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Tag: Oregon

Headlines: Medical Marijuana State Protections Slipped Into Federal Bill

Amendment to protect medical marijuana states slipped into DOJ appropriations bill; Missouri legislature lets medical marijuana bill die; Kentucky law enforcement is worried about legalized hemp; Oregon has produced a quarter pound of marijuana for every person in the state; Gene Simmons of KISS “admits I was judgmental, arrogant, and uninformed” about medical marijuana.

Headlines: Four States’ Gubernatorial Primary Winners… on Weed!

Results of primary elections for governor in Oregon, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, and Idaho; Kansas removes cannabidiol from definition of marijuana; Rep. Pete Sessions blocks three pro-hemp amendments to Farm Bill; Ohio gears up for legalization petition drive for 2019; Snoop Dogg tells tale of Tupac, Madonna, and SNL on weed.

Headlines: SCOTUS Rules States Are Free To Legalize

Supreme Court ruling on sports gambling bolsters state marijuana legalization efforts; Michigan legislature will leave legalization to the voters; NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo being pulled toward legalization by party, primary; Oregon regulators sanction three marijuana licensees, one for CBD; Drug Safe Utah up to more ballot shenanigans.