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Part 2: The Drug Czar Fears Legal Pot Will Trigger His Alcoholism

Today, we continue with Botticelli’s thoughts on how legalization impacts people like him who are in recovery from drug addiction.

Part 1: Meet the New Drug Czar, Same as the Old Drug Czar

The leader of the anti-legalization group Project SAM, Kevin Sabet, sat down for an interview with the newly-confirmed head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (a.k.a. “the drug czar”), Michael Botticelli.

There Are Such People As “Social Tokers”, Governor Walker

“Now there are people who abuse (alcohol), no doubt about it, but I think it’s a big jump between someone having a beer and smoking marijuana.”

The Arrogance of Oregon Politicians on Marijuana

As the legislature sees it, in 2012, voters who craved legalization were apparently smart enough to reject the details of OCTA, but in 2014, voters were apparently ignoring the details of New Approach Oregon because they simply craved legalization.

Illegal Marijuana’s Gateway Leads Straight To The Dealer

Gov. Walker told assembled reporters that the sheriffs had urged him not to support “marijuana use legally in the state of Wisconsin” because “they were still very concerned that (marijuana) was a gateway drug.”

How Marijuana Makes You Healthier

Now that four states have legalized marijuana and twenty-three recognize medical use, the flood of new research revealing marijuana’s positive health benefits will be overwhelming.

Is Minnesota Ready to Legalize Pot?

A plurality of 49 percent of Minnesotans agree, with just 44 percent opposed, that Minnesota should legalize marijuana.

Who Will Legalize Ohio… and How?

The 800lb. gorilla so far is ResponsibleOhio. Will the other three groups continue their quixotic quests for perfect legalization or will they combine resources to provide an effective single counter-proposal?

Your Brain on Marijuana is Just Fine

When scientists examine actual humans who consume marijuana, they find little to no differences in cognitive function.

Oregon’s MBank Revokes Pot Biz Services, Congressman Wants Answers

Oregon’s MBank made headlines last week when it announced it would be taking marijuana-related business in Colorado, but this week, MBank announced it was pulling out of Colorado.

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