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Product Review: Indica Vaporizer

The Indica unit will immediately remind you of a Zippo lighter if they came in an extra-large version; maybe 50% larger than a typical Zippo.

Congress Will Block DC Legalization, But Protect Medical Marijuana… Or Maybe Not

The US House of Representatives is working up to the last minute today on passing a one trillion dollar spending bill that keeps the government running.

Justice Dept. OK’s Native American Marijuana Legalization

The federal government just told the sovereign Native American tribal nations they are free to legalize marijuana possession, cultivation, and sales if they decide to.

The Top 5 F’d-Up Things Cops Did To Tokers In 2014

As we continue to tear down the Berlin Wall of Marijuana Prohibition, we keep finding more information about how cops have been abusing the rights of marijuana consumers in their prosecution of the Drug War.

Nevada Set For Legalization Vote in 2016

On Monday, Nevada’s Secretary of State Ross Miller approved an official petition to add marijuana legalization to the 2016 November ballot.

Congressional Democrats Look Ready to Cave on D.C. Legalization

Democrats agree to not give up any currently-won ground in exchange for legalization that won by seven-out-of-ten voters? Why shouldn’t they also claim they protected district medical marijuana from extinction, too?

A Twitter War with a Libertarian: Minimum Wage

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude is constitutional in America, but how voluntary is your servitude when the alternative is homelessness and starvation?

The Top Five Marijuana Data Points of 2014

Aside from marijuana becoming legalized in two more states, here are five sets of data that seem to confirm that inevitability:

The Dirty Little Secret of Legalizing Pot in a Medical Marijuana State

California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts reformers ought to think long and hard about their legalization plans for 2016 and make sure they address, not ignore, medical marijuana.

Why The “Big Marijuana = Big Tobacco” Scare is a Lie

First, any discussion of how bad legalization of marijuana may be must compare it to how atrocious the current prohibition of marijuana is.

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