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Headlines: Trump Supports Federal Marijuana Reform

President Trump tells Senator Gardner he’s for federal reform; Fmr. Speaker Boehner tells CNBC he supports federal descheduling; Maine Gov. LePage will veto marijuana bill because it keeps medical marijuana; Mass. Gov. Baker signs criminal justice reform; Idaho GOP Gov. hopefuls debate CBD oil bill’s death in committee.

The Exquisite Reefer Madness of Anti-Pot Millionaire Julie Schauer

John J. Hudak from Brookings Institute discusses the new report he’s co-authored on the successes and failures of Uruguay’s national marijuana legalization; Serra Frank from Boise Hempfest on the upcoming event and the fight to legalize in America’s only CBD-veto state; Rant: Anti-pot millionaire Julie Schauer has three radically insane ideas about marijuana and guns.

Oregon Frets About Minors & Pot While Ignoring Minors & Booze

NEWS: Bipartisan group of senators and reps call on Trump to remain states’ rights on marijuana; REEFER MADNESS: Responding to Idaho Senator Jim Risch’s opposition to legalization; RANT: Responding to OLCC Dir. Steve Marks lackadaisical attitude about kids getting alcohol easier than marijuana.