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Tag: Florida

Headlines: Marijuana Affecting Gubernatorial Races

Gubernatorial candidates in South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Florida discuss medical marijuana and legalization; Bloomberg reports record short sales of cannabis stocks; Tommy Chong turns 80.

Headlines: CNMI May Go Straight to Legalization

US territory may legalize rec use, medical use, and industrial hemp all at once; Florida judge hears case challenging medical marijuana smoking ban; Trump campaign aiming to flip Colorado based on his non-interference with marijuana; New York City officials coming around on marijuana reform; Philippine prison head calls for death penalty for drug possession.

Headlines: Missouri activists submit signatures for three medical marijuana initiatives

Three initiative campaigns for medical marijuana submit signatures in Missouri; NY Gov candidate Cynthia Nixon speaks at NYC marijuana rally; Senator Bernie Sanders seemingly endorses drug decriminalization; Florida medical marijuana doctors more than twice as likely to have negative histories; New report shows marijuana’s threat to booze and pills.

Headlines: Jeff Sessions Admits Marijuana “May Well Be” Medicinal

Jeff Sessions Admits Marijuana “May Well Be” Medicinal; Florida Republican Congressmen speak out on House floor for medical marijuana; FDA denies protection of Insys Therapeutics synthetic cannabis drug; Canada’s ruling Liberal party declares all drugs should be decriminalized.

Dedicated to the Loving Memory of Lynne Platshorn

Talking about the “Greed & Evil” of the anti-marijuana lobby with author Robert “Bobby Tuna” Platshorn; Latest Monitoring the Future data shows the lowest teen drug use rates have all occurred since marijuana legalization; Rebuking policy pundit Jonathan Caulkins assertion that fighting for marijuana freedom is “juvenile.”