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Tag: Kevin Sabet

Headlines: Prominent drug warriors finally agree Schedule I impedes cannabis research

Friend of NIDA admit Schedule I impedes medical marijuana research; Colorado GOP Gov. candidate called out red card fraud; Utah medmj opponents trying to get signatures off qualified petition; Texas woman raped in jail after arrest for a half-gram of weed; Michigan Senate GOP wants to vote on legalization now.

The Joker is Spreading Reefer Madness at the UNODC in Vienna

NEWS: UN Head touts success of his country’s decriminalization of all drugs; DEBUNK: Kevin Sabet’s claims about legalization at UNODC in Vienna; GUEST: Steve Bloom, editor-in-chief of Freedom Leaf magazine; RANT: Idaho Senator breaks the law to protect Gov. Butch Otter from issuing a 2nd CBD oil veto.