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The Kevin Sabet Oregon Marijuana Education Tour Against Measure 91 will present The Russ Belville Show LIVE Streaming at every Kevin Sabet tour date in Oregon to bring the people the actual truth about marijuana and not the sales pitch by Big Rehab, Law Enforcement, and the Prison Industry to maintain the status quo of prohibition.

My Vote Yes on Measure 91 Ballot Statement

Would you like to sign on to support marijuana legalization in Oregon? If you live in Oregon, you can sign on to the Argument in Favor we’re submitting for the Oregon Ballot.

The 420RADIO NFL Fantasy LeagueOLies 2014

The purpose of this league is to provide a competitive comparison of regular fantasy teams against a team composed solely of marijuana-using players who have been caught in college or the pros.

Oregon Bans MedMJ Patients as Day Care Providers

The Early Learning Council for the State of Oregon has unanimously passed a temporary rule banning owners and operators of day care facilities from holding medical marijuana registry cards, a status they must now report on their day care license applications.

Legalization Is Reducing Teen Use and Access to Marijuana

The preliminary data from the 2013 Healthy Kids Colorado Survey are showing that use of marijuana by teens is down, even as fewer kids think regular marijuana use is a risky behavior.

Washington DC joins Oregon, Alaska, in November Legalization Vote

District residents will join Alaskans voting on Ballot Measure 2 and Oregonians voting on Measure 91, marking the first time in American history where back-to-back national elections have featured three major marijuana legalization votes

Florida Doctors Don’t Trust Florida Doctors with Medical Marijuana

Dr. Alan B. Pillersdorf, president of the FMA, said, “The lack of clear definitions in the amendment would allow healthcare providers with absolutely no training in the ordering of controlled substances, to order medical marijuana.”

Comparing Marijuana Legalization in 2014 to 2012

I thought it would be useful to compare and contrast the proposed legalization in these three states with the existing legalization passed in 2012 in Colorado and Washington. I’ve created the info-graphic below to summarize the major features.

9.1 Reasons Your Parents Should Vote Yes on Measure 91

To build awareness for Oregon’s M-91 among the generation that remembers what an encyclopedia is we present these 9.1 reasons M-91 will be a good thing for your parents.

“Radical” Russ’s Guide to Hempfest Weekend

With such a hectic schedule plus many other speakers I want to record for the show, I had to develop a Google Calendar to keep track of it all.

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