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Hyperlinked Text of New Approach Oregon Marijuana Legalization Initiative

This hyperlinked version of the Control, Regulation, and Taxation of Marijuana and Industrial Hemp Act is not the official text submitted for the ballot. This version has been modified slightly to accommodate hyperlinking and descriptive text

11 Features of Oregon’s Marijuana Legalization Initiative

POSSESSION: One ounce of dried usable marijuana away from the home; eight ounces (a half-pound) of dried usable marijuana at the home; sixteen ounces (a pound) of marijuana-infused edibles; seventy-ounces (a six-pack) of marijuana infused liquids; and one ounce of marijuana concentrate.

“Volunteer” Activist Fights Legalization in Alaska

The Alaska Native corporation is not paying Woolston directly for her time working on the campaign, just letting her take the time from her salaried position to do it, she said. “I’m a volunteer spokesperson,” Woolston said.

Oregon Officially Qualifies Legalization for November Ballot

It’s official! The Oregon Secretary of State’s Office has confirmed that New Approach Oregon has submitted more than enough valid signatures to qualify their marijuana legalization initiative for the 2014 election in November.

More Stoners Against Legalization III

The only way I can see how marijuana legalization would make things worse is if I were selling some of that black market weed right now and Oregon’s already-low $180 median ounce prices are going to drop that price to $145.

House Votes Twice to Allow Marijuana Banking

Almost all Democrats were joined by a growing faction of Republicans in approving the access to legitimate banking services the industry requires while also quashing an attempt to stop the Department of Treasury from allowing banks to do business with legal marijuana firms.

Kevin Sabet’s Marijuana Math Doesn’t Add Up

In this decade where Kevin Sabet has decried the normalization, legalizing, and commercialization of marijuana, we have 200,000 fewer minor teens using marijuana monthly and half a million fewer using annually.

LEAP’s Judge Jim Gray vs. SAM’s Kevin Sabet

There is so much reefer madness in Kevin Sabet’s talking points and so much sanity in Judge Gray’s that you should really watch it for yourself. The complete debate is archived online at

Obama Administration: Marijuana Reform is “States’ Rights”

The Obama Administration has pushed back hard against Congress’s attempt to gut the recently-passed marijuana decriminalization law in Washington, DC.

Stoners Against Legalization III – The Quest for Complaints

Yes, like 2010 in California and 2012 in Washington, the first, loudest people to bitch about the opportunity to end the criminality of marijuana aren’t the cops, but some of the “criminals” themselves. Try and guess whether they’re affiliated with medical marijuana in some way.

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