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Tell Your Oregon Reps To Support Will Of The Voters On Measure 91

One Democratic Senator is already claiming the people just wanted legalization and they don’t care too much about Measure 91’s “fine print”. A Republican Senator is already asking about abolishing the medical marijuana program.

District Attorney Who Opposed Oregon Legalization In Charge Of Implementing Marijuana Regulations

The task of implementing the regulations falls to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, whose chair, Rob Patridge, pledged to “make this measure work Oregon’s way“

Southern Children Still Suffer Waiting for Legal CBD Oil

It’s sad to think of all the children in the South who’d be smiling, laughing, and playing today, if only they lived in Colorado or any of the medical marijuana states that provide juvenile access to CBD oil.

Medical Marijuana Makes Media Mangle Math

The public is supposed to be shocked that so-called “pot docs” are churning out medical marijuana recommendations like everybody’s-a-winner ribbons at a grade school swim meet.

No More Special Rights For Religion

Your particular interpretation of the multiply-mistranslated, politically-selected, shepherd-written Bronze Age Jewish folklore about the invisible sky fairy and his flying telepathic zombie son doesn’t mean you get to abandon parts of your job.

The Hypocrites: The Cannabis Closet In Seven Everyday Lives

As I read Eaton’s book, I began re-thinking what hypocrisy means. Eaton weaves her novel through seven distinct tales of closeted members of the cannabis community.

The 2014 United States Venn Diagram of Freedom (Correction)

Recently, a Redditor came up with an interesting left-wing Venn diagram and the folks at Reason came up with a right-wing Venn diagram. That inspired me to merge the two to find out where a gay married couple could pack heat and hold weed. I call it the United States Venn Diagram of Freedom.

Oregon Prosecutors Drop Marijuana Charges Before Legalization Goes Into Effect

Multnomah County District Attorney announced that the county will dismiss fifty pending marijuana cases where the violations in question will be made legal.

Over 56,000 Fewer Marijuana Arrests in 2013

Marijuana arrests are now within about 125,000 of reaching 25 million since President Nixon declared war on “public enemy number one”, which we likely passed in March of this year.

Dying for Pot in a MedMJ State (RIP Jim Klahr)

In Oregon and most of the states that passed medical marijuana laws in the first ten years after California, there is no protection against discrimination by organ transplant centers against people that use cannabis medically.

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