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NCAA Has Sports’ & Industry’s Strictest Anti-Pot Threshold

Had Carrington been a soldier, airline pilot, or Olympic athlete, it’s entirely possible he wouldn’t have failed their drug tests.

Medical Marijuana Laws Reduce Suicide by Men Under 40

“When we examine the relationship between legalization and suicides by gender and age, we find evidence that [medical marijuana laws] are associated with decreased suicides…”

CNBC ‘s Harry Smith on “Marijuana Country: The Cannabis Boom”

“I think one of the big differences is the western part of the United States vs. the eastern part of the United States.” — CNBC’s Harry Smith

Travel Author Rick Steves: Marijuana in America is “Two Different Countries”

“We legalized in Washington and we legalized in Oregon and we needed every bit of common sense pragmatism and respect for people that oppose us that we could.”

How a Comma Might Make Colorado Hash Oil Illegal

Should the Colorado courts agree with Suther, not only would the manufacture of home butane hash oil be illegal, but it is possible the mere possession of any hash oil, regardless of where it was manufactured, could be a criminal act.

Which State Saw The Greatest Rise in Pot Use? Not Colorado or Washington!

“Marijuana Use Jumps in Colorado, Making it Second Highest Across US” declared the International Business Times. “Colorado stoners storm up U.S. marijuana-user rankings; Washington state use surges 20%” intones the Associated Press.

Will Ohio Legalize a Marijuana Monopoly?

“If the marijuana amendment arrives as advertised, it would be anticompetitive in the extreme.”

The Top Five Pro-Marijuana Stories You Didn’t Read About in 2014

We bring you a list of some of the less-covered good-news marijuana stories of 2014 that nevertheless signaled passing the tipping point on inevitable cannabis re-legalization.

Homeless Drawn to Colorado’s Legal Marijuana

The homeless people who have come for the opportunities they see in marijuana legalization are no different than people with jobs, homes, and money also seeking those opportunities.

Minnesota Mom Faces Jail Over CBD Oil

After trying 19 different prescription medications for Trey, Angela got some non-intoxicating CBD oil from Colorado to try. One or two drops made all the difference in Trey’s condition.

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