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Marijuana Condoms

Like marijuana, condoms can have a legitimate medical purpose (preventing disease), but they can also have a compelling recreational purpose (having sex without making babies).

Why Big Tobacco Taking Over Marijuana Is A Stupid Scare

We overgrew state and federal prohibition, we overgrow Mexican cartels, and we will overgrow corporate attempts to monopolize marijuana.

What’s the Point of Voting When Lawmakers Ignore the Vote?

So I wonder, what is the point of having an initiative system if the legislature is just going to ignore what the people voted on? This isn’t a story about marijuana.

It’s Not About the High, It’s About the Civil Liberty

Now that majority support for legalization is five-for-five in 2015 national polls (and 8 for 10 in 2014) and legislatures are warming up to legalization, it is time for medical advocates to realize fighting for all of us is the only way to achieve lasting and true civil liberty.

How The Media Negatively Frames Marijuana Use

“Woman ‘2 drunk 2 care’ gets 24 years for fatal wrong-way crash” is just one character longer than the “Pot Princess” headline and it’s far more representative of the gist of the story.

Oregon’s Marijuana Experts May Have Been Busted For Marijuana, So What?

Funny how the Bend Bulletin chooses to frame the selection of RAC members while every other Oregon news outlet simply reported who they were. All of them.

Legalization Is Not to Blame for PacNW MedMJ Reductions

When dispensaries began to appear in Washington and Oregon, nobody ever recognized that the reason medical advocates gave for needing increased limits had now vanished. Now medical advocates had their cake and got to eat it, too.

Confessions of a Cannabis Cup Hash Judge

As we sampled, we took notes for each category. Some hashes had pine, lemon, juniper, wood, or cheese aroma overtones. Tastes ranged from berry to diesel and from smooth hits to harsh hacks. The highs included buzzy, tingling, energetic sativas to relaxed, pain-relieving, couch-lock indicas.

White Guys Legalized, Why Shouldn’t They Profit?

When it was the right to a bus seat, a lunch counter, and the voting booth, it was Martin Luther King, Jr. leading black people to fight for their rights, making themselves an even greater target, and eventually attracting sympathetic white people and changing the laws. But the right to smoke a joint? It was Keith Stroup and a bunch of white folks making themselves into a target that nobody ever would have pinned on them otherwise, and it was black leaders mobilizing against legalization.

Kevin Sabet Knows Marijuana Doesn’t Cause Schizophrenia, Lies Anyway

Genetics, environment, even the month you are born have a greater statistical significance in predicting schizophrenia than does one’s use of marijuana. But that didn’t stop Project SAM head Kevin Sabet from trotting out that Zombie Lie when Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s “Weed 3″ called for immediate nationwide legalization of medical marijuana:

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