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Tag: Mariana Islands

Headlines: Trump Admin Convenes Secret Anti-Marijuana Committee

Trump Admin orders 14 federal agencies and DEA to coordinate anti-marijuana messaging; Sen Gardner pushes back on anti-pot federal campaign; Mariana Islands passes legalization bill to gov’s desk; Army increasingly waiving past marijuana use for recruits; Indiana AG highlights potential marijuana use under Right to Try Act.

Headlines: Mariana Islands House Approves Recreational Marijuana Bill

Northern Mariana Islands may be first US jurisdiction to jump straight to medical marijuana; Florida congressman wants to protect employment rights of legal pot smokers; Oklahoma legalizers admit falsifying signature counts; Cannabis dependency is down despite legal use going up; Dispensaries near schools don’t affect teen use; Almost 1-in-5 California tokers still buying from illegal market.

Headlines: Trump VA Officials Secretly Lobbied for Veteran MedMJ Studies

VA emails show desire to study medmj, but fear of Jeff Sessions; Senate Appropriations Committee questions medmj research; 1st Massachusetts retail license awarded to Cultivate Holdings; Utah prohibitionists drop suit to stop Prop 2; Mariana Islands closer to jumping straight to legalization; Epileptic Georgia teen allowed to return home.

Headlines: CNMI May Go Straight to Legalization

US territory may legalize rec use, medical use, and industrial hemp all at once; Florida judge hears case challenging medical marijuana smoking ban; Trump campaign aiming to flip Colorado based on his non-interference with marijuana; New York City officials coming around on marijuana reform; Philippine prison head calls for death penalty for drug possession.

The Fed Gov’t “is No Longer One of Limited and Enumerated Powers.”

NEWS: Federal judge dismisses lawsuit challenging Schedule I marijuana status; DATA: Americans for Safe Access releases 2018 medical marijuana state report cards; GUEST: Dr. Mitch Earleywine counts down the top ten cannabis science studies of February; RANT: Justice Thomas was right – it’s time for a 9th Amendment fight!