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That Time When I Was Racist AF

Racism is a spectrum. On one end is that cross-burning Klansman, sure. But along that imaginary line, there’s subtle degrees of racism almost all white people exhibit. Being a white guy raised in Idaho, racism was all around me, aided by the demographic fact that there were almost no visible examples of actual black people in my life to counter any stereotypes.

Headlines: Four States’ Gubernatorial Primary Winners… on Weed!

Results of primary elections for governor in Oregon, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, and Idaho; Kansas removes cannabidiol from definition of marijuana; Rep. Pete Sessions blocks three pro-hemp amendments to Farm Bill; Ohio gears up for legalization petition drive for 2019; Snoop Dogg tells tale of Tupac, Madonna, and SNL on weed.

Could Idaho Elect a Native American Pro-Pot Female Democrat Governor?

Dianne Feinstein, facing progressive primary challengers, changes her anti-marijuana position; Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s “Weed 4” addresses the role of cannabis in the opioid crisis; Dr. Uma Dhanabalan and Boo Williams discuss medical cannabis for athletes; Rant: Democrats nationwide, follow the lead of Idaho’s Paulette Jordan.

Headlines: Senator Feinstein “evolves” on marijuana legalization

California’s Feinstein believes states should set marijuana policy; Maine lawmakers override governor’s sales bill veto; Missouri House passes medical marijuana bill; Idaho Democrat “Sees nothing wrong with recreational marijuana”; Alaska has first $1 million marijuana excise tax month; Alaska’s new HIDTA means one exists in every US state now.