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Headlines: Texas Republicans Endorse Decrim, MedMJ, Hemp, & Rescheduling

Texas Republican Party adopts comprehensive marijuana reform planks in party platform; Oklahoma opponents of SQ 788 spending $453,000; UK epileptic boy gets his cannabis oil medicine back; Canada’s House rejects Senates home grow and swag bans; Alaska grow competition hit with $20,000 fine.

Headlines: Legalization is Officially on the Michigan Ballot

Michigan legislature fails to amend legalization, initiative headed to the ballot; Colorado Gov. vetoes nation’s first cannabis tasting rooms; Ohio will miss September medical marijuana deadline; Massachusetts will make July recreational marijuana deadline; Oklahoma medical marijuana chances look good just three weeks out.

Headlines: Marijuana Affecting Gubernatorial Races

Gubernatorial candidates in South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Florida discuss medical marijuana and legalization; Bloomberg reports record short sales of cannabis stocks; Tommy Chong turns 80.

Headlines: Senator Kamala Harris signs on to Marijuana Justice Act

California Senator Kamala Harris signs on to federal descheduling legislation; Four states headed for marijuana votes all poised for big wins, polls say; Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull rejects marijuana legalization while drinking a beer; Philippines Chief Justice, Duterte critic, ousted from court; LA County promotes anti-teen-marijuana rap videos.

Headlines: Michigan activists collect enough signatures for legalization initiative

Michigan legalization activists make signature requirements; California gubernatorial candidates debate legalization reforms; Former HHS Secretary Donna Shalala supports decriminalization, opposed medical marijuana in 1990s; Oklahoma governor signs industrial hemp bill; USA Today notices Delta-9 House & Studios.

How One Man Can Block the Reform a Public Supermajority Supports?

Dr. Jahan Marcu, with Americans for Safe Access’s 2018 Report on the State of Medical Marijuana in the United States, and Marijuana Policy Project Communications Director Morgan Fox on the roadblock to federal marijuana reform, Congressman Pete Sessions