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Headlines: FDA Approves Pharmaceutical CBD Medicine

FDA approves first-ever cannabis-derived drug, Epidiolex; Oklahoma votes on medical marijuana tomorrow; Texas and New Hampshire Democratic Parties officially endorse legalization; Elizabeth Warren speaks out on STATES Act; Federal data undergut marijuana legalization gateway theory.

Headlines: Utah medical marijuana opponent caught lying

Utah canvasser claiming to be from Utah Medical Association caught lying about initiative; Georgia adds PTSD and intractable pain to CBD-only law; Dem Super PAC Chair thinks legalization boosts young voter turnout; Missouri Senate closer to approving non-smoked medical marijuana bill; Acting DEA Admin testifies to Congress that he’s “aware of a few deaths from marijuana.”

The Exquisite Reefer Madness of Anti-Pot Millionaire Julie Schauer

John J. Hudak from Brookings Institute discusses the new report he’s co-authored on the successes and failures of Uruguay’s national marijuana legalization; Serra Frank from Boise Hempfest on the upcoming event and the fight to legalize in America’s only CBD-veto state; Rant: Anti-pot millionaire Julie Schauer has three radically insane ideas about marijuana and guns.