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Tag: Ohio

Headlines: Four States’ Gubernatorial Primary Winners… on Weed!

Results of primary elections for governor in Oregon, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, and Idaho; Kansas removes cannabidiol from definition of marijuana; Rep. Pete Sessions blocks three pro-hemp amendments to Farm Bill; Ohio gears up for legalization petition drive for 2019; Snoop Dogg tells tale of Tupac, Madonna, and SNL on weed.

Headlines: Schumer Introduces Federal Marijuana Descheduling

Senate Minority Leader introduces legalization bill; Michigan Republicans may undercut legalization initiative with legislation; HIGH TIMES SoCal Cannabis Cup’s cannabis nixed; New Jersey cops brag about 5 pound 4/20 bust; Ohio AG rejects legalization petition summary; Bleacher Report talks to athletes about weed during their careers.

Yes, Pete Sessions, Your Problem Is That You Haven’t Smoked Marijuana

NEWS: VA Secretary admits VA can research medical marijuana, then punts to Congress; Rep. Barbara Lee introduces the Marijuana Justice Act; GUEST: Dr. Jahan Marcu from Americans for Safe Access on government shutdown and effect on DOJ vs. medical marijuana states; RANT: Project SAMUEL is getting desperate in its latest poll.