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In 2015 I began recording and podcasting a second hour of The Russ Belville Show for more discussions with my crew of Cannabis Karri, Ganja Jon, and Wiz Kaliko.

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Title # Date Show Notes
Will New Oregon Governor Be Better on Pot 542 2015-02-13
Vendors and Dispensaries at ICBC SF 543 2015-02-18
Do You Want to Protect Legalization or Growers Profits 544 2015-02-19
Sharon Ravert from Peachtree NORML in Studio 545 2015-02-20
Bacon Dan Stops By 546 2015-02-23
Previewing Anthony Johnson at Portland NORML Meeting 547 2015-02-24
Sharon Ravert Will Shame Georgia Into Legalization 548 2015-02-25
Portland NORML’s Inaugural Meeting 549 2015-03-02
Wiz Kaliko’s Shocked Russ Agrees with Drug Czar 550 2015-03-03
These Are Not Your Father’s Hot Peppers 551 2015-03-04
Rob Bovett Doesn’t Understand Democracy and Federalism 552 2015-03-05
The Truth About Pot Potency 553 2015-03-06
Marijuana Legalization Helps Arts and Media 554 2015-03-09
Oregon SB 542 Is An Insult To Democracy 555 2015-03-11
Debating Project SAM’s Ben Cort at TCU Will Be Fun 556 2015-03-12
Can and Should Medical and Recreational Marijuana be Merged 557 2015-03-13
State Sen. Floyd Prozanski on Marijuana Taxation Changes 558 2015-03-23
Gazette Profiles 19yo Marijuana Addict as Reason to Criminalize Pot 559 2015-03-24
ResponsibleOhio Sucks Less Than Prohibition 561 2015-03-31
MPP’s Rob Kampia Threatens Arizona MedMJ Doctor 562 2015-04-01
Update on MPP Arizona Kerfuffle 563 2015-04-02
Why Do We Bother Drug Testing Athletes 564 2015-04-03
White Guys Dominating Marijuana Industry That White Guys Legalized 567 2015-04-08
Keith Stroup Calls Out Wake-N-Baking, I Disagree 568 2015-04-13
Lively Libra’s Journey From Iowa Teacher to Colorado Budtender 569 2015-04-14
Michele Leonhart Suffers No Confidence Vote from House Committee 570 2015-04-15
CISTAs Are Doin’ It For Themselves 571 2015-04-16
Audio Tour of KindLove Grow Site in Denver 572 2015-04-17
Clap Three Times If You Want CCHI To Live 573 2015-04-23
Legalization Isn’t Theory Anymore, It’s Fact 574 2015-04-24
Baltimore Burns and Bones Bails 575 2015-04-27
Talking Pacific Northwest MedMJ Decimation with The Full Melt 576 2015-04-28
Colorado Gov Says Legalization Was ‘Not That Vexing’ 577 2015-04-29
Congress Snubs Vets, CBD Too Late for Georgia Girl 578 2015-04-30
Homicide Charges Filed Against Freddie Gray’s Killers 579 2015-05-01
California Group Studies What Will Pass Before Writing Initiative 580 2015-05-04
Why Must I Believe A Fairy Tale For The Right To Smoke Pot 581 2015-05-05
Good Riddance, Michele Leonhart 582 2015-05-06
Oregon Will Steal Colorado’s Pot Tourism Mojo 583 2015-05-07
Want To End Synthetic Pot Overdoses, Legalize the Real Thing 584 2015-05-08
The Inspiring Tale of Owa Odighizuwa 585 2015-05-11
My Fanboy Moment with a Two-Time Super Bowl Champion 586 2015-05-12
Get Ready, Arizona, for Kevin Sabet’s Marijuana ‘Education’ Tour III 587 2015-05-13
DPA #RealDrugTalk Town Hall with Dr. Carl Hart 588 2015-05-14
Another Mystery 591 2015-05-20
Live Chatting with JennyRay McGee 594 2015-06-01
House Passes Three Amendments Defunding DEA 595 2015-06-02
Gerry Goldstein on Important Federal Decisions on Liberty 596 2015-06-03
Can I Start an Atheist Church of Cannabis 597 2015-06-04
Hanging out with JennyRay McGeen 598 2015-06-05
JennyRay and Jordan Flee from Kansas 599 2015-06-08
Lisa from Bleeding Kansas with Shona Banda Update 600 2015-06-10
New Tracks from Mack and Dub’s ‘Potlandia’ 601 2015-06-11
The Tragic Nebraska Take of JennyRay McGee 602 2015-06-12
What if Media Reported on Alcohol Like They Do Marijuana 603 2015-06-15
Pork Chop and Jay from Fresh Buds in Studio 604 2015-06-16
More on ResponsibleOhio plus Microaggresions 605 2015-06-18
Why Would Anyone Defend the Confederate Flag 606 2015-06-23
Senate Panel Investigates Research Woes for Cannabidiol 607 2015-06-24
More Highlights from NorCal Cannabis Cup 608 2015-06-26
Porkchop in Studio to Preview the Marijuana Giveaway 610 2015-06-29
Hanging out in The Mernahuana Zone 611 2015-06-30
Russ on the Who’s the Ross Show at Dante’s in Portland 612 2015-07-01
More from Them The Band, Mourning Chris Squire of Yes 613 2015-07-02
Drinkers Drink To Be Social, So Do Tokers Toke 614 2015-07-06
Bernie Sanders Inches Toward Legalization Support 615 2015-07-07
Hanging out with Jay Bakes from Fresh Buds PDX 616 2015-07-08
Horrific Story of the Rape of Runaways’ Bass Player Jackie Fox 617 2015-07-09
The Vast Unknown 619 2015-07-13
Members of Israel’s Drug Abuse Panel Boycott Legalization Hearing 620 2015-07-14
The Nation’s First Legal RecMJ Lounge Will Be In… South Dakota 621 2015-07-15
Feinstein, Grassley, Greenbud, Kardashian, and Jenner 622 2015-07-16
What About the Children 623 2015-07-17
Underpaid Out-of-State Internet Radio Whore 624 2015-07-20
Presidential Candidates on Weed 625 2015-07-21
No Way Sandra Bland Killed Herself in Txas Jail Cell 626 2015-07-22
The Marijuana Smearing of Sandra Bland Has Begun 627 2015-07-23
The Microtyrannies of Drug Testing in Corporate America 628 2015-07-24
I Have Never Been Paid By a Marijuana Campaign 629 2015-07-27
Selections from Ed Gogek’s ‘Marijuana Debunked’ 630 2015-07-28
HB 3400 Panel from the Cannabis Creative Conference 631 2015-08-03
Hanging Out with Rare Native Portlander Simone Cimiluka-Radzins 632 2015-08-04
Zachary Hammond and Sam DuBose Killed by Lying Cops 633 2015-08-05
If Overall Auto Deaths Are Down, What Difference Do Pot DUIs Make 634 2015-08-06
Debunking 635 2015-08-07
How Much Weed Do Texas Cops Think a Vagina Holds, Anyway 636 2015-08-11
Taking Grow Questions with Sarah from 637 2015-08-12
Best of Russ Belville Seattle Hempfest Speeches 638 2015-08-13
The Feisty Marijuana Coexistence Panel at Seattle Hempfest 639 2015-08-17
Extended Interview with Keith Stroup of NORML 640 2015-08-18
Recreational Use Is A Frame That Creates Division 641 2015-08-19
Dr. David Bearman MD on Drugs Are NOT The Devil’s Tools book 642 2015-08-20
CaviGold Recording Artists Lotus Crush 643 2015-08-21
Ruining An Army Vet’s Life For The Wrong Zip Code 644 2015-08-24
Medical Marijuana is our Protestant Revolution 645 2015-08-25
We Can Tell The Kids That Doing Drugs Is A Lot Of Fun 646 2015-08-26
Russ Belville on Marijuana Civil Righs at NW Cannabis Classic Tacoma 647 2015-08-31
A Half-Hour with the Three Amigos 648 2015-09-01
An Hour with Jorge Cervantes 549 2015-09-02
Russ Interviewed by On1 of Green Stream Radio 650 2015-09-03
Live with Dr. Mitch Earleywine in studio 651 2015-09-04
Child Protective Services Still Has 1980s Marijuana Mentality 652 2015-09-08 AIS_1800000_60000
Stephanie Bishop in Studio Discussing Mass Incarceration 653 2015-09-09 AIS_1800000_60000
For Federal Prohibition to End, Marijuana Must Be DE-scheduled 654 2015-09-10 AIS_1800000_60000
Preview of the Portland Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference 655 2015-09-11 AIS_1800000_60000
Earl Blumenauer and Jim Gray at the Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference 656 2015-09-14 AIS_1800000_60000
Rep Lininger and Sen Prozanski at OMMBC 657 2015-09-15 AIS_1800000_60000
Still Waiting for the Stoners Against Legalization To Call In 658 2015-09-16 AIS_1800000_60000
Why Am I Still Here 659 2015-09-17 AIS_1800000_60000
The Alternate Universe Where George W. Bush Kept Us Safe 660 2015-09-18 AIS_1800000_60000
Prohibitionist Dinosaurs Sinking Into the Tar Pits of Time 661 2015-09-21 AIS_1800000_60000
Ohio NORML Rejects Legalization 662 2015-09-22 AIS_1800000_60000
Why Does There Need to Be Separate Medical and Recreational 663 2015-09-23 AIS_1800000_60000
Clever SALIO Thinks He’s Gotcha’ed Me on Ohio 664 2015-09-24 AIS_1800000_60000
You Can’t Be Neutral on Ending Prohibition 665 2015-09-30 AIS_1800000_60000
‘Radical’ Russ XRAY-FM interview on First Legal Oregon Marijuana Sales 666 2015-10-01 AIS_1800000_60000
Testing Pregnant Moms for Drugs Just Guarantees Moms Avoiding Pre-Natal Health Care 667 2015-10-02 AIS_1800000_60000
MPP Has Some Balls Opposing Ohio While Promoting Nevada No-Home-Grow 668 2015-10-05 AIS_1800000_60000
More Details of California’s ReformCA Initiative 669 2015-10-06 AIS_1800000_60000
Louisiana Gubernatorial Candidates Won’t Legalize Marijuana 670 2015-10-07 AIS_1800000_60000
Ohio’s Issue 2 Could Squelch Future Attempt At Any Legalization 671 2015-10-08
Discussing Ohio Issue 3 on This Week in Drugs 672 2015-10-09 AIS_1800000_60000
Cannabis Legislative Panel at the Oregon Hemp Convention 673 2015-10-12 AIS_1800000_60000
My Perspective Is That It Is A War 674 2015-10-13 AIS_1800000_60000
Doug Fine’s Address to the Oregon Hemp Convention 675 2015-10-14 AIS_1800000_60000
Criticizing NORML Out of Love 676 2015-10-15 AIS_1800000_60000
Virginia State Senator Adam Ebbin at Virginia NORML Conference 677 2015-10-21 AIS_1800000_60000
Marijuana Breathalyzer Sets Standard to Driving While Irresponsible 678 2015-10-22 AIS_1800000_60000
Jeanne from Boston on Converting Massachusetts Governor to Medical Marjuana Support 679 2015-10-23 AIS_1800000_60000
Losing the Moral High Ground for Marijuana Legalization 683 2015-11-09 AIS_1800000_60000
Is Marijuana a Civil Rights Issue 684 2015-11-10 AIS_1800000_60000
The Cops Are Stealing More Than The Robbers 690 2015-11-23 AIS_1800000_60000
The Importance of Unity in California Legalization 691 2015-11-24 AIS_1800000_60000
The Cannabis Radio Legalize America Tour 692 2015-11-25 AIS_1800000_60000
Details of the Sean Parker AUMA Initiative 693 2015-11-30 AIS_1800000_60000
Live Callers Discuss the American Police State 694 2015-12-01 AIS_1800000_60000
How Can Oregon Ban Cannabis Cafés But Allow Cigar Bars 695 2015-12-02 AIS_1800000_60000
Stoners Against Legalization in AZ, MA, CA 696 2015-12-03 AIS_1800000_60000
Can’t We Let Potheads Have Guns, Not No-Fly-Listers 697 2015-12-04 AIS_1800000_60000
Russ Belville Presentation at the NW Cannabis Classic in Portland 698 2015-12-07 AIS_1800000_60000
New Jersey Appeals Court Reverses Child Endangerment Charges Over Pot 699 2015-12-09 AIS_1800000_60000
Why Stoners Against Legalization Hate Sean Parker’s Initiative 700 2015-12-11 AIS_1800000_60000
Check Current Law Before Criticizing Legalization 701 2015-12-14 AIS_1800000_60000
The Troubling Tale of Robert Nkemdiche 702 2015-12-15 AIS_1800000_60000
It Takes Compromise to Legalize Marijuana 703 2015-12-16 AIS_1800000_60000
Medical Marijuana Chicken Littles 704 2015-12-17 AIS_1800000_60000
Pharma Bro Might Do Time for Securities Fraud 705 2015-12-18 AIS_1800000_60000
Prosecutorial Shenanigans Falsely Condemn 4 in Alaska to 18 Years With No Recourse 711 2016-01-12 AIS_1800000_60000
Both Conservatives and Liberals to Blame for Drug War 712 2016-01-13 AIS_1800000_60000
Why Does Kansas Hurt Cannabis Users’ Kids 713 2016-01-14 AIS_1800000_60000
Bombshell Allegation Fly in Two Lawsuits Against Oregon Legalization ‘Mastermind’ 714 2016-01-15 AIS_1800000_60000
The Arc of Marijuana Reform is Long, But it Bends Towards Legalization 715 2016-01-19 AIS_1800000_60000
The Libertarian Petulance of Taxation is Theft 716 2016-01-20 AIS_1800000_60000
Cops Can’t Understand Difference Between ‘Is it Legal’ and ‘Is it Right’ 717 2016-01-22 AIS_1800000_60000
Why Believers in Fairy Tales of Legalization Annoy Me So Much 718 2016-01-25 AIS_1800000_60000
Russ Belville from Cannabis Radio at the Idaho Marijuana Town Hall 720 2016-01-27 AIS_1800000_60000
You Can’t Argue States’ Rights on Guns but Not on Pot 721 2016-01-28 AIS_1800000_60000
Kevin P. Saunders Argues Against California Sean Parker Initiative to Legalize Marijuana 722 2016-01-29 AIS_1800000_60000
Reefer Madness Run Amok in Tennessee 725 2016-02-05 AIS_1800000_60000
Cannabis is the Canine of the Plant Kingdom – Man’s Best Friend 726 2016-02-08 AIS_1800000_60000
Why Millennials Prefer Bernie Sanders 727 2016-02-09 AIS_1800000_60000
The Swirling Travisty in Oregon 728 2016-02-10 AIS_1800000_60000
Exclusive Interview with ex-Pot-POW Dale Schafer 732 2016-02-11 Live from Las Vegas
Nominate Hillary Clinton and We Get President Trump 734 2016-02-24 AIS_1800000_60000
Ganja Jon is Back in RoLLaJaY Studios 735 2016-02-25
Hanging Out in Arlington, Texas 736 2016-02-26
Moms Fighting for Medical Marijuana in Texas 737 2016-02-29
You Can’t Scare Me With President Trump 740 2016-03-03 AIS_1800000_60000
Could Gary Johnson Win a Three-Way Race with Clinton and Trump 741 2016-03-04
Why Can There Be Thousands of Bars But Zero Cannabis Cafes 742 2016-03-07
Bernie or Bust is About More Than One Election 743 2016-03-08 AIS_1800000_60000
I’m Not Terrified of a President Trump 744 2016-03-09 AIS_1800000_60000
Discussing the Steve Kubby KUSH Inc Stock Gift to MCLR 745 2016-03-10
More States Choosing Drug Testing for Welfare 746 2016-03-15
Nobody Knows 747 2016-03-16 AIS_1800000_60000
Don’t Lose Hope, Fellow Berners 748 2016-03-17
Toker Talk Radio #749 – Harper’s Magazine says Legalize All Drugs [2016-03-18] 749 2016-03-18
Get Your Cannabis Passover Seder Haggadah Now 752 2016-03-21
Don’t Tell Me I Don’t Support MedMJ Patients 751 2016-03-22
Richard Nixon on the Gays, Blacks, Hippies, and Jews 753 2016-03-24
Bernie Packs Arena in Pacific Northwest 754 2016-03-25
Caller Update on Ohio Legalization Efforts 756 2016-03-26 Exclusively on
Expanding Our Scent Vocabulary For Cannabis 755 2016-03-28 Exclusively on
Pulling Democrats Back to the Left 757 2016-03-30 Exclusively on
Interview with Victor from Bernie or Bust 758 2016-04-01 Exclusively on
More Ridiculous Reefer Rhetoric From Prohibitionists 760 2016-04-05 Exclusively on
The Concept of Universal Guaranteed Income 761 2016-04-06 Exclusively on
PPIC Legalization Report Mirrors AUMA Aspects 762 2016-04-07 Exclusively on
Cop Proctology Is A Terrorism Tool 763 2016-04-08 Exclusively on
Mark Kleiman Assumes More Pot Use Equals Disorder 764 2016-04-11 Exclusively on
Debunking WATC (What About the Children) 765 2016-04-12 Exclusively on
Highights from DC Seed Giveaway and NYC Cannabis Policy Summit 766 2016-04-18 Exclusively on
Regulating Cannabis as a Temptation Good Part 1 767 2016-04-19 Exclusively on
Regulating Cannabis as a Temptation Good Part 2 768 2016-04-20 Exclusively on
April 20, 2016, 4-20pm in NYC 769 2016-04-21 Exclusively on
Meeting Kevin Sabet at the United Nations 770 2016-04-26 Exclusively on
Chillin’ with Tommy Chong in Eugene 771 2016-04-27 Exclusively on
Oregon State Senator Floyd Prozanski on Cannabusiness 772 2016-04-28 Exclusively on
Experiencing Cannabigotry in Florida 774 2016-05-02 Exclusively on
Insider Tips from Oregon Marijuana Business Conference 775 2016-05-03 Exclusively on
Opposing AUMA is Unacceptable 776 2016-05-05 Exclusively on
More HIGHlights from Ft. Worth Global Cannabis March 777 2016-05-06 Exclusively on
Radical Russ on marijuana and Civil Rights 781 2016-05-16 AIS_1800000_60000
Quoted in Suits vs. Stoners Article 782 2016-05-17 AIS_1800000_60000
Hempday Humpday with Doug Fine 783 2016-05-18 AIS_1800000_60000
The 2016 Marijuana Election 784 2016-05-19 Exclusively on
Talking AUMA with Chris Conrad, Mikki Norris, and Lauren Vazquez 785 2016-05-20 Exclusively on
John Hudak from Brookings Institute on Colorado Legalization 787 2016-05-26 Exclusively on
Police and Pot Prohibition 788 2016-05-27 Exclusively on
Steve Elliott Profits From I-502 He Opposed 789 2016-05-31 Exclusively on
Live from NORML Aspen Legal Seminar 790 2016-06-02 Exclusively on
More Highlights of NORML Aspen Legal Seminar 791 2016-06-03 Exclusively on
Dr. Carl Hart on Cannabis and Racism 792 2016-06-06 Exclusively on
Hillary vs. Trump… On Weed 794 2016-06-08 Exclusively on
Oklahoma Cops Seizing Debit Card Money Now 795 2016-06-09 Exclusively on
Guns Guns Guns Guns Guns 796 2016-06-13 Exclusively on
Yes, Tokers Can Donate Blood 797 2016-06-14 Exclusively on
Without Legal California, There is no Legal Florida 798 2016-06-15 Exclusively on
Oranges Aren’t Nutritious, But Vitamin C Is 799 2016-06-16 Exclusively on
Reefer Madness Testimony in Congress 800 2016-06-17 Exclusively on
Back from Vacation and Canada 801 2016-07-12 Exclusively on
All-Star Canadian Activism Panel 802 2016-07-13 Exclusively on
Fleecing Medical Marijuana Patients for Profit 803 2016-07-14 Exclusively on
More Vancouver Hemp Expo Highlights 804 2016-07-15 Exclusively on
Trump is the Best Republican Candidate Ever on Weed 805 2016-07-18 Exclusively on
It Doesn’t Matter Who Funds Legalization 806 2016-07-19 Exclusively on
Forecasting Marijuana Reform for 2016 807 2016-07-20 Exclusively on
All Use of Nunya Protects Us All 808 2016-07-21 Exclusively on
Saliva Testing + Dry Mouth = Fail 809 2016-07-22 Exclusively on
How I Came To Support Hillary 815 2016-08-01 Exclusively on
Consider Attorney General Christie 816 2016-08-02 Exclusively on
We Disagree, So Now You Hate Me_ 817 2016-08-03 Exclusively on
Gary Johnson’s Dopey Town Hall 818 2016-08-04 Exclusively on
Gary Johnson Campaign, MRXLabs, and Aquaponics 819 2016-08-08 Exclusively on
Talking Grow Tents and Software at Indo Expo 820 2016-08-09 Exclusively on
More Highlights from the Inaugural Boise Hempfest 821 2016-08-15
All-Time Greatest Olympian Smoked Pot 822 2016-08-16
Sex on Drugs 823 2016-08-17
Every Reason To Vote Against Prop 64 Sucks 824 2016-08-18
Radical Russ and Chief Greenbud at Seattle Hempfest 825 2016-08-22
Martin A. Lee and Alison Draisin at Hempfest 826 2016-08-23
Washington’s Insane Industrial Hemp Saga 827 2016-08-24
Debunking Idaho’s Reefer Mad Drug Czar 828 2016-08-25
Greed is Kicking Compassion’s Ass in Weed Pricing 829 2016-08-26
Why Do People Fear a Gathering of Tokers_ 830 2016-09-01
Stoners Against Legalization 2016 831 2016-09-02
To The DEA, Popular Equals Abuse 832 2016-09-06
Top Ten Reason Not to Date a Stoner 834 2016-09-07
The Philippines Bloody Drug War 833 2016-09-08
The Fight Is About Freedom, Not Weed 835 2016-09-09
The Florid Asshattery of Letitia Pepper 836 2016-09-12
No, Prop 64 Support Isn’t Falling 837 2016-09-13
When We Legalize Things, More People Go To Jail… What_ 838 2016-09-14
Dragonfly Doubles Down on McPeak Hijack 839 2016-09-15
Comparing 2016 Legalization to What Exists Now 840 2016-09-16
Terence Crutcher, Latest Victim of Drug War-Fueled American Racism 841 2016-09-20
Framing Marijuana as a Supplement Rather Than Medicine 842 2016-09-21
EXCLUSIVE with MassCann’s Keith Saunders on Sabet’s Gummy Fail 843 2016-09-22
Sabet Admits Lying About Gummies 844 2016-09-23
Plants Can’t Take Offense at Slurs 845 2016-09-26
Epidiolex Will Kill CBD-Only Laws 846 2016-09-27
Do Cannabis Consumers Have 2nd Amendment Rights_ 847 2016-09-28
Brad Pitt Drug Tests Over Child Abuse Allegaltion 848 2016-09-29
The Lunacy of Stoners Against Legalization 850 2016-10-04
No Legalization Will Ever Be Perfect 851 2016-10-06
Debunking No on Prop 64 Myths 853 2016-10-11
Tommy Chong, Rocker-T, and Neal Levine at ICBC Vancouver 854 2016-10-13
Live from Int’l Cannabis Biz Conf in Vancouver Day 2 855 2016-10-14
Don’t Cast Aspersions on Other Drug Users 856 2016-10-17
Debunking More Prop 64 Myths 857 2016-10-18
The Last Gasp of The Deplorables 858 2016-10-19
Two Parties Are Inevitable Because Math 859 2016-10-20
Bringing the Boomers and Millennials Together 860 2016-10-21
The Sheep Join The Wolves to Oppose Sheep 861 2016-10-24
Yes on Prop 64 Teleconference 864 2016-10-27
The First Show at Delta 9 Studios 866 2016-11-21
The War Between Booze and Weed 867 2016-11-22
Don’t Demonize Hard Drug Use 868 2016-11-23
More on Portland Weed Week 869 2016-11-28
Idaho Columnist’s Reefer Madness 870 2016-11-29
Sara Gullickson, CEO of 871 2016-11-30
Russ Saves Democracy in Six Easy Steps 872 2016-12-19
I am Not Optimistic About Cannabiz in Trumpistan 873 2016-12-20
Schizophrenia Leads to Marijuana, Not Vice Versa 874 2016-12-22
Trump’s Potential Drug Czar is Florida AG Pam Bondi 875 2016-12-23
America’s Longest Serving Pot POW, 36 Years and Counting 876 2016-12-27
Reducing the Obstacles to Legal Marijuana Business 877 2016-12-28
Sports Interviews from 2016 878 2016-12-29
The Top Science Stories of 2016 879 2016-12-30
Quick Facts About Marijuana in America 880 2017-01-03
How Sessions Could Screw Us 881 2017-01-04
Kids’ Perception of Risk is Becoming Accurate 882 2017-01-05
Interview with Eddy Lepp at Halfway House 883 2017-02-06 Why wouldn’t Trump go after marijuana?; Interview with Eddy Lepp at Halfway House
Reefer Mad Hysterically Inaccurate Data To Attack 884 2017-02-07 Kevin Sabet plans to take back 4/20 at Marijuana Education Summit in Atlanta; Massachusetts TV station demonstrates driving while 20x legal pot limit; Debunking Reefer Mad Hilariously Inaccurate Data To Attack
Jeff Sessions Is Confirmed As Attorney General 885 2017-02-08 Jeff Sessions is Confirmed as Attorney General; Why Marijuana’s Not Too Big to Fail; British Press Use “Thug” in Hamster LSD Story
Inside the Mind of Jeff Sessions 886 2017-02-09
Don’t Fear the (Muslim) Reaper 887 2017-02-10
Round-Up of State Marijuana Reform 888 2017-02-13
DEA Up To Shenanigans Again 889 2017-02-14
George Zimmer and Steph Sherer at CCC PDX 890 2017-02-15
Live Interviews at ICBC SF 891 2017-02-17 Recorded live at the ICBC SF – Hilton Union Square
California Cannabis Regulations Panel at ICBC SF 892 2017-02-21 The California Cannabis Regulations Panel from the International Cannabis Business Conference featuring California Regulator Lori Ajax, Cannabis Growers Alliance head Hezekiah Allen, Cannabiz Attorney Luke Stanton and more.
Merging Medical and Adult Use is Inevitable 893 2017-02-22
You Cannot Believe Hillary’d Be Worse Than Trump 894 2017-02-23
Yes, Non-Clinton Voter, You Helped This Happen 895 2017-02-24 Reactions to Sean Spicer’s Comments Yesterday; I hate to say “I Told You So”, but I Told You So; Tennessee bill fights back against the rising costs of marijuana sentencing; Addiction Specialist Joe Schrank on cannabis-assisted sobriety; Why Drug Testing for Unemployment and Welfare Benefits is Wrong.
There Is No Magic Number For Stoned Drivers 897 2017-02-28 Sessions to State AG’s “We don’t need to be legalizing marijuana”; Jeff Sessions Full Comments to State Attorneys General this morning; The Science on Marijuana and Opioids that Jeff Session Doesn’t Seem to Know; Steve Bloom, Editor-in-Chief of Freedom Leaf Magazine; Today’s Marijuana is So Strong, It Makes Conservatives Abandon States’ Rights
International News and Vegas Cup Update 898 2017-03-01 Republican Congressman Introduces Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana Federally; Debunking Donald Trump Address on Drugs “Pouring Across Our Borders”; Massachusetts Weed Dealers Trying Every Loophole To Sell “Legally”; Cannabis CEO / Expert Todd Mitchem on New Project; RANT: Maybe A Cannabis Crack-Down Is The Kick In The Ass That Ends Marijuana Prohibition.
In-Depth Look At Jeff Sessions Lie 899 2017-03-02 Attorney General Jeff Sessions Will Recuse Himself From Trump/Russia Probes; Attorney General Jeff Sessions Committed Perjury on Sen. Franken’s Russia Question; Evolving Marijuana Policy Around the World; Private Prison Expert Patrick Nightingale from Law Enforcement Action Partnership; RANT: MPP’s Rob Kampia Latest to Stick Head In The Sand Over AG Sessions / Spicer Comments.
900th Episode Retrospectacular 900 2017-03-03 Lessons for Marijuana Activism from LGBT Activism; A look at the Cannabis Caucus and federal bills; Clips from a decade of Radical Russ on the radio.
How Marijuana Saved A Small East Oregon Town 901 2017-03-06 Israel Moves to Decriminalize Marijuana; Baby Steps and Bombshell Bills in Virginia; GOP Reps. Fight for Federal Decrim for Medical and Recreational; Texas Doctor repeats long-debunked marijuana myths; Dr. Mitch Earleywine on Cannabis vs. Opiate Abuse, Psychedelics vs. Opiate Abuse, Cannabis Harm Reduction, Survey of Pregnancy And Pot, CBD vs. Viral Hepatitis, and O/D Calls Up In Washington; RANT: The Oncoming Battles For Home Grow Rights.
They Want Medical and Recreational Separate 902 2017-03-07 Smoked Medical Cannabis Saved by Arkansas Senate; Tell Congress to Let States Decide Their Own Marijuana Policies (; CDOT Says Most Colorado Tokers Drive Within 2 Hours of Toking; Canadian Lawyer Kirk Tousaw at last fall’s ICBC in Vancouver, British Columbia, on Legalization in Canada; RANT: Senator Rob Portman’s comments on gateway spiked marijuana show
What Kind of Sick Society Charges $1,000 For Ambulances 903 2017-03-08 NEWS: Los Angelenos Pass Breakthrough Measure M to Regulate Commercial Pot; FOCUS: The Return of the Guys From Responsible Ohio; WORLD: The Canadian Origins of the Fentanyl-Laced Marijuana Rumor Repeated by US Senator Rob Portman; RANT: The Inalienable Right to Pursue Happiness and what Founding Father Thomas Jefferson Thought of Prohibition.
Joker and Riddler in the Washington Post 904 2017-03-09 NEWS: Six Bipartisan Cosponsors for Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017; FOCUS: Scientists Say Government Marijuana Farm Has Moldy Samples And No Testing Standards; DATA: Oregon Report on Marijuana Legalizaiton and Driving; GUEST: George Zimmer replay on Shareholder Capitalism vs. Stakeholder Capitalism; RANT: Jeff Sessions Comments to Hugh Hewitt Fail to Reject RICO as a Strategy to Enforce CSA.
Project SAM’s Are We Sure FUD Fight 906 2017-03-13 NEWS: New Mexico Governor vetoes industrial hemp again; FOCUS: Oklahoma legislature working to undo state ballot initiative on drug felonies; DATA: Kids who use synthetic weed take greater risks; CANNABIS Q&A w/Dr. Mitch: Pot and stroke/heart attack, Epilepsy patients marijuana use, Oregon DUI study: no epidemic, Most Colorado tokers drive soon, Pot and bladder cancer risk, Treating fear and anxiety; RANT: What’s happened in Colorado since legalization?
Government Weed is Terrible 907 2017-03-14 NEWS: Colorado House OKs Proposals to Set Limits, Crack Down on Home Grows; FOCUS: What’s Really Inside Your Cannabis Vape Cartridge?; DATA: The US Sentencing Commission’s 2016 Report; GUEST: Stu Titus, CEO of Medical Marijuana Inc, in 2015 interview about hemp- derived CBD oil; RANT: The DEA Makes It Clear, Hemp-Derived CBD Oil Is Illegal.
I’m Not In This For The Money, Obviously 908 2017-03-15 NEWS: More drug testing for unemployment just needs Trump’s signature; FOCUS: Jeff Sessions Says Marijuana is “Only Slightly Less Awful” Than Heroin; DATA: Canadian Poll Shows Majority Support Legalization; GUEST: Industrial Hemp Expert, Author Doug Fine on New Mexico Hemp Vetoes; RANT: Jeff Sessions’ Cryptic Comments are the Blue/Black Dress of Marijuana Punditry.
To Boldly Go Where No Radical Russ Has Gone Before 909 2017-03-16 NEWS: Colorado Republcian Congressman Has Plan to Thwart Jeff Sessions Attacks on Marijuana; FOCUS: Sessions DIDN’T Say Marijuana Was Only Slightly Less Awful Than Heroin – It Was Worse Than That; DATA: Washington State Healthy Youth Survey Shows No Increase in Youth Marijuana Use; GUEST: Former Special Agent David Long – Dept. of Labor Office of Inspector General; RANT: Sessions Is Developing A “Fair Plan” With a “Sound Basis” For Legal Marijuana.
New York Times on No-Knock Raid 910 2017-03-20 NEWS: US senator is booed when he brings up the debunked gateway theory; FOCUS: latest examples of hypocrisy from Kevin Sabet’s Project SAM in Vermont; DEBUNK: Educating US Senate on the Marijuana Gateway Drug Theory; GUEST: Dr. Mitch addresses how legalization hurts beer sales and how prohibition hurts medical research; RANT: Debunking the claim that hemp-derived CBD oil is ·legal in all 50 states·.
Mickey Martin is a Shit-Talking Punk 911 2017-03-21 NEWS: New Mexico, Nebraska, and Nevada press forward on marijuana-related bills; FOCUS: Heritage Foundation outlines how Sessions can enforce federal pot laws; DATA: Marijuana raids by police are more deadly than marijuana itself; GUEST: Dr. Jordan Tishler MD on the importance of strains and other cannabis products; RANT: Latest case of cops getting away with torturing and killing an unarmed man.
The Unimpeachable Wisdom of State Lawmakers 912 2017-03-23 NEWS: U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration placed a new THC oral solution in Sch. II; FOCUS: Gorsuch thinks corps have more religious rights than marijuana worshippers; DATA: The cannabis industry is bullish despite Jeff Sessions’ reefer madness; GUEST: Hemp expert Anndrea Hermann, recorded last summer in Vancouver, British Columbia; RANT: How medical cannabis and industrial hemp advocates unknowingly harm legalization.
Twitter Is Now Censoring Marijuana Discussions 913 2017-03-27 NEWS: Canada’s Liberal gov’t is set to announce cannabis legalization will happen on July 1, 2018; FOCUS: Arizona Pharma Insys That Fought Legalization Gets New Synthetic THC Drug OK; DATA: Canada cannabis stocks soar on news of legalization date announcement; GUEST: Dr. Mitch Earleywine with reviews of some of the latest Cannabis Science; RANT: Gov. Chris Christie has been appointed to head a federal opioid task force.
Insys Gets Rewarded For Opposing Arizona Legalization 914 2017-03-28 NEWS: Missouri senator is calling out Insys Therapeutics over the overdose epidemic; FOCUS: Florida Officials Omitted Key Details in the Report of Inmate’s Death; DATA: No, Seeking Alpha, CBD is not an “uncontrolled substance [that] is legal in all 50 states”; GUEST: New Zealand filmmaker Arik Reiss from the doc “Druglawed 2: Scientist”; RANT: The Censorship of Marijuana on the Internet by Google, Facebook, & Instagram.
Fascinating Review of Ancient Chinese Medical Cannabis Knowledge 915 2017-03-29 NEWS: We have a new interim Drug Czar in the Trump Administration; FOCUS: Project SAM·s coming after Oregon law enforcement·s report on Cole Memo violations; DATA: The obscene amount of cash the cops are stealing under civil asset forfeiture; GUEST: A Supreme Court decision on Friday that may decriminalize dagga in South Africa; RANT: How will we sell tax and regulate on a $30 ounce?
The Unintended Consequences of Legalization for Labor 916 2017-03-30 NEWS: President Trump’s new opioid commission features four legalization opponents; FOCUS: Oregon Congressmen announce a trio of bills designed to reform federal marijuana laws; DATA: Debunking a CNN claim about Colorado drug testing; GUEST: Addiction specialist Joe Schrank on using pot to treat opiate addiction; RANT: Kansas City Star Offers Lousy Reasons to Oppose Decriminalization.
Happy 75th Birfday to The Rockin’ Johnny B 917 2017-03-31 NEWS: Marijuana use by adults in their home is now decrim in South Africa; FOCUS: The last eight states with absolute marijuana prohibition; DATA: California Marijuana Dispensaries Pull Products After A Local News Team Discovers Pesticide Laced Pot; GUEST: Jules Stobbs & Myrtle Clarke, the Dagga Couple, on South Africa·s decrim day; RANT: I show you How to Succeed at Trolling Prohibitionists With Six-Second Soundbites
How Trump Will Fight Rec and Embrace Med 918 2017-04-03 NEWS: Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones calls on the NFL to end its ban on pot; FOCUS: The last eight states with absolute marijuana prohibition; DATA: Washington teens are not using marijuana more; GUEST: Dr. Mitch Earleywine reacts to DEA & Ohio Gov. responses to opioid crisis; CHAT: A discussion of the so-called “Mormon Carpool” with activist Angela Bacca.
Every Drug Except Alcohol Has No Per Se DUID Limit 919 2017-04-04 NEWS: Argentina’s latest country to legalize medical cannabinoids; FOCUS: West Virginia and Utah provide contrasting religious views of pot; DATA: Maine proves drug testing for welfare is a wasteful failure; GUEST: Freedom Leaf editor Steve Bloom previews the April Issue & ICBC Berlin; RANT: The latest states to prove the Medical Marijuana Pharmaceutical Box Canyon.
Why Do Airlines Get to Sell Seats Twice 920 2017-04-10 NEWS: New Mexico Gov. vetoed adding opioid use disorder as qualifying condition; FOCUS: Combatting Reefer Madness in Kenya; DATA: Illinoisans are Ready to Legalize. Lawmakers, Not So Much; GUEST: Dr. Mitch on use of cannabis to reduce benzodiazepenes; RANT: Idaho Gov. Butch Otter Only One Keeping State in the Dark Ages.
New Drug Czar Fought to Protect Big Pharma In Opioid Cases 921 2017-04-11 NEWS: Kevin Sabet’s Project SAM Busted For Violations of California Campaign Laws; FOCUS: Four Crucial Marijuana Hearings This Week; DATA: A Lesson for M.A.R.K. in Reading Comprehension and Job Forecast Statistics; GUEST: Claire Kaufmann from Le’Or on the 2nd Cannabis Passover Seder; RANT: While Project SAM Can’t Follow Finance Laws, They’re Attacking Pro-Pot House Reps.
With Mat Lee from Stuff Stoners Like 922 2017-04-12 NEWS: Guam’s Governor Drops Support for His Own Bill to Legalize, Citing Trump Threat; FOCUS: Trump’s New Drug Czar Anti-Marijuana Votes; DATA: Are People Moving To States Where Pot Is Legal?; GUEST: Dr. Jordan Tischler on Cannabis Strains; RANT: Things That Are Less Harmful Than Marijuana in Idaho (Boise Hempfest Sat).
Talking About Stuff Stoners Like With Mat Lee 923 2017-04-13 NEWS: Canada files its legislation to legalize marijuana by July 2018; FOCUS: A fight over minority access to Maryland medical marijuana licenses; DATA: The latest state to hand medmj over to the rich; GUEST: LEAP’s Brian Chapman, former Texas corrections officer; RANT: Tomorrow I Leave The Shire to go to the Mount Doom (Boise) Hempfest in Mordor.
Speeches from Boise Hempfest 924 2017-04-17 NEWS: Jared Kushner butting heads with Jeff Sessions over criminal justice policy, reports NY Times; FOCUS: Trump’s pick for Drug Czar took $150,000 from Big Pharma; DATA: Yahoo! News new poll called Weed & The American Family; GUEST: Boise Hempfest Talks from Lori Duckworth, Russ Belville, Cat Jeter, Craig Beresh, Cheryl Shuman, Megan Holt, & Adela Falk.
Marijuana Smokers Are Boring Ordinary People, Too 925 2017-04-18 NEWS: Colorado marijuana DUI citations dropped by one-third, says CDOT; FOCUS: Full Remarks by DHS Secretary John Kelly; BIZ: Demitri Downing from SW Cannabis Conference & Expo this week in Dallas; GUEST: Beverly Hills Cannabis Club Founder Cheryl Shuman in Boise; RANT: We Can Promote Good Images of Consumers While Not Denigrating Stoners
What If We Treated Alcohol Like Marijuana 926 2017-05-01 N.A. Poe and Chris Goldstein Busted in SWAT Raid
Chris Christie Says Democrats Will Poison Kids With Weed 927 2017-05-02
Jordan Edwards Murdered By Police, No Arrest Yet 928 2017-05-03
You Can’t Blame Pot For Bad But Ignore The Good 929 2017-05-04 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Speeches from the North Texas Marijuana March 930 2017-05-10 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Why Must Social Use Licensing Be So Difficult? 931 2017-05-11 Denver’s onerous regulations for social use licensing threaten to rule it out of existence before it begins.
Reactions to JeffBo Sessions’ Call for More Drug Punishment 932 2017-05-12 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Why Would You Stop John Sajo From Growing Marijuana? 933 2017-05-15 New rules for forbidding medical marijuana grows registered where there is no street address threaten to end the three-decades of compassion shown by legendary medical grower John Sajo.
Republicans Love Power More Than America 934 2017-05-16 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Drug Testing Is Only Catching One in Four Tokers 935 2017-05-17 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Dr. Carl Hart’s Life Threatened in the Philippines 936 2017-05-18 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Cannabis in Alaska with Liz Dubbe and Johnny Grey 937 2017-05-22 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Comparing Nevada and Oregon Legalization 938 2017-05-23 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Deconstructing Vermont Governor’s Veto 939 2017-05-25 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Cannabis is the Aluminum of the 21st Century 940 2017-06-12 As Heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Jeff Sessions Has Worse Memory Than Potheads He Wants to Lock Up 941 2017-06-13 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Not Much 2nd Amendment Remedies Talk From GOP Today 942 2017-06-14 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Project SAM Can’t Keep Their Views on Schedule I Straight 943 2017-06-15 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Cop Who Shot Philando Castile Found Not Guilty 944 2017-06-16 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Jeff Sessions and Boston Newspapers Fail Logic 101 945 2017-06-19 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Boycott AAA for their contrascientific cannabigotry about driving 946 2017-06-20 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
What Does a Black Man Have To Do To Not Be Shot by Cops 947 2017-06-21 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Why Do We Accept Separate and Unequal Segregation by Gender? 948 2017-06-22 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Canada Issues Safe Marijuana Use Guidelines 949 2017-06-23 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Utah Activists Fight For No Smoke No Home Grow Medical Marijuana 950 2017-06-26 Activists in Utah are planning to launch a 2018 medical marijuana bid by initiative that bans smoking and home grow, to prod the legislature to perhaps pass something… more restrictive? As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville.
Three Strikes and You’re Dead in Ohio 951 2017-06-27 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
The Worst of Us Are Going to Ruin It For the Rest of Us 952 2017-06-28 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Hempfest Didn’t Support I-502, Now Struggling to Survive 953 2017-06-29 Seattle Hempfest in its fourth year post-legalization is paring back stages and struggling to survive.
The Statistics Behind the Opioid Overdose Crisis 954 2017-06-30 Grappling with whether 60,000 deaths from overdose is an “epidemic,” “crisis,” or “catastrophe,” I look at how manufacturing quotas, addiction, and overdose deaths are all correlated, kinda like guns.
Trump is the Traitor Within Whom Cicero Warned Us About 955 2017-07-03 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
Debunking All The Talking Points of the Hemp Oil Hucksters 956 2017-07-06 As heard on The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville
How the Democrats Consistently Mess Up Messaging 957 2017-07-07 A new poll shows Democrats, especially younger ones, want a socialist, not a capitalist, to lead the party. So Nancy Pelosi takes that off the table.
They Really Think a Goal of 0% Drug Use is Attainable 958 2017-07-10 More discussion of DEA Special Agent Jeff Stamm; revealing my booking on the Midnight in the Desert talk radio show
Karma Kicks Big Pharma Exec With Opiate Dependence Right in the Ass 959 2017-07-11 A former Insys employee (the company that makes sublingual fentanyl and donated $500K to stop legalization) accused of bribing doctors to overprescribe fentanyl, is now addicted to opioids and a judge has denied him use of medical marijuana.
The Guy Selling You $129/g CBD Oil Believes It’s Legal 960 2017-07-12 CW Hemp CEO Joel Stanley peddles his “hemp-derived CBD oil is legal” bunk in an op-ed; How often must someone smoke pot to be a pot smoker?
Marijuana Prohibition is Barbaric and Cruel 961 2017-07-13 Discussing the case of Michael Brooks, forced to give up medical marijuana and risk death to get his kids back; how did Nevada get in the mess of not having marijuana distributors?; why I’m applauding Hawaii getting rid of “medical marijuana” in the law books
No licensed marijuana dealer has ever murdered a customer 962 2017-07-14 Update on the DiNardo weed-murder case in Bucks County, PA; 102 overdose on synthetic cannabinoids in Lancaster County, PA; Ohio NORML’s accounts at PNC Bank are closed; Michigan ahead of schedule on legalization efforts; Trump worries about Americans being pelted in the head by catapulted Mexican drugs.
There is no Magic Bullet Court Case to Make Marijuana Legal 963 2017-07-17 Explaining how the Connecticut lawyer attempting to get court to find prohibition unconstitutional is barking up the wrong tree.
More Highlights From My Time on Midnight in the Desert with Heather Wade 964 2017-07-18 More Highlights From My Time on Midnight in the Desert with Heather Wade
Debunking Kevin Sabet’s $3.3B Marijuana Costs Claim 965 2017-07-19 I take on Kevin Sabet’s claim that the half-billion in marijuana tax revenue in Colorado has been offset by $3.3 billion in social costs.
The Secret Colorado Federal Drug War Meeting 966 2017-07-20 A secret meeting in Colorado to discuss marijuana policy; the cost of an NFL one-game suspension for weed; smuggling weed in Ford Fusions means big conspiracy
The History of Radical Russ Podcasts 967 2018-01-31 Clips from XM Satellite Radio, NORML Daily Audio Stash, NORML SHOW LIVE, and The Russ Belville Show
Legal State Congressmen Press Mnuchin on Marijuana Banking 968 2018-02-07 Reps. Sherman (CA), Heck (WA), and Perlmutter (CO) question Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin about access to banking by legal marijuana businesses
Former NRA Head’s Views on Medical Marijuana Gun Rights A Little Too Late 969 2018-02-14 Former NRA President now says medical marijuana patients should have gun rights; Joe Kennedy III knows he’s out of touch with his party on legalization, doesn’t care; Tampa Sheriff Grady Judd says fentanyl deaths start with marijuana addictions; Attorney General Sessions whines about Sen. Gardner DOJ nominee holds over DOJ marijuana threats.
Oklahoma Fears That Direct Democracy Could Lead to Legal Weed 970 2018-02-21 The one good thing from the canceled show ‘Disjointed’; The sneaky secret in Virginia CBD oil law; Oklahoma lawmakers seek to make citizen initiative harder, citing legal weed; Mexican cartels shifting to heroin and meth, since legalization took their weed business.
Trump Dreams of Executing Drug Dealers 971 2018-02-28 Tragic murder of my tattoo artist’s friend in Dallas; Trump is said to regularly launch into tirade about executing drug dealers; Part 2 of Dr. Mitch’s countdown of top ten cannabis science stories; Arkansas TV anchor’s disclosure about medical cannabis; Trump attacks Sessions again; MIssissippi police chief caught toking on camera.
Federal Law Allows Trump to Execute Some Drug Dealers 972 2018-03-07 A look at the federal law that allows the government to seek the death penalty for certain drug traffickers.
How an Alabama Sheriff Legally Pocketed $750,000 of Jail Money to Buy Beach House 973 2018-03-14 A look at the federal law that allows the government to seek the death penalty for certain drug traffickers.
Serra Frank Fought the Law (And the Law Won, for Now) 974 2018-03-21 Tackling the reefer madness of anti-pot millionaire Julie Schauer; Serra Frank’s tale of holding a smoke-out protest on the steps of the Idaho capitol.
Six Ways to Fix American Democracy (Part 1) 975 2018-03-28 Six ways to fix American Democracy begins with Ranked Choice Voting and increasing the size of the US House; more flashback with Bobby Platshorn just eight weeks before Florida passed medical marijuana.
Mr. Kampia, Angelfire Called and it Wants Its Website Back 976 2018-04-04 MPP Founder Rob Kampia’s new website includes his thoughts on “Sexual Politics” and a template design straight out of the 1990s.
Leftist Vote-Tossing Idiots Are Going to Get Trump Re-Elected 977 2018-04-11 The combination of leading Democrats being spineless on the marijuana issue and the progressive wing sabotaging candidates by voting third party will get Donald Trump re-elected… if he’s not impeached.
SPECIAL 4/20 Panel Discusses Republican Shift on Legalization 976 2018-04-18 As Donald Trump signals support for states’ rights to marijuana legalization and John Boehner joins a cannabusiness board, I spoke with five marijuana activists for their reactions. We hear from Justin Strekal, political director at NORML; Morgan Fox, communications director at MPP; Jodie Emery, spokesperson for Canada’s Cannabis Culture; midwestern forfeiture activist Eapen Thampy; and marijuana contributor Chris Goldstein.

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