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Is Minnesota Ready to Legalize Pot?

A plurality of 49 percent of Minnesotans agree, with just 44 percent opposed, that Minnesota should legalize marijuana.

Who Will Legalize Ohio… and How?

The 800lb. gorilla so far is ResponsibleOhio. Will the other three groups continue their quixotic quests for perfect legalization or will they combine resources to provide an effective single counter-proposal?

Your Brain on Marijuana is Just Fine

When scientists examine actual humans who consume marijuana, they find little to no differences in cognitive function.

Oregon’s MBank Revokes Pot Biz Services, Congressman Wants Answers

Oregon’s MBank made headlines last week when it announced it would be taking marijuana-related business in Colorado, but this week, MBank announced it was pulling out of Colorado.

Welcome the Red State Refugees!

I considered how I would explain my love of Oregon and its love of weed to you. I quickly realized that many of you reading have a far greater claim to your affection for this state, as I am a transplant from Idaho.

The Marijuana Double Standard

If you smoked a joint in Denver or Seattle last week on vacation, you could lose your job, your child custody, and a shot at that new kidney.

How Hempcrete Can Change the World

So here I am, converted to the gospel of Hempcrete, ready to proselytize to the world an affordable building material that is ecologically sustainable, economically viable, and will help clean our atmosphere of climate-warming carbon dioxide.

NCAA Has Sports’ & Industry’s Strictest Anti-Pot Threshold

Had Carrington been a soldier, airline pilot, or Olympic athlete, it’s entirely possible he wouldn’t have failed their drug tests.

Medical Marijuana Laws Reduce Suicide by Men Under 40

“When we examine the relationship between legalization and suicides by gender and age, we find evidence that [medical marijuana laws] are associated with decreased suicides…”

CNBC ‘s Harry Smith on “Marijuana Country: The Cannabis Boom”

“I think one of the big differences is the western part of the United States vs. the eastern part of the United States.” — CNBC’s Harry Smith

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