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Missouri Cannabis Restoration and Protection Act (MO-CRaP) Ignores Reality

Don’t waste your time with the True Legalizers™. Put your money and effort into New Approach Missouri and actually accomplish something.

Kids After Legalization: Marijuana’s Not Risky But It’s Harder To Get

The Monitoring the Future survey of American high school students has been conducted since 1975 by the University of Michigan. It asks kids what drugs they are using, how often, how dangerous they think drugs are, and how easy drugs are to get.

How True Legalization™ Squanders Actual Legalization

As legalization happens and the sky remains in place, more Americans will agree with us and we will refine and improve legalization.

What I’d Ask at the Presidential Debates

If I were one of the moderators, these are the marijuana questions I’d ask the candidates for president:

Guess Whose Teenage Marijuana Use Exceeds Colorado Over Past 5 Years?

Gone are the days when the drug czar’s office could pay Hollywood scriptwriters to place anti-marijuana plotlines in sitcoms and family dramas.

Hillary’s Detractors Are Sexist! / We Need a Woman President!

Nobody is going to motivate more GOP turnout than Hillary→; they hate her that much.

Missouri Stoners Against Medical Marijuana

We all long for the day when we experience True Legalization™ of cannabis, but we don’t get there by denying the patients of Missouri the freedom to use medical marijuana.

Kansas to Colorado Vet: Your Medical Marijuana or Your Kids!

Kansas, you can’t claim to prohibit marijuana to benefit the children when your prohibition is hurting the children worse than medical marijuana use by their parents ever could.

Marijuana – The Gateway to Harm Reduction

Can somebody please fill the presidential candidates in on the fact that marijuana is not the gateway drug, it is the exit drug?

Pharmaceutical Drug Dealing Gets Advertising Pass

If there should not be direct advertising to consumers of drugs with potential detrimental side-effects, let’s do that and take the Budweiser, Viagra, and Nexium ads off the Super Bowl.

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