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Oregon Officials May Be Covering Their Tracks on Illegal Electioneering

Karen Wheeler, of the Oregon Health Authority writes: We have determined the multi-city educational tour that has been planned falls inside the lines of political activity given the featured speaker and the timing of the events right before the election.

No, Josh Marquis, a pot ticket ain’t like a speeding ticket

“You didn’t get a free ride in a police car. You didn’t have a criminal record,” Marquis said. “That’s what less than an ounce of marijuana is in Oregon.”

Oregon Marijuana “Education” Only Occurs When Marijuana’s on the Ballot

We have evidence that the official spokesperson for the No on 91 campaign, Mandi Puckett, has been using her position as a substance abuse prevention counselor for Descutes County, Oregon, to campaign against the current legalization initiative and the initiative that failed in 2012.

Oregon DA Likes FBI Arrest Stats, Unless They Support Marijuana Legalization

If Marquis is considering those 2,514 juvenile mostly-citations as being “the second highest arrest rate of juvenile drug crime in the nation,” isn’t he exhibiting the same sort of intellectual dishonesty he accused Peter Zuckerman of?

In 2012, Oregon Marijuana Education Summit Was Definitely Political (UPDATED)

Kevin Sabet was openly discussing what he imagined the pitfalls of marijuana legalization would be at the 2012 Summit, and BestCare and Jefferson County were sponsoring it, presumably with taxpayer money.

US Rep Calls For Fed Investigation Over Anti-Pot Initiative Campaign

US Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) has called on the directors of the federal Office of National Drug Control Policy and the Substance Abuse Mental Health Administration to investigate allegations of illegal use of public taxpayer funds to influence Oregon’s upcoming vote on marijuana legalization, known as Measure 91.

The Desperate Lies of Josh Marquis, Oregon’s Lonely Anti-Marijuana District Attorney

Since legalization is such a popular idea, it is up to Marquis to sow the seeds of doubt, confusion, and fear so voters will stick with the status quo of prohibition.

My Vote Yes on Measure 91 Ballot Statement

Would you like to sign on to support marijuana legalization in Oregon? If you live in Oregon, you can sign on to the Argument in Favor we’re submitting for the Oregon Ballot.

The 420RADIO NFL Fantasy LeagueOLies 2014

The purpose of this league is to provide a competitive comparison of regular fantasy teams against a team composed solely of marijuana-using players who have been caught in college or the pros.

The Kevin Sabet Oregon Marijuana Education Tour Against Measure 91 will present The Russ Belville Show LIVE Streaming at every Kevin Sabet tour date in Oregon to bring the people the actual truth about marijuana and not the sales pitch by Big Rehab, Law Enforcement, and the Prison Industry to maintain the status quo of prohibition.

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