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Thousands Celebrate Oregon Marijuana Freedom with a #BurnsideBurn

Everywhere I looked, people were handing out joints, starter plants, seeds, and loose marijuana. Clouds of smoke billowed across the bridge as everyone who could toked in celebration.

The Last Hours of Oregon Marijuana Prohibition

Today’s Radical Rant is the last one I write for HIGH TIMES as a criminal in my home state.

Legalization Always Trumps Prohibition

Legalization always trumps prohibition. Legalization is always better than a consumer’s arrest or a patient’s death.

The 12 Levels of Marijuana Legalization

I frame my view of legalization based on the facts that 7 out of 8 arrests for marijuana are consumers, not growers, and that anything that frees the consumers makes catching the growers far more difficult.

Happy Legalization Day, Oregon!

As of press time, there is still a month to go in the Oregon legislative session; how taxation and licensing and local control will work out by July 1 is anybody’s guess.

A Conversation with Pot POW Eddy Lepp

In the interview you’ll hear from Eddy Lepp when he expects to be released from prison (sooner than expected!), how he misses the great Jack Herer, and more.

Senator Ferrioli Explains Why West Idaho Needs Exemption from Oregon Marijuana Law

It’s time for activists on the left and right to come together for a constitutional amendment that, like Washington State, prohibits any legislative tinkering with a citizen initiative for two years.

Oregon Legislature Hates Marijuana More Than It Respects Democracy

Any county that voted against Measure 91 with more than 55 percent of the vote will be allowed to ban marijuana commerce. That makes up almost all the counties east of the Cascade Mountains.

Does ResponsibleOhio Suck Worse Than Marijuana Prohibition?

In 2015 in Ohio, you don’t get to vote for the legalization you may want. You get to vote to end prohibition with ResponsibleOhio or to vote with the cops, courts, prisons, and rehabs that want to keep prohibition.

Oregon Legislators Propose Stunning “New Oregon / West Idaho” Compromise

While marijuana was legalized in 2014 by a 56 percent statewide vote, Ferrioli has been fighting for the right of Eastern Oregon counties to ignore the new law.

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