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Tag: Cory Gardner

Headlines: President Trump Supports Senator Gardner’s Marijuana Federalism Bill

President Trump supports Senator Gardner’s Marijuana States’ Rights bill; Attorney General Sessions out of the loop on Trump / Gardner talks; Congressional Black Caucus endorses end to federal marijuana prohibition; Hemp legalization slipped into Farm Bill by Senate Majority Leader McConnell; Canadian Senate passes C-45 cannabis legalization bill.

Headlines: Senators Introduce STATES Act to Protect Legal States

Senate panel votes to advance VA medmj bill; Sens. Warren & Gardner introduce STATES Act; Rep. Sessions blocks four marijuana amendments in the House; Rep. Jared Polis says he’d sign marijuana bills Hickenlooper vetoed; Minneapolis ceases pot stings after all but one busted were black.

Headlines: Feinstein Compared to Sessions in California Attack Ad

Primary challenger to Senator Feinstein releases marijuana attack ad comparing her to Sessions; Michigan Senator Stabenow supports legalization, but doesn’t sign on to reform bills; Senators Gardner and Warren team up on federal reform; Leading Maryland Dem gubernatorial candidate opposes legalization; Canadian conservatives compare drug decrim to “a bad trip.”

The Founder of NORML, Keith Stroup, on the Future of Legal Weed

NEWS: VA admits they can talk to veterans about medical cannabis; DEBUNK: Rep. Pete Sessions’ insane claim that marijuana today is “300 times more potent” than 1973; GUEST: Keith Stroup, founder of NORML, on the future of marijuana legalization as we move on to non-initiative, non-coastal states.