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The Next Big Marijuana Market is Africa

African countries feeling the brunt of global economic downturn will eventually warm up to the billions in revenues and skyrocketing growth of the marijuana market.

Legalize Gay Marijuana Bars!

The basic idea is “yeah, sure, you potheads are legal now, just so long as we don’t have to acknowledge your existence.” In other words, you’re legal, so long as you stay in the green closet.

If You Want Unity, Stop Voting For My Criminality

If you’re out there complaining about the divisions between medical and recreational use, don’t look at the stoners. Look in the mirror.

Marijuana Smoke Is Not “Physically Offensive”, says Oregon Court

This Appeals Court ruling is positive in declaring that detecting marijuana smoke alone is not objectively a “physically offensive” smell that can lead to police intrusion.

Per Se Marijuana DUIDs in Washington Increased by 7% in 2014

It’s still a bad standard, no matter how you slice it, but the doom prophesies against the per se standard that claimed “10,000 possession arrests per year can easily be converted into 10,000 (or more) DUI arrests” were way off the mark.

Stop Saying “Recreational Marijuana User”

Your personal use may be medical, spiritual, or just for fun; the reason why is irrelevant. No authority has the jurisdiction over what you put in your body and do with your mind, period.

Marijuana Legalization May Become Medical-Only in South Africa

Members of the INKATHA Freedom Party are asking that the commercial and industrial regulations be deleted so the bill focuses only on medical marijuana.

Can All Marijuana Users Co-Exist?

If medical and spiritual wish to coexist with recreational, it’s time all users of cannabis recognize that why someone uses marijuana is irrelevant to determining their rights – no user of cannabis deserves a cage, period.

My Tenth Seattle Hempfest

The multiple dire predictions that the “No on I-502” crowd bamboozled some pot smoking voters with never came true.

New Colorado Anti-Marijuana Campaign for Youth

Nobody is advocating for telling kids to get stoned. However, telling kids lies isn’t going to help keep them from using marijuana.

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