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The “No Third Legal Drug” Anti-Marijuana Argument

When it comes to drugs, if they really mean “Two Is Enough”, then why stick with the two most harmful? Why no third legal drug if it’s safer than those two?

For California Marijuana Legalization, It’s AUMA vs. Prohibition

A very well-meaning friend of mine recently posted a picture to Facebook that was a section from the California Adult …Read the Rest

Marijuana Heart Attack Claims Bogus

The rates for dying post-heart attack while in the hospital were lower for the marijuana consumers, debunking common marijuana heart attack claims.

Bernie Sanders Paraphernalia a Yuge Hit

Whether Bernie Sanders wins the nomination or not, you win with these unique Bernie Sanders paraphernalia like lighters, papers, pipes, and ashtrays.

The Idiocy of Anti-LGBT Bathroom Laws

The recent spate of anti-LGBT bathroom laws don’t even make sense from the perspective of someone who hates and fears transgender people.

How to be a Legal Pot Smoker in 10 States

Arizona, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, & New Hampshire all recognize California medical marijuana cards, plus Oregon, Alaska, Colorado, & Washington are legal.

2016 National Marijuana Legalization Tipping Point

As we approach November 2016, it is our national marijuana legalization tipping point. I’ll be covering it all for the Cannabis Radio News on

Nevada Medical Marijuana Changes Cost Patients Their Home Grow

Nevada medical marijuana changes affect the home grow rights of patients on the eve of marijuana legalization that forbids home grow near pot shops.

NY Daily News Slams Kennedy’s Moon Shot Fantasy

Imagining how the New York Daily News Slams Kennedy’s call to walk on the moon in 1961 if thy treated him like they treated Bernie Sanders in an interview.

Instead of Marijuana, Imagine Prohibited Milk

If you can imagine prohibited milk, you might appreciate how truly unnecessary, frustrating, and terrifying marijuana prohibition really is.

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