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Tag: Jeff Sessions

Headlines: Four States’ Gubernatorial Primary Winners… on Weed!

Results of primary elections for governor in Oregon, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, and Idaho; Kansas removes cannabidiol from definition of marijuana; Rep. Pete Sessions blocks three pro-hemp amendments to Farm Bill; Ohio gears up for legalization petition drive for 2019; Snoop Dogg tells tale of Tupac, Madonna, and SNL on weed.

Headlines: Sessions Reiterates Marijuana’s Federally Illegal

Attorney General Jeff Sessions tells Congress he can’t give safe harbor to weed biz; Senator Mitch McConnell trying to legalize hemp in the Farm Bill; Congressman Matt Gaetz calls federal research marijuana the “government cheese of cannabis;” Illinois Senate approves swapping cannabis for opioids; Former NJ Lt. Gov. who opposed legalization now serving cannabiz; European bank thinks women will swap wine for weed.

Headlines: Jeff Sessions Admits Marijuana “May Well Be” Medicinal

Jeff Sessions Admits Marijuana “May Well Be” Medicinal; Florida Republican Congressmen speak out on House floor for medical marijuana; FDA denies protection of Insys Therapeutics synthetic cannabis drug; Canada’s ruling Liberal party declares all drugs should be decriminalized.