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Tag: Donald Trump

Headlines: Trump Signals Support for Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Reform

Trump will support criminal justice reform compromises offered by the Senate; Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) touts Marijuana Justice Act at Netroots Nation; Oklahoma polls shows majority opposition to marijuana legalization; Oklahoma medical marijuana opponents raised $1.2 million and lost to small donor, grassroots supporters; 80-year-old great-grandmother jailed for one-eighth ounce of medical marijuana.

Headlines: President Trump Supports Senator Gardner’s Marijuana Federalism Bill

President Trump supports Senator Gardner’s Marijuana States’ Rights bill; Attorney General Sessions out of the loop on Trump / Gardner talks; Congressional Black Caucus endorses end to federal marijuana prohibition; Hemp legalization slipped into Farm Bill by Senate Majority Leader McConnell; Canadian Senate passes C-45 cannabis legalization bill.

Headlines: Trump Commutes the Sentence of Kardashian-Backed Alice Johnson

Trump grants clemency to first-time non-violent drug offender serving life without parole; Florida judge lifts stay, state must provide smokable medical marijuana; Maryland Gov candidate Ben Jealous supports legalization, as does 52% Marylanders; Senator Ron Wyden on industrial hemp bans being anti-farmer; Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper vetoes medmj for autism and corporate marijuana investment bills; 46% drop in federal marijuana cases since Cole Memo of 2013.

Headlines: CNMI May Go Straight to Legalization

US territory may legalize rec use, medical use, and industrial hemp all at once; Florida judge hears case challenging medical marijuana smoking ban; Trump campaign aiming to flip Colorado based on his non-interference with marijuana; New York City officials coming around on marijuana reform; Philippine prison head calls for death penalty for drug possession.