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Blame DEA & Oxycodone, Not Marijuana, For Rising Heroin Overdoses

The Post notes that since the United States has been decriminalizing, medicalizing, and legalizing marijuana, the wholesale price of Mexican marijuana has dropped from $100 per kilogram to just $25 per kilogram.

FOX’s “Bones” Playing the CBD-Only Medical Marijuana Card

The prevailing message in the show, as voiced by the character Bones, is that “CBDs account for the medicinal effects of marijuana”, playing into the growing meme that somehow THC is just for getting high, so it’s not medical.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Stoners

These are just a few things that have kept me puffin’ tuff for two dozen years without police incident (aside from being European-American). Share some of your highly effective stoner habits in the comments!

Prohibitionists Ghoulishly Savor “Marijuana Death” in Denver

“Denver coroner: Man fell to death after eating marijuana cookies,” read the headline from John Ingold of the Denver Post, and before I could even read the story, my Twitter feed was lighting up.

Oregon State Police Withdraw From Private Anti-Marijuana Summit

Noelle Crombie at The Oregonian reports that the Oregon State Police will no longer be sending two of its representatives to an upcoming anti-marijuana legalization summit.

Fire DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart

How long do you think you’d have that job? Well, if the job is Administrator of the DEA and your name is Michele Leonhart, you’d be going on seven years with no sign of being fired.

WebMD: More Doctors Support Nationwide Medical Marijuana Than General Public

A new survey from WebMD/Medscape has found that 56% of the doctors surveyed supported “making [marijuana] legal nationwide”.

Oregon Dispensaries Will Have Pot Brownies After All

The new rules still bar any products that are “attractive to minors,” but now that definition does not include any references to type or taste of food. What won’t be allowed is any “brightly colored food” or medibles shaped like “an animal or any other commercially recognizable toy or candy.”

10 Signs Marijuana Prohibition’s “Game Over in Less Than Five Years”

The Pew Research Center has some solid polling entitled “America’s New Drug Policy Landscape” that finds three-out-of-four Americans (75%) “think that the sale and use of marijuana will eventually be legal nationwide.”

Missouri State Rep Calls Patient “Dumb”, Says “Get A Job And Get Off Dope”

“I can assure you that sending me messages that impune [sic] my character or honesty will get you nothing! Get a job and get off dope!”

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