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Day Two at #ReformConf15

“If this movement is really a movement about elevating people who use drugs, that we have at the forefront people who actually use drugs and are not ashamed to say it.”

Opening Plenary at Day One of #ReformConf15 in Washington DC

This is the largest gathering the Drug Policy Alliance has ever held, with over 1,400 attendees from 71 countries.

Medford Challenges Right to Home Grow Medical Marijuana

A lack of actual data, however, hasn’t stopped a majority of the City Council from believing that marijuana growing is an existential threat to peace and harmony in Medford.

My Coverage of Drug Policy Alliance Reform Conference in DC

The conference is notable for its broad scope of not just marijuana law reform but policy examination for all drugs.

Celebrities Cashing in on Big Marijuana

Willie Nelson much more than the others has put his money where his mouth is when it has come to legalizing marijuana and creating these economic opportunities.

The Real Joke: The History of DEA’s Opinion on Medical Marijuana

We’ve gone from a DEA head interested in decriminalization of marijuana to a DEA head who thinks marijuana isn’t medicinal and we’re actually smoking leaf rather than bud.

Washington State Marijuana Traffic Fatality Data Tell Us Nothing

The most important data point is this: since marijuana has been legally for sale in Washington State, traffic fatality rates have not budged.

Nevada Legalization Takes Arizona’s No Home Grow “Halo” Rule

Nevada’s CRMLA is instituting Arizona’s 25-mile halo rule while Arizona’s CRMLA gives localities the ability to ban home growing altogether.

Can Massachusetts Legalizers Learn from Maine?

In Maine, the big news is that the two competing marijuana legalization campaigns have now gotten behind just one campaign.

Eastern Oregon Helps Illegal Weed Dealers

“They stopped any legal business from setting up here to compete with me! They gave me the best possible deal – legal weed with illegal profits!”

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