kids who use synthetic weed take greater risks; CANNABIS Q&A w/Dr. Mitch: Pot and stroke/heart attack, Epilepsy patients marijuana use, Oregon DUI study: no epidemic, Most Colorado tokers drive soon, Pot and bladder cancer risk, Treating fear and anxiety; RANT: What’s happened in Colorado since legalization?
All About Allegedly-Legal-in-All-50-States Hemp-Derived CBD Oil 907 2017-03-14 NEWS: Colorado House OKs Proposals to Set Limits, Crack Down on Home Grows; FOCUS: What’s Really Inside Your Cannabis Vape Cartridge?; DATA: The US Sentencing Commission’s 2016 Report; GUEST: Stu Titus, CEO of Medical Marijuana Inc, in 2015 interview about hemp- derived CBD oil; RANT: The DEA Makes It Clear, Hemp-Derived CBD Oil Is Illegal.
AG Sessions Thinks Marijuana’s _Only Slightly_ Worse than Heroin 908 2017-03-15 NEWS: More drug testing for unemployment just needs Trump’s signature; FOCUS: Jeff Sessions Says Marijuana is “Only Slightly Less Awful” Than Heroin; DATA: Canadian Poll Shows Majority Support Legalization; GUEST: Industrial Hemp Expert, Author Doug Fine on New Mexico Hemp Vetoes; RANT: Jeff Sessions’ Cryptic Comments are the Blue/Black Dress of Marijuana Punditry.
Jeff Sessions Won’t Stop Prosecuting Marijuana 909 2017-03-16 NEWS: Colorado Republcian Congressman Has Plan to Thwart Jeff Sessions Attacks on Marijuana; FOCUS: Sessions DIDN’T Say Marijuana Was Only Slightly Less Awful Than Heroin – It Was Worse Than That; DATA: Washington State Healthy Youth Survey Shows No Increase in Youth Marijuana Use; GUEST: Former Special Agent David Long – Dept. of Labor Office of Inspector General; RANT: Sessions Is Developing A “Fair Plan” With a “Sound Basis” For Legal Marijuana.
The Marijuana Gateway Theory Zombie Lie Will Not Die 910 2017-03-20 NEWS: US senator is booed when he brings up the debunked gateway theory; FOCUS: latest examples of hypocrisy from Kevin Sabet’s Project SAM in Vermont; DEBUNK: Educating US Senate on the Marijuana Gateway Drug Theory; GUEST: Dr. Mitch addresses how legalization hurts beer sales and how prohibition hurts medical research; RANT: Debunking the claim that hemp-derived CBD oil is ·legal in all 50 states·.
Let’s Box for Charity, Li’l Mickey 911 2017-03-21 NEWS: New Mexico, Nebraska, and Nevada press forward on marijuana-related bills; FOCUS: Heritage Foundation outlines how Sessions can enforce federal pot laws; DATA: Marijuana raids by police are more deadly than marijuana itself; GUEST: Dr. Jordan Tishler MD on the importance of strains and other cannabis products; RANT: Latest case of cops getting away with torturing and killing an unarmed man.
We Must All Hang Together, Or We Shall All Hang Separately 912 2017-03-23 NEWS: U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration placed a new THC oral solution in Sch. II; FOCUS: Gorsuch thinks corps have more religious rights than marijuana worshippers; DATA: The cannabis industry is bullish despite Jeff Sessions’ reefer madness; GUEST: Hemp expert Anndrea Hermann, recorded last summer in Vancouver, British Columbia; RANT: How medical cannabis and industrial hemp advocates unknowingly harm legalization.
Funny How Conservatives _Get It_ When It Happens To Them 913 2017-03-27 NEWS: Canada’s Liberal gov’t is set to announce cannabis legalization will happen on July 1, 2018; FOCUS: Arizona Pharma Insys That Fought Legalization Gets New Synthetic THC Drug OK; DATA: Canada cannabis stocks soar on news of legalization date announcement; GUEST: Dr. Mitch Earleywine with reviews of some of the latest Cannabis Science; RANT: Gov. Chris Christie has been appointed to head a federal opioid task force.
How Google, Facebook, & Instagram Censor Marijuana Searches & Ads 914 2017-03-28 NEWS: Missouri senator is calling out Insys Therapeutics over the overdose epidemic; FOCUS: Florida Officials Omitted Key Details in the Report of Inmate’s Death; DATA: No, Seeking Alpha, CBD is not an “uncontrolled substance [that] is legal in all 50 states”; GUEST: New Zealand filmmaker Arik Reiss from the doc “Druglawed 2: Scientist”; RANT: The Censorship of Marijuana on the Internet by Google, Facebook, & Instagram.
How Will We Sell Tax And Regulate On A $30 Ounce 915 2017-03-29 NEWS: We have a new interim Drug Czar in the Trump Administration; FOCUS: Project SAM·s coming after Oregon law enforcement·s report on Cole Memo violations; DATA: The obscene amount of cash the cops are stealing under civil asset forfeiture; GUEST: A Supreme Court decision on Friday that may decriminalize dagga in South Africa; RANT: How will we sell tax and regulate on a $30 ounce?
Don’t Punish Some People Less_ A Lousy Reason to Oppose Decrim 916 2017-03-30 NEWS: President Trump’s new opioid commission features four legalization opponents; FOCUS: Oregon Congressmen announce a trio of bills designed to reform federal marijuana laws; DATA: Debunking a CNN claim about Colorado drug testing; GUEST: Addiction specialist Joe Schrank on using pot to treat opiate addiction; RANT: Kansas City Star Offers Lousy Reasons to Oppose Decriminalization.
Now Even South Africans Have More Right to Marijuana Than Americans 917 2017-03-31 NEWS: Marijuana use by adults in their home is now decrim in South Africa; FOCUS: The last eight states with absolute marijuana prohibition; DATA: California Marijuana Dispensaries Pull Products After A Local News Team Discovers Pesticide Laced Pot; GUEST: Jules Stobbs & Myrtle Clarke, the Dagga Couple, on South Africa·s decrim day; RANT: I show you How to Succeed at Trolling Prohibitionists With Six-Second Soundbites
The Mormon Carpool Is Subverting Prohibition in Utah 918 2017-04-03 NEWS: Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones calls on the NFL to end its ban on pot; FOCUS: The last eight states with absolute marijuana prohibition; DATA: Washington teens are not using marijuana more; GUEST: Dr. Mitch Earleywine reacts to DEA & Ohio Gov. responses to opioid crisis; CHAT: A discussion of the so-called “Mormon Carpool” with activist Angela Bacca.
Medical Marijuana Keeps Marching Into the Pharmaceutical Box Canyon 919 2017-04-04 NEWS: Argentina’s latest country to legalize medical cannabinoids; FOCUS: West Virginia and Utah provide contrasting religious views of pot; DATA: Maine proves drug testing for welfare is a wasteful failure; GUEST: Freedom Leaf editor Steve Bloom previews the April Issue & ICBC Berlin; RANT: The latest states to prove the Medical Marijuana Pharmaceutical Box Canyon.
Idaho Governor Only Man Keeping State In Dark Ages 920 2017-04-10 NEWS: New Mexico Gov. vetoed adding opioid use disorder as qualifying condition; FOCUS: Combatting Reefer Madness in Kenya; DATA: Illinoisans are Ready to Legalize. Lawmakers, Not So Much; GUEST: Dr. Mitch on use of cannabis to reduce benzodiazepenes; RANT: Idaho Gov. Butch Otter Only One Keeping State in the Dark Ages.
Happy Passover As Kevin Sabet Passes Over Following Campaign Laws 921 2017-04-11 NEWS: Kevin Sabet’s Project SAM Busted For Violations of California Campaign Laws; FOCUS: Four Crucial Marijuana Hearings This Week; DATA: A Lesson for M.A.R.K. in Reading Comprehension and Job Forecast Statistics; GUEST: Claire Kaufmann from Le’Or on the 2nd Cannabis Passover Seder; RANT: While Project SAM Can’t Follow Finance Laws, They’re Attacking Pro-Pot House Reps.
Cyanide-Spraying Wolf Traps Hurt More Idaho Kids Than CBD Oil 922 2017-04-12 NEWS: Guam’s Governor Drops Support for His Own Bill to Legalize, Citing Trump Threat; FOCUS: Trump’s New Drug Czar Anti-Marijuana Votes; DATA: Are People Moving To States Where Pot Is Legal?; GUEST: Dr. Jordan Tischler on Cannabis Strains; RANT: Things That Are Less Harmful Than Marijuana in Idaho (Boise Hempfest Sat).
The Evil Sea Mammal of Mordor, Idaho Gov. Butch Otter 923 2017-04-13 NEWS: Canada files its legislation to legalize marijuana by July 2018; FOCUS: A fight over minority access to Maryland medical marijuana licenses; DATA: The latest state to hand medmj over to the rich; GUEST: LEAP’s Brian Chapman, former Texas corrections officer; RANT: Tomorrow I Leave The Shire to go to the Mount Doom (Boise) Hempfest in Mordor.
Speeches from Boise Hempfest 924 2017-04-17 NEWS: Jared Kushner butting heads with Jeff Sessions over criminal justice policy, reports NY Times; FOCUS: Trump’s pick for Drug Czar took $150,000 from Big Pharma; DATA: Yahoo! News new poll called Weed & The American Family; GUEST: Boise Hempfest Talks from Lori Duckworth, Russ Belville, Cat Jeter, Craig Beresh, Cheryl Shuman, Megan Holt, & Adela Falk.
Homeland Security Secretary Now Believes Marijuana is Dangerous 925 2017-04-18 NEWS: Colorado marijuana DUI citations dropped by one-third, says CDOT; FOCUS: Full Remarks by DHS Secretary John Kelly; BIZ: Demitri Downing from SW Cannabis Conference & Expo this week in Dallas; GUEST: Beverly Hills Cannabis Club Founder Cheryl Shuman in Boise; RANT: We Can Promote Good Images of Consumers While Not Denigrating Stoners

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