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Flashback: Oregon Prohibitionists’ 1998 Predictions About Medical Marijuana

It was Ballot Measure 67 and there were numerous ballot statements in opposition predicting all manner of doom if we allowed sick people to use marijuana in the Beaver State.

No on Measure 91 Campaign Makes The Case FOR Legalizing Marijuana

As I watched the live stream of their press conference, however, I was shocked by how often these anti-pot crusaders made the case FOR legalizing marijuana under Measure 91.

Why Oregon $heriff$ Really Want To Keep Marijuana Illegal

Marijuana is unique among drugs in that it has a powerful smell and it is commonly used (1 in 9 adult Oregonians aged 21+ use marijuana monthly, 1 in 6.5 use annually). When you look at it that way, spending about $180,000 to protect $1.4 million is a reasonable return on investment.

8 of 12 Anti-Measure 91 Statements Are From Mandi Puckett

This Mandi Puckett is the lady who worked at BestCare Prevention, who was the $15,000 presenting sponsor of the “education” tour to defeat Measure 91 that would have given tens of thousands of dollars in public money to bring Kevin Sabet to town, just as had been done in 2012 against Measure 80.

Oregon Drug Summit “Intentionally Planned” Around Marijuana Legalization

Now, thanks to the Open Records Request you helped fund, we find emails to Jefferson County DA Steven LeRiche that prove that tour organizers hold these summits to attack legalization on the ballot.

Desperate Lies About Measure 91 From DA Eric Nisley

From repeating DA Josh Marquis’ lie that Measure 91 decriminalizes smuggling weed into prison to a $200 million estimate to fund the OLCC, this infographic gives you the facts.

The “Quarterback of the Anti-Legalization Movement” Throws a Pick-Six

My recollection of Sabet’s tour is blurring a bit with my love for the gridiron and my love for the ganja, but bear with me (and, on further review, da Bears still suck!)

9.1 Reasons OMMP Patients Should Vote Yes On Measure 91

Passing Measure 91 isn’t just good for recreational consumers like me, it is vital for the protection of medical marijuana cardholders like you.

Oregon Marijuana Vote Shenanigans – Clatsop County Emails Online

You can now access all the records I uncover in this ongoing Open Records Request regarding Oregon Marijuana Vote Shenanigans here. Spread the info far and wide, just attribute to “Radical” Russ Belville of as you do. Emails located at

Are Oregon DAs Hiding Public Business From Records Requests?

Does anyone out there NOT think that this is “any writing… relating to… public business… not limited to… records… retained by a public body regardless of physical form or characteristics”?

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